Friday, December 7, 2018

Blurry Eyed

I've been writing and sorting and comparing and wondering and (not) finding information all day! And I loved every minute of it. Well, almost. I kept knocking files down to the floor and all the papers would spread around. The hanging files have that little hook on them and they kept getting caught on my sweater.  I am at a stopping point so I quit for the day. I've been working on getting some information on the Dillon family to a grandson of William Roscoe Dillon, my Grandpa's oldest brother. I came across him on "23 and Me." On his profile he said he would like to find more information on his Dillon family and he was a 2nd cousin match to us. So I contacted him. His last name is not Dillon because his mother's maiden name was Dillon. He has given me information I didn't have and now I will reciprocate. I love it when that happens! 

Today wasn't sunny and bright like the last three days have been. It didn't rain but it was a gray kind of day. The ocean was still pretty with the huge waves. I saw a Coast Guard helicopter go by. Watched a spider spin her web outside my window. Snow birds were flitting around in the yard. I love watching them.

Our "landlady" (friend) dropped in yesterday with a Christmas gift. A loaf of homemade pumpkin-nut bread, a snowman night light, a box of "no sugar added" hot cocoa, a cute little Christmas card and a gift card to Blue Heron French Cheese Company! So sweet of her. Hubby made two prints of a doe and her fawn smelling the flowers in the yard and framed them for her. She had planted the flowers this spring. The fawn still had spots on it. The pictures were so cute! (She loved them.)

I haven't much to report tonight. Don't forget about my offer to send a handmade envelope to anyone who wants one. Just PM me on Facebook, leave me an e-mail (address at the top right hand corner of this blog) or make a comment if I already have your snail mail address. 

Have a great weekend. I'll try to be more interesting next time!

Ta ta for now,


"Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow."
James 1:17

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Visions of Sugar Plums

Not really. I've been sleeping most of the day; just not feeling too good. But looking outside, it is so beautiful it can't help but make me smile. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue with a light surf. Hubby said the hummingbird visited twice. We still have fuchsias in bloom, and primroses, too. It's not overly warm out there, but it's pretty to look at.

An update on Edie. She is still in the hospital, still no definitive plan of action, just keep on keeping on. She told me in a text that her doctor said it could be as long as two weeks. What? My goodness, in this modern day and age you would think it could be resolved a lot quicker than that. But, I am not a doctor and don't know all of what is going on so "Hush My Mouth." I just feel badly for Edie. It has to be wearing and tiring and frustrating. I hope she has a book she can dive into. I can "check out" with a good book when needed, and I'm thinking she might be able to, also. Get well soon, Sister Dear. I am still praying for you and the doctors.

I was looking at my stats for this blog and had a couple of surprises. There are many more visitors than usual, but what surprised me the most is where the audience came from. Russia, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The UK doesn't surprise me since Sara and her family (our Prince cousins) are there, but the others do! Of course, the USA has the most views. It's interesting that we can connect with those in other countries so easily. In the past we had to do it via telephone (expensively) or snail mail. I'm all for snail mail, and wouldn't mind having a pen pal from another country as I have in the past, but so far all I've done is a post card swap with one in Germany and one in Finland. 

We were supposed to visit with our friends Ronnie and Pam today but had to postpone. We'll get together soon, though. I hated missing that but it just happens now and then. (That I have a bad day.)

Jonah, our grandson, left today for the police academy. I wish him the best! He will be working hard but I think it will also be interesting to him. We're so proud of him. He has chosen a difficult profession, but one that is rooted in our heritage. I mentioned before that his great-grandfather, my Dad, Edward Norman Burnett, is probably high-fiving everyone in heaven because one of his great-grandchildren chose the profession he chose and served in for many years!

Jonah is on the left. The Chief is in the middle and another rookie on the right.
We watched a little bit of former President George H. W. Bush's funeral, specifically Simpson's tribute and George W.'s eulogy. Both very well done, with a little bit of humor mixed in with his accomplishments and character. Wow. Very moving and what a great man he was, all in all.

Hope your week is going well and you can take a deep breath now and then in this rush-rush holiday season.

Ta ta for now,


"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith...And the God of all grace...will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."
1 Peter 5: 8-10

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Beautiful at the Beach

It is pretty here at the beach, but chilly. There is a bit of a wind. We had wind in the Gorge on the way here yesterday, too. One plus about the trip: I didn't have to see the homeless camps and all the garbage around them because it was dark when we went through Portland!

I'm here, but thinking I shouldn't be. We had this planned, after some family events, to come to the beach yesterday, but with my sister in the hospital I feel anxious that we are this far away. There was mention of surgery so I would go home if that is to happen. Her daughter, Michelle, reports regularly and the latest is that Edie is moving a little quicker and her pain level is lower, a #3. That's an improvement! I had to look at it like this: if I was the one in the hospital, would I want her to miss out on a planned trip to the beach? No. And if I was the one in the hospital, would I want her to be there constantly. No. So that's how I'm trying to make myself feel better about being away right now. I did visit her on Sunday.  She has been sleeping a lot with the pain meds. We'll continue to pray for healing without surgery

Are you watching The Voice? Do you have a favorite singer? We are watching it but this is the first time I don't have a winner all picked out. In fact, I don't even remember to watch it this season. It just happens that Hubby is keeping track. The contestant I was surprised by is Kennedy, a 13 year old girl. I haven't really been enthralled with her but last night she killed it! She seemed like a celebrity already! She sang perfectly, but she also danced to a choreographed routine and even did the Moon Walk! We'll see what America thinks when we tune in tonight.

I don't believe I've ever mentioned playing a word game online with my brother, David. We have been playing it for several years. It's like Scrabble. It is a challenging game, and he always seems to be ahead of me in the statistics. If I do manage to get ahead of him with a couple of wins, he always catches up and goes ahead. And I just started playing it with my friend, Teri, recently. Lexulous notifies us by e-mail when it is our turn to play. Sometimes we play a number of times a day, or sometimes once a day, depending on whether or not we are busy. I feel like we are helping ward off Alzheimer's by using our brains this way. 

My face is HEALED! At least for the time being! I'm still taking the medicine but don't have to use the ointment right now. I am using Cetaphil lotion on my face, as the doctor prescribed. It's great. It is for face and body so I'm using it on my legs and arms, too. I've always had really dry skin so anything helps, but since it did such a good job on my face I thought I'd try it elsewhere, too. I can recommend it, in other words. 

I mailed envelopes yesterday, and Christmas cards. I brought my stash with me just in case anyone else wants an envelope. (See two posts ago re: envelope giveaway.) I have card and envelope sets with me, too. Sister Patti ordered 15 sets! Hubby's sister, Diana, bought some when they visited, too. I use the money I earn to buy more craft supplies (paper, stickers, embellishments) or tools. I haven't used my new tool, the 1-2-3 Punch Board, yet. I have to wait until I can get to my paper cutter. It's in the closet behind the boxes of books from the living room. Next time we're home I'll be unpacking those.

Ta ta for now,


"The Lord sees all we do; he watches over his friends day and night. His godly ones receive the answers they seek whenever they cry out to him.".
Psalm 34:15 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Oh Me, Oh My, Hello, Goodbye

I made tags with this image a couple of years ago.
He is too, too cool! 
I mentioned I didn't get to go to the 40th birthday party for our daughter-in-law, Jessica, because I didn't feel well yesterday, but I did feel well today so we were able to go to dinner to bid our grandson, Jonah, adieu, good luck, etc., since he is leaving for the police Academy in Burien in a couple of days. I was surprised to learn that the Academy is now 5 months long! It wasn't that long when Hubby attended, lo those many years ago. He went to the Oregon Academy, though, not Washington. He was a deputy sheriff in Washington after being a deputy sheriff in Washington County, Oregon. He took a test in Washington and passed it so he didn't have to attend the Washington Academy. Grandparents and parents of Jonah, and his fiance', Jenna, were there, and Elijah and Caleb and Kori. Josh, Jonah's other brother, had to work so he and Natalie, his wife, weren't able to be there.

Yesterday, my sister, Edie, was admitted to the hospital from the ER with diverticulitis. We went to see her after the dinner for Jonah. She was pretty sleepy, from the pain meds, I'm sure. She had all kinds of wires and bandages and IVs on her and they added oxygen while I was there. I'm not sure what the treatment will be for the diverticulitis, but her blood pressure was low and had been even lower. She's in good hands (Kadlec). I didn't stay long, she needed her rest and nodded off while we were talking. I'll update this on Tuesday since we will be on the road tomorrow.

I've had a few readers express interest in getting an envelope in the mail. If you don't know what I"m talking about, read the last post. I'll send you one, too, if you would like. Just Personal Message me your address on Facebook, don't leave it on the comments below. You can comment that you would like an envelope but don't put your address there. Too many unscrupulous people in the world today. I'll take the envelopes to the beach with me and mail them from there. 

The roads are already getting treacherous, please be careful and watch out for the other guy. We've already seen drivers weaving around on the roads, seemingly under the influence. 

Have a great week,


"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face."
Helen Keller

One of Those Days

I missed a party-not feeling good. I didn't accomplish much at all. I did get a postcard from Finland through the "Post Crossing" website. The writer was a 16 year old girl. It was fun to learn a little bit about her. I also got two letters from pen friends. One was the first letter from a new pen friend. We have a lot in common, as I'm finding with all of my pen friends. The website admins do a good job of matching people up. The new one today was a school librarian, like my daughter, Katie, is. She is retired now. (The friend, not Katie!) The other letter was from my first pen pal. We also have a lot in common and have been writing for awhile now. I enjoy her letters, and she always tucks fun things inside. I do that, too. I have so much paper ephemera, and I like to share. 

I made some fun little envelopes last night. They were from a Farmers' Almanac calendar. Very colorful. The envelopes are 4-1/4" x 2-1/4". I have made so many envelopes now that I think I will share them. Just make a comment on this blog, or tell me on Facebook that you'd like an envelope. I believe I can send them off to you with one stamp. I will choose the envelope to send; it might be small, it might be regular sized. The small envelopes are not meant to be mailed. They are more like something to tuck into a lunch box with a note, for example. (This offer good while supplies last, first come, first served.)

Coloring page having to do with movies so I chose a John Wayne postage stamp for the front of envelope.

The back of the John Wayne envelope. I used tickets, and a little advertisement (vintage) of a film reel.

These are the small envelopes, laying on a piece of white paper. All from a Farmers' Almanac, so there are potatoes, asparagus and flowers. 

Another small envelope. It is made with a paper from a page I colored.

Also made with a copy of a coloring page I colored. Back side of one shown below.

Front of the envelope above.

So that is all for tonight. I am just sure I had something else to say but it escapes me. I hit my wall. Bed time.

Ta ta for now,


"What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life--to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories."
George Eliot

Friday, November 30, 2018

2nd Post Today - Another Project

Front Cover of Baby Journal. I used Scrabble tiles.

Pages 1 and 2.

Pages 3 and 4. I love these Precious Moments cutouts. Got a packet of several at a thrift shop. They were new.

Pages 5 and 6. The left page has a library pocket. I put several blank tags in it. They can be journaled on, too.

Pages 7 and 8. The colors of the paper are light enough that they can be written on.

Pages 9 and 10. I love the paper on the left. There are cute little tigers on it.

Pages 11 and 12. The page on the right is actually an open envelope to tuck mementos into. I spelled it wrong on the envelope. Oops.

I love this little poem. If you click on the photo it will be larger so you can read the poem. Not mine; it was on a sticker I purchased and I photocopied it.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Today's Christmas clip art. So cute! Don't get me wrong, I know Christmas is all about Jesus. I'll post some nativity clip art as we get into December.
I stayed up way too late last night working on some projects. I made a big mess, too. But it's under control - for the time being. I may make another big mess before the day is done. I can't "craft" without making a mess no matter how hard I try. But, I'm the one who has to clean up the mess so it's okay!

I have some special events coming up that need cards so I've decided to make the cards, since I am at home where all of my craft supplies are. 

Here's the first card I made. I chose not to use it for the purposes listed above so I'll just have it in my card files. It's blank inside.

The round things are faux gems. There is one in the top of the lighthouse, too. Like a beacon,.
Here is a card I made for our newly hired police officer grandson. Shhh, don't tell him. There is going to be a "goodbye and good luck" get-together before he leaves for the Academy, so we will give it to him then. We'll write an encouraging note inside. I added a gold tassel to the card before I put it in the envelope.

First responder postage stamp on reverse of envelope.

I don't have excellent photo editing software, just Paint, but I added his name at the bottom of the badge. I got the clip art of the badge off the Internet and erased the state name that was on it. Don't look too close; I'm not very good at the photo editing on Paint and it is a very limited program.

Made the card and the envelope. The yellow star is a button.

This is just a little note pad I decorated instead of a birthday card for a friend. There are items inside the booklet, too. I covered the cover inside and out with scrapbook paper. (Front and back.)

The size is 5-1/2" tall by 4" wide, not including the wire coil. Notice the little porcelain shoe.

The little bear is a small "card." It says, "Hello" inside.

This little bookmark lifts out of its holder.

The Eiffel Tower is a vintage bridge tally card. I picked up several packages of vintage bridge tally cards at a thrift shop we frequent. I love paper ephemera.

The tags go inside the envelope and can be removed for use as bookmarks, etc. 

I enjoy making journals and decorating little books and booklets. It's fun and I think they make nice gifts. I still have a few from when I had my Etsy shop but I felt like making one. I wish my phone would take better photos. (Or is it me? LOL!)

I made a baby journal out of some envelopes I had and I'm working on another one right now. I pick up envelopes and cards at thrift shops when I see them there. A friend also gives me envelopes from her volunteer job when they have leftovers. I seal the flaps on the envelopes with crafter's tape and put two together, back to back, after putting the crafter's tape on one of them. They make nice, sturdy booklets. I have a little machine that puts wire coil bindings on my journals and booklets but I have no idea where it is right now. The craft room is still out of order and still has boxes of books and things from the living room. Hubby has had a lot of back and hip pain lately and we don't want him to move the boxes out of the craft room. My little binding machine is probably behind the boxes somewhere. 

I forgot to take photos of the baby journal and it's already sealed up in an envelope. 

That's all for today. Ta ta for now,


"Are you a princess? I said and she said I'm much more than a princess but you don't have a name for it yet here on earth."
--Brian Andreas

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No Rest for the Wicked!

Ha! We had an extremely busy day...for us. First off, the dermatologist. I had had another breakout on Sunday but my oral medicine was gone and my topical ointment said use only for 14 days and those were up on Thanksgiving Day. Anyhoo, another oral prescription, this time for 14 days (the last time it was 7 days), and some "Dr. Dan's" lip balm, which they sold me. Tastes terrible if I happen to lick my lips. Dr. Jeff told me that I will always have this problem now and that we can treat it as it happens but it won't stay gone, it will come back - on my ears, and around my mouth and the forehead and on my scalp. I have several things going on and different meds for each. I actually feel better after today's visit because I asked him if it was from something I did that caused it or if there is something I can do. No. Just nothing on my face and lips but these meds, and Cetaphil and when my lips get healed I can use Vaseline on them, too, and Aquaphor. So all that new make-up I bought, and the new bottle of Loreal moisturizer I cannot use. Ever. Oh, like I was saying, I do feel better after I saw him because it won't frustrate me that I can't get rid of it or that it comes back because that is what it does. So onward, McDuff.

After the doctor, a quick trip to Costco for printer ink and a couple of other things. Then the Yakima post office where I was #12 in line! There were two clerks - one could have been Santa, he was so jovial! 

Next was the office where I get my CPAP supplies. Then Michael's - craft store. I had a gift card and a coupon--the two best things to have at a craft store! I bought a WeR Memory Keepers 1-2-3 Punch Board to make envelopes, boxes and bows. I got it for 50% off!! Woot! ($34.99 less 50%!) Can't wait to try it out. I watched a video on YouTube on how to use it to make an envelope. I'll try some of the other projects soon. 

Then we had to go pick up my prescription and some other items at Wal-Mart. My prescription was ready! Hallelujah! (That's a first in awhile. You've heard me complain loud and long about the runaround we get there most of the time.)

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig! And I'm too tired to mess with my new tool! 

I'll be sure to post some photos of the fun stuff I make with it soon!

Ta ta for now,


"Paint what's in your head and what you're acquainted with. Even if you think it doesn't count--doing something that is entirely your own is exciting."
Georgia O'Keeffe