Thursday, September 20, 2018

Feeling Good in the Neighborhood

I'm loving the comments! It makes me glad to see that people are reading the blog, for what it's worth! Thanks to all who e-mail, comment, Facebook. I'll try to make it worthy of your time to continue reading my blog.

Today we will see our eldest son, Derek, Vickie and some of their children. They are staying at Barview Jetty Park. Some will go out fishing on Saturday and Zach, our youngest son, will join them on the fishing trip but stay here with us at Humble Abode #2. I can't describe how it feels to spend time with our children and grandchildren. (But you probably already know, having children and perhaps grandchildren of your own.)

It's a beautiful day here at the beach - lots of blue - blue ocean, blue sky! The sun is shining. A "Chamber of Commerce" day!

I worked on the book stuff yesterday. I'm still having trouble finding info on some of our ancestors and by-gosh-and-by-golly I will leave no stone unturned! (Why do I use these old-fashioned sayings all the time now? Is it an indication of my age?) It is a bit frustrating but I must remind myself to have patience, after all, they didn't keep records "back then" like we do now. Everything had to be recorded by hand to begin with and now, people have to decipher that handwriting to digitize it. Some of the handwriting is atrocious. 

Right now I'm looking for my great-grandmother, Duffie, in the 1910 US Federal Census. I've scoured hundreds of records to no avail. I KNOW she was alive, I KNOW where she lived. Why isn't she in the Census for that year? Maybe she was traveling and missed the census taker at both ends. She spent a lot of her life in Georgia, but also in Alabama. I haven't reached the point where I will "give up" on finding the little bit of info connected to her 2nd marriage. Her first husband is my great-grandfather who died young. And that's all I''m gonna say - you'll have to read my book when I get it finished!

I have been in touch with a woman, my age, who I went to Upward Bound with during my high school years. I looked for her and found her several months ago. Her name is Josie. She was from Portland and I was from Cherry Grove and attended Gaston High School. I enjoy keeping in touch with people from my past who we lost touch with due to moves, family, life in general. It doesn't mean we don't want to keep in touch with old friends, it's just that life gets busy and full with our families, our jobs, etc., and friends come and go along the way. But I welcome new "old" friends!

Time to get busy - and find that elusive bit of info I'm chasing. Funny thing is, I have another elusive ancestor waiting to be found after I discover Duffie's second husband. And then another. They are women - it is easier to find the men, believe me. And I know why but I won't go into that here and now. 

Ta ta for now,


"So if we say we have fellowship with God, but we continue living in darkness, we are liars and do not follow the truth...If we say we have no sin, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth is not in us."
1 John 1: 6,8

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Back at the Beach, Sweet!

Need to find a spot for it here at Humble Abode #2.
We traveled today. I finally felt half-way decent, but still with a headache. We had troubles with the prescriptions, as I mentioned. But, really, we had a nice stay at home. Pretty busy and then, POW, I'm sick for 3 days - the nature of the beast. Have fun, then pay for it. But the fun was ... Great!

We arrived home on Friday evening the 7th. Saturday I was good for nothing. Sunday Hubby went to his tournament, then we went to Deb and Farrell's house for dinner (Hubby's sister and bro-in-law). We had a delicious dinner and a energetic card game - it's called "Tens." It's pretty fun.

Monday I went to the sleep doctor, all was well with that. He wanted to see me after I got my new CPAP machine and had it for a couple of months. 

Tuesday eve we went to see Matt, our 5th child, as his 41st birthday was Monday and his son, Autry, had his 9th birthday on Wednesday so we took cards and gifts. We had a nice visit with all of the family: Matt, his wife, Jessica, Soleil, Autry and Tatum. Tatum even did a cheer for us. She is a cheerleader for the Prosser Grid Kids team that Matt coaches and Autry plays on. Soleil is a 6th grader but she seems to have inherited her Pappy's math skills--she is in a 7th grade math class and scored 100% on her first test. 

Wednesday we went to the casino and lo and behold, I won some money! Amazing! It was my idea to go and I won nearly $50, woot, woot!! Very unusual for me to win. I'm cheap and will only use $20 to gamble with, and seldom want to go because I can think of all kinds of stuff to use $20 on and not just feed it into a slot machine. (I may have mentioned that once or twice.) 

Thursday I saw my PCP, Dr. Medaj. I just love her and her nurse, too. Isn't it nice when you can say that about a doctor? Just a results and refill-ordering visit. I did ask about the results of the echo cardiogram for the heart murmur and she said it was okay, there are two leaky valves but nothing to worry about.

Then I drove myself to Richland to daughter Katie's house. There was a painting party going on. Not the kind where you paint walls, we painted a picture. All three of our daughters were there: Audra, Katie and Melanie, and a few other women, too. We painted a beach scene. And though I am not a good painter, I went just to spend time with my daughters! They are pretty awesome and I'm very blessed. 

I spent the night at Katie and Rick's new house so I wouldn't have to drive home in the dark. On Friday morning I got a pedicure, which was long overdue, and then had lunch with my brother, Rusty, and my sister, Edie. It was a great lunch and we got all caught up with each other. It was great to see them.

Then I went home and crashed. I was exhausted by then. I think I wore my pajamas for three days. No, I KNOW I wore my pajamas for three days. And except for the headache, I think I'm on the mend. 

I'm ready to get back to the writing of my book: I'm really ready to get back to it, chomping at the bit, so to speak!

Ta ta for now,


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Oh My Aching Head

I've had a headache-sometimes-a-migraine for the past 5 days or so. I quit eating sugar and I thought that was the culprit but it's been too long. So I'm in what I call the "headache zone." It happens sometimes, thankfully not all the time. I sleep a lot when in the "zone," and therefore, don't get much of anything done. 

I've heard from some of the readers of this blog and have decided to stick with it. Some have expressed difficulty in commenting on the blog itself and e-mailed or Facebook messaged instead. Thank you to all who do read it. 

Regarding the "no sugar." I realize there is sugar in almost everything these days, but I quit eating desserts, candy, etc. I have a terrible sweet tooth, plus I take a medication which contributes to that so sometimes it is hard for me to watch what I eat. I am on day 6 of the no sugar journey. I need to lose weight for many reasons. My joints all hurt and though I have arthritis, I'm sure the extra weight contributes to the pain. I won't go on and on about it here but I'm committed to losing weight and hope my efforts are fruitful. Or fruit-less since I'm wanting to shed pounds!

We're heading back to the beach tomorrow if we can get the snafu with prescription refills taken care of. It's so frustrating to have difficulties with refills EVERY time we get them. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart, Safeway and Rite-Aid seem to ALL have problems according to the nurse, so it wouldn't really do much good to switch from one pharmacy to the other. I do have Rxs in two different places now due to previous troubles with refills, however.

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. I am! I love autumn...when it is autumn it is my favorite season, but when it is spring, that is my favorite season. Summer and winter - nope! 

Ta ta for now,


"Only in God will our souls be at rest and from God alone comes our salvation."
Psalm 62

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Hello there. I've been gone. The internet was unavailable to me for about 11 days, then it came on, was there for a day and went off again. The trouble is that the area where we are when we are at Humble Abode #2 is like living in the sticks. They must not have enough whatever-the-internet-uses-to-be available for all the people that were/are using it at any given time.

Therefore, I am considering discontinuing this blog. To have a blog, one must post daily or nearly daily. If I go to a blog and they haven't posted in awhile, I don't go back. So I'm thinking that I'm not a very responsible blogger if I can't post that often. Another reason, it takes research time and writing time away from my book when I use that precious time to blog. It's hard to come up with topics to write about, too.

Another reason, readership and followers. From the comments I don't receive, I would venture to say that the readership is just not there. So who am I writing for? Myself? No, I really need the time to do other pursuits. 

So, there are some reasons I am considering discontinuing this blog. I will leave it here until I have had time to think about it more. 

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I Had Withdrawals

The Internet went out here at Humble Abode #2 on Saturday, August 25th. I just got it back late yesterday. What happened? The landlady went to Yellowstone and was gone from August 23rd until yesterday. The modem is in her house so there was nothing we could do about it - just wait - patiently - for her to come back home. I "sort of" waited patiently because what else could I do? It was somewhat frustrating but I carried on, writing my book, but certain things needed verification, plus I needed more info to "flesh out" my stories. I made lists of things I need to verify or add to. So now, I have a large pile of "To-Dos."

Yes, my smart phone could have sufficed, but my eyes are not that good and looking at that small screen would have been difficult. I did look at it for my e-mails and kept that updated. 

Since I have a ton of work to do and only today and tomorrow to do it, before we leave, I will make this short. 

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. We did. Our son, Matt, and his wife, Jessica, and the kids: Soleil, Autry and Tatum, were here. We enjoyed their visit. I will have some photos to post soon.

Ta ta for now,


"I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."
Psalm 104:33

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Seriously, Though

I'm in for the long haul. Just throw some food and drink at me now and then. If I had a turret I'd be there...writing away. Making notes, taking notes, cutting words, pasting words. Filling in the blanks. I'll come up for air in a couple of days.

Words, words, words.

The sun is shining but it is cold. The ocean is covered in diamonds. Beautiful.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Earlier today we went out for lunch. There was another table of people, and us. Lots of people had been there by the looks of the dishes on tables. The sweet older woman waitress told us it was so busy they didn't have time to get the dirty dishes off the tables. We placed our order. A few more people trickled in. Enter loud, large man, carrying a "baby" in a carrier, huffing and puffing and letting us all know these were his grandchildren. He was accompanied by Grandma and a screaming 3 yr. old - hmm. Too late for us to ask to be moved or to leave. "Grandpa," continued to be loud, 3 (or so) year old continued to scream and holler so what does Grandpa do? He leaves to "walk around" -- to the lounge, leaving Grandma with two littles, one who is behaving and the other, not so. 

Then who spills their water? Me. All over the place. They weren't busy enough without a spill to mop up. But our waitress was so sweet. Sigh. Oh, by the way, when Grandpa came back he had a beer. I think he should have brought one for Grandma - at least. (And maybe the waitress!) 

(Truthfully, I wanted to get up and help the waitress by clearing off the tables! After spilling my water I thought it would be best if I didn't.)

Then we went to one of the thrift stores we like to go to and they were having 60% off everything. Except wedding dresses. Funny, they didn't have a sign saying that excluded wedding dresses, and two ladies were interested. Oh, well. The reason for 60% off is that they are going out of business. We hadn't been as happy with the store in the past 6-8 months but we are still sorry to see them go. The store was a fund raiser for a home for troubled teenagers in Eugene, I think it was. The home is still there and they have other stores but this one was not doing as well as the others so it has to close.

Then we went to Fred Meyer for groceries. I decided to get a coffee at Starbucks. Why, I do not know. I guess I was getting a little sleepy so I wanted an Americano. But, I saw the sign for the Cold Brew Protein drink. So I thought I'd give it a try-maybe a show of coffee and protein would help me wake up. I had trouble with the debit card machine -- and had to put the card in and out about four times but it finally worked (operator error)(ahem). Then I went over to the side, and waited. And waited. And waited. I asked if they were out of something because I could order something else. No, no. The "lead" just called in sick and she knows where everything is and we don't. And then he ran out from behind the counter into the store and came running back. Finally, my drink. Oh, yum, it looked so good.

Met up with Hubby, took the cart out to the car because he had forgotten something and had to go back. Unloaded the cart into the car. Finally, I can sip my luscious drink. OH MY STARS! It was AWFUL! I can't even explain to you how AWFUL it was. It tasted nasty and to add to that, something wasn't quite mixed up in it. I took another sip, just in case I was mistaken! Nope, no mistake - it was still AWFUL. And I don't mean drinkable but AWFUL. I mean it got dumped it was so bad. (And dang, it wasn't cheap, either.)

Then I got home, unloaded the car with Hubby. Sat down at the computer to work on the research I had been working on earlier before we left. It wouldn't navigate. It would just sit there with the cursor bobbing. What! Yes, there's WiFi, and often times there isn't - one of the hazards of being in a dinky place. So what was happening--I don't know. I ended up shutting everything down and restarting. 

Oh my goodness. Then we hear lots of sirens and we think we are back in Grandview where we hear sirens all the time-like every day.  The sirens were out on the beach and belonged to two emergency vehicles.  I got out the binoculars and looked. Nothing was happening other than a guy on the roof of the ambulance looking out into the ocean. After awhile the Coast Guard showed up in their boat and the other vehicles left. We don't know what happened. Maybe we will find out tomorrow. Or never.
I'm ready for a real cup of coffee and to continue with my research. Oh, by the way, I don't recommend the Cold Brew Protein drink at Starbucks! 

Ta ta for now,


PS-Realized I left my jacket somewhere today! Am I surprised? No, I was sure off my oats today! (I left it at the restaurant.)