Friday, August 23, 2019

Temporarily Closed

I'll be back soon. I"ll just be busy for a bit. Thanks for checking in, though!

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, August 22, 2019

It's All Happening at the Zoo

Just joking - it's not like a zoo here, really, but I think it will be soon! I wasn't feeling up to par yesterday but I did manage to start packing, It was a rainy day here at the beach but we like those just as well as the nice and sunny days. I thought the hummingbird wouldn't visit due to the rain, but one did--a very small one. We don't keep a feeder for them because we aren't here all the time. We've heard they get dependent on the feeders so you have to make sure they are always full for them. Maybe once we get moved we can put one up since we will be there most all of the time. 

I've been doing a course on the Old Testament. Over the years I have done Bible studies, but never the OT. I'm doing it online at "Our Daily Bread." 

One of my pen pals, Joan, sends me "thematic" letters or mailings. The last one was "orange." She sent me some info on oranges, a shopping bag with oranges, limes and lemons on it, a little envelope with messages tucked inside, a note card to use, and some other orange items. Her mailings are always fun! She seems like a fun person; I enjoy her letters.

I received a post card from Julia in the Ukraine. This came from my affiliation with Postcrossing. Whenever you send out a post card, you trigger the site to give your name to another person somewhere in the world and they will send you one. So far all of my postcards have been to other countries. I don't mind that. It costs one "global" or international stamp to send a postcard, or a letter for that matter, anywhere in the world (other than the US) - $1.15. 

School will be starting soon and the traffic will calm down here at the beach. The children and our teacher daughter and librarian daughter will head back to school. They've already been going to workshops and meetings, but they go meet their students next week. I think the summer has just flown by and wonder if they feel that way, too. 

There is a pair of doves nesting in a tree out in front of Humble Abode #2. We can't see the nest, though we do see the doves out in the yard and when they fly in and out of the tree. I'll miss watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and the occasional deer that come around when we leave. Maybe we will see quail in the yard at the new house. But maybe not: I saw a cat in the yard when we looked at the house the last time.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend!


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Visions of Sugar Plums Dance in My Head

Well, not really sugar plums, but I can't help thinking about the new house and what will go where. In our mobile home, there are lots of places to put "things." I have a collection of green glass on the built-in china hutch. I have a collection of stoneware jugs on the top of the kitchen cabinets. I have my little restaurant ware creamers (about 75) everywhere. I'm not sure where all of these things will go. And then, there are about 65 crochet potholders that I decorated with here at the beach abode. I think I have figured out where a lot of those will go. Look at this photo of the kitchen: 

The soffits are enclosed, i.e., no room to put things on top of the cabinets. But, my potholders could go on the soffits! The colorful potholders will brighten things up! Above the sink the sellers have five coffee mugs hanging. A little too high for me to reach, but I have some pretty collectible mugs which could be put there.

Do I wish I was at home packing? Yes. But, we need to pack here at the beach as well. Funny how much "stuff" we accumulate - we will have entirely too much "stuff" even for the new house. We'll have to let the kids and grandkids take a look at what we don't want - Hubby hates yard sales. What the kids don't take, we will donate. 

Enough of that...sorry if I am boring lately, LOL! 

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Glitter on the Ocean

It's one of those days when the ocean looks as if it were covered in glittering diamonds. I just love it. 

On my table there are sweet peas and lavender from the neighbor. On the counter is a large bouquet of red roses, stargazer lilies and babies breath. They smell so good and are so beautiful. Hubby brought those. 

The little hummingbird was here earlier. After feeding on the dahlias and fuchsias it flew up to the window to say hello to me. I love that! 

We are getting some (secondhand) furniture for the "new house." Since there is a living room and a family room, we need more. It's white. I know, white--but remember, we are retired. We don't have littles running around very often. No matter, there will be a NO FOOD OR DRINK in the living room rule, even for ourselves. Here are a few photos of it.

You can't really tell but the pillows have a pattern in addition to the stripe.

I plan to make slipcovers for some of the pillows to brighten up the living room.

I'm supposed to be working on my research and book. I'm not. I wrote a letter instead. And this post. I'll get back to it -- the world won't stop turning because I'm taking a break! Right?

Ta ta for now,


Friday, August 16, 2019

In Limbo

We received a response to our inspection report request late last night. The sellers agree to repair and/or replace certain issues but there is one issue that puzzles us. We'll address it today with the realtor. Hurry up and wait. Update: we signed the inspection response and things are moving forward. Yay!!

The house we are in the process of buying is on Garfield Street. We will be closer to our daughters than we are now, closer to some of our grandchildren and we will be closer to some of my siblings and nieces and nephews. We'll also be closer to Hubby's sister and her Hubby. They recently moved to West Richland from Prosser. 

We've been given a number of boxes so we'll start packing when we get home from the beach later this month. We will also be packing up our things at the beach abode. We will no longer be renting after September 15th. The drive is getting longer and longer and we're just too far away from our family. We miss out on a lot of family things so we hope to remedy that. 

Yesterday we watched the Coast Guard install a buoy out in the ocean directly in front of us. We didn't know what they were doing until they were gone and we could see the buoy. Then we saw the light from it after it was dark. "Interesting."  Hubby gave me a little lesson on buoys after that. (Having been in the Coast Guard himself he knows about such things.)

A juvenile whale washed ashore in Waldport this week. It couldn't get itself back out to sea when the tide was high. Volunteers were keeping it wet and guarding it but they finally had to euthanize it. I didn't realize until yesterday that if a mammal washes onto the shore, you are not to be within 150 feet of it. Probably for your safety and for the animal's safety as well. They couldn't pick it up with a crane while it was alive because it would damage the internal organs. I'm sure they had to pick it up with a crane after it was dead, though. It seemed pretty big even for a juvenile. 

I don't know where the week went - here it is Friday once again. I wish time would slow down just a bit!  Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Update on Kennewick House

We  had the inspection, as you know, and there were a few things that needed to be addressed. We made a response and signed it on Monday. The sellers were to get it Monday evening and they were given 3 days to review and address the issues. They have until 9 p.m. on Thursday night. We haven't heard anything yet. We are hoping they will respond favorably because we really like the house, the location and the price. 

We are back at the beach, having arrived at about 10 p.m. last night. We got a late start from home which explains the late arrival. The drive, though long, is always scenic along the Columbia River. We saw barges, tugboats, para-sailers, sailboats and what I believe was a naked person climb onto a piling of some sort near The Dalles. Too far away to notice specifics, but the person was very tan. The way he or she stood reminded me of the Oscar award; a person standing on a pedestal. Hubby saw the person climbing and I saw the person after he or she was upright. We saw eagles and all kinds of other birds, too.  

We were so busy the last three weeks at home so we are enjoying the serenity here. I find myself just staring out the window at the beautiful picture God painted for us.

Ta ta for now,


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Clownin' Around

I've been too busy to create until today. This journal is for a birthday gift. It is full of brightly colored images and papers. Excluding the front and back cover there are eight pages, meaning there are 16 layouts.

This is the cover. The binding is red, the clown has a pom-pom on his head The red heart trim is made of fabric, as is the gathered and embroidered fabric trim.

The clown's nose is a pom-pom. 

There are several little papers to write on tucked inside the popcorn box.

There are layers of fun on this page layout.

Three bookmarks are tucked inside the page on the left hand page. The right side has a few pages to journal on. (Under the clown.)

Hope you did something fun over the weekend! Hubby played KENO while I played in my craft room.

Ta ta for now,


Ha Ha Ha!

Just a laugh or two today. Hope your weekend is relaxing. I'm working on a journal with the theme of "clowns."

Ta ta for now,