Korpi Family


Jack and Donna Dillon Korpi
Their Children: 

Michael Ray Dillon is single

Daniel Joseph is married to Julie Stephens

Jeffery Alan is single

James Korpi is married to Kate

Judith Marie is married to Thomas Webb

Robert John is single

Donna Jean Dillon Korpi
Aunt Donna was so special. She was like a big sister to me. 
She was 16 when I was born.
Everyone should be blessed like I was to
 have her in my life.

Thomas and Judi Korpi Webb

Waino Korpi's Headstone
Uncle Jack's Father

Max, Judi, Frank and Thomas Webb

Julie and Dan Korpi

The Dan Korpi Family
L-R: April, Scott, Ericcka, Julie, Dan

Jeff Korpi

Robert, Judi, Jeff and Dan

The Whole Fam-Damily
L-R Front: Jeff, Judi
Back: Jim, Dan, Robert Aunt Donna, Mike
Behind them: Uncle Jack

Dana Marie Horlacher
Jeff's Daughter

Duncan Hendryx-Korpi
Jeff's Son

Tamera Korpi
Robert's Daughter

Mike Korpi

Dana Horlacher and Duncan Hendryx-Korpi
Jeff's Children

Aunt Donna when about 20 yrs. old

John Dillon and Jeff Korpi

John Dillon and Judi Korpi Webb

Judi Korpi and Tom Webb
Beautiful Wedding

At Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor
Back in the Day

Jack, Judi, Tom, Donna
Judi is wearing her mother's wedding gown.

Michael Ray Dillon Korpi
Circa 2015

Mr. G. Q.
Uncle Jack was always a lot of fun! 

Just as I remember him,.
Uncle Jack was a very special man. 
I don't think I ever heard him say a cross word,
Or saw him without a smile. In this
photo I think he must have been about to
impart some of his wisdom.

Jim Korpi and a pal. Jim is on the right.

Art and Hazel Baughn, Uncle Jack's maternal grandparents. 
They look like they were fun people!

Aunt Donna on her wedding day with her son and her nieces and nephews. 
George Dillon (I think), Doug Burnett, Jerry Burnett, Patti Burnett, Mike (her son), Nancy Burnett and David Burnett.

Mary Elizabeth Losey Baughn, Uncle Jack's great-grandmother.
I have some conflicting information on her that I'm trying to sort out.

And Uncle Jack's parents: Waino Jacob "Carl" Korpi and Ruth Aurilla Baughn Korpi.

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