Vic & Nancy Hoefer Family

The Hoefer Files

Vic and Nancy Hoefer and Family

L to R: Melanie, Katie, Audra, Derek, Matt and Zach

Derek & Vickie's Boys
L to R: Jonah, Elijah, Joshua, Caleb

Matt with his daughters
Soleil on left; Tatum on right

Melanie's Sons
L to R: Koen, Ajay, Kooper

Melanie with her sons
Koen with eyes covered
Ajay with Mr. Muggles
Kooper covering up Koen's eyes

Matt and Jessica Hoefer Family
Soleil, Autry, Tatum 

Matt & Jessica's Children
Autry, Tatum, Soleil

Tea Party at Nana's House
L to R: Emily, Macie, Melanie and Nana
Audra and Katie in back

Aunt Patti with Melanie, Matt and Katie

Mr. Victor Hoefer
Summer 2015
Secret Agent Man

Our youngest son, Zachary, and his lovely bride, Rebecca.

Melanie and Audra.
May 2016

L to R: Ajay, Melanie, Kooper.
Grumpy Koen in front,

Katie and Melanie.
May 2016

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