We Are 14

The Burnett Bunch
Children of Edward & Bernita (Dillon) Burnett

Nancy Lee married Victor Lee Hoefer

Patricia Lynn married Richard Lee Underwood

Douglas Edward is married to Patty Gregory. Here he is in April 2016.

Gerald Norman is in a relationship with Anne Smith

David Scott (on the right) is in a relationship with Greg Asher

Ray Russell Burnett is single. Here he is with his children. Spring 2016.

Roy Randall is in Heaven. 

Brian Christopher is married to Cindy Howard.

Joey Arthur is married to Hortencia

Marcy Jean is in Heaven with Randy, Mom and Dad.

Edie Yvonne is single 

Ryan Eliot (Reb) is married to Norma Villarreal

Mark Andrew is married to Melinda Burger

Kristi Anne is widowed.

Nancy, Patti, Doug, Jerry Burnett

Doug, Patti and Jerry
David in front

All of us together, a rare occasion!
November 2010 

January 1991.

The La La Sisters,

The La Las before they were La Las. 
I think!

Joey, Reb, Jerry, Doug, Mark

Nancy, Doug, Patti, Rusty, Edie

Grandadddy Rufus and Grandmother Edith
with all of their grandchildren at the time.
Taken at Beaverton, Oregon on Walker Road

Edward and Bernita Burnett with children and grandchildren
Ed ran for Sheriff of Benton County, unsuccessfully.

Edie, Doug, Reb in front of Doug, Rusty, Randy Joey, David looking at tree, Brian

Mark, Reb, Edie

Edward and Bernita and their children except for Brian who was absent
and absent minded.

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