Important Places

England's Flag

Aerial view of Crathes Castle in Scotland. The Burnett Castle.
Where our ancestors hailed from.

Scotland's Flag

I would love to visit in person!

United State of America Flag

Tualatin River in Cherry Grove, Oregon.
The Edward Burnett kids went swimming here as often as possible.

State of Oregon Flag

St. Simon's Lighthouse, St. Simon's Island
The early Burnetts lived, toiled and played here.
It's beautiful! I did get to visit here!

State of Georgia Flag

Cherry Grove, Oregon
We Burnetts lived here from about 1963-1968.

Glynn County Courthouse Marker
Brunswick, Georgia
(Two Burnetts immortalized on this plaque)

Gaston Union High School
Gaston, Oregon
I attended all four years of high school here
and graduated in 1967.

River Street
Savannah, Georgia
Another place our early ancestors lived, worked and played.
I visited here a few times. I absolutely loved it here! 

Lee Falls on Tualatin River
Near Cherry Grove, Oregon

Map of Mansell Lacy, Hereford
Herefordshire, England
Where our Grandmother Edith Prince lived,

St. Michael's Church
Mansell Lacy, Hereford
I visted this church. It was being remodeled
when I was there. It dates back to the 13th and 14th century,

A little bit eerie, a little bit adventuresome.
Crathes Castle grounds, Scotland.

Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle

This is a different view. I'd never seen the little 
round shed before,

I'd love to go to Scotland and in particular, see this castle, 
of course!

The story goes that the Burnett family living there
had so many children they had to add on to the castle. 
They had 22 children.

I would love to go in the spring when the gardens are in bloom.

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