Burnett Photos

Our Burnett Family Photos

Rufus Lee Burnett 
Edith F R Prince Burnett
Edward Norman Burnett
Bernita Y Dillon Burnett

and their offspring, along with some of our ancestors.

NOTE: New photos will be added to the bottom of the page.
L to R on porch: Brian, David, Grandmother holding Michael, Grandaddy.
Sitting L to R: Rusty, Randy, Jerry
Standing L to R: Sandee, Dougie, Nancy holding Joey, Peggy, Patti, Robert, Suzanne and Roger. 

L to R: Mom, Dad, Jerry, Doug, Grandmother. 

Dad overlooking the Columbia River.

Edward Norman Burnett I
Rare photo. He would be in jeans and a short sleeved sweatshirt 
if he wasn't in uniform.

Bernita Dillon Burnett
At a birthday party for her not too long before she passed away.

Edward Norman Burnett I
Benton Co. Deputy Sheriff

Rufus Lee Burnett and Nancy Lee Burnett Hoefer
At one of their favorite places on earth,
Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Bernita Dillon Burnett with photo bomb before it was
even popular! Ryan (Reb) Burnett!

Nancy, Doug, Patti, Rusty and Edie
Burnett Siblings Minus 9
January 2016

Edward Norman Burnett I
This is the sneaky, "I'm up to something" look!

Rufus Lee Burnett in the Center
His sister, Blanche, on the left.
His mother, Duffie, behind him. 
His father, Joseph, behind his sister.
His maternal grandfather, Thomas, to the right, with the beard.

Grandmother, Edith and Grandaddy, Rufus Burnett.
He was known as Roy or Skipper. Or Grandaddy!
Circa 1961

Ray Russell Burnett (Rusty) 
with his children
Kelsey in back,
Melissa in the middle
Rusty on your left
Jeston on the right.
Circa 2015

Daniela & Amos Whiteside
Reb & Norma are Daniela's parents

L to R: Mark, Reb and Edie

L to R: Nancy, Doug, Patti and Jerry 

Reb & Norma's Kids
Ryan & Daniela in Back; Dillon and Elisha in Front

Uncle Bob & Aunt Rusty's Children
Michael in Front; Bobby in Back
Peggy on Left; Sandee on Right

Patti Burnett Underwood

Richard & Patti Burnett Underwood's Children
L to R: Kathy, Maria, Debbie, Dickie and Dougie

Nancy with Grandaddy's shotgun.

Nancy and Grandaddy, Rufus Lee Burnett, aka Skipper.

It's me again.

Mike Burnett

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