Friday, August 4, 2017

It's the Little Things

When things aren't going so well, there is always something that makes me smile or cheers me up. 

Lately I have not been in such good spirits due to all the doctor visits and hospital tests and procedures. I had an endoscopy with biopsies on Wednesday but won't get results until the 14th of August. I've been having some unpleasant symptoms for quite some time now and especially since April. It has taken this long to try and figure out what is wrong. 

And, Hubby has been having more chest pains - he of the 6 stents and previous heart attack - so he has started up with a new cardiologist. We really like the new cardiologist, that's always important. Anyway, Hubby has two tests coming up on the 24th and then we will find out if he needs something done with his heart. (We're pretty sure he will need something done. The doc said the two tests will help them decide where to "fix" his heart.)

So, when I think about the upcoming Family Reunion and am making plans for it, that makes me feel good. And, when my dear friend, Teri, of 42 years is coming to visit, that makes me really happy, too! We haven't seen each other in too long! There will be a gab fest for sure! 

And we are back at the beach - which is HUGE! I love it here! And I can work on my book again. We had a doctor visit or procedure every day but two while we were home between me and Hubby so I didn't work on my book. At all. But I'm back and the computer is set up and the bug has bitten me - so I will soon be writing and researching and in my "zone." 

Hope you have a cool place to be in this hellish weather we are experiencing. 

Ta ta for now,


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