Saturday, August 5, 2017


Are you going to venture to a prime eclipse-watching-site? Do you have reservations or are you going to just park somewhere along the road and watch it? We will be at Home #2 (beach apartment) so we plan to watch it from here/there. Hopefully, the smoke from all the wildfires will have subsided enough to actually see the eclipse. We have some dandy little eclipse-viewing-glasses we ordered from Amazon but I've seen them in many stores, too. I want to have appropriately named food: Moons Over My Hammy (stolen from Denney's), Moon Pies, Eggs Sunny-Side Down (haha), etc. 

What are you doing to celebrate this rare viewing? We are having guests that weekend so it will be fun whether we see the eclipse or not. If we can't see it, we will turn on the t.v. It's sure to be flooded with viewings along the sight-line of the U.S. 

Over one million visitors are predicted to flood the state of Oregon and 100,000 along the Oregon coast. We will make sure to have all of our groceries purchased so we don't have to go out. It's already bad enough just being summer. US Highway 101 is two-lane for most of it so the traffic tends to back up frequently. 

By the way, the road construction in Tillamook is on-going. If you need to go into Tillamook before you arrive at the Family Reunion, beware. If you want to go to Fred Meyers you can take the Wilson River Loop and not go through the downtown area. The Wilson River Loop at the Wilson River has two left turns you can take. The first one, just before the bridge, goes to the light at Fred Meyers at US 101; just over the bridge you turn left and that one takes you to the light at the Tillamook Cheese Factory at US 101. If you don't need to stop at Fred Meyers, this is the way to go anyway, circumventing Tillamook totally. (If this is as clear as mud, I'm sorry. Just let me know if you need better directions.)

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