Monday, July 3, 2017

Kodak Moment of 1911

There are many copies of this photo floating around. I decided to put the names right on the photo so we would know "who is who." This is a photo of my Grandma, Henrietta Vanderzanden Dillon and her mother and sisters. She was the youngest child of Agnes and Henry (Henricus) Vanderzanden. There were two brothers in addition to the ladies.

Hmm. The printing is awfully small so I'll note it all here:

Front row: L - R
Nellie and Henrietta.

Center: L - R
Bertha, Mother Agnes Hendrix (Maria Agnes but she went by Agnes), Minnie.

Back row:
L - R Nellie, Mary, Anne

There will be more information about these lovely ladies in my book.

Ta ta for now,


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