Saturday, July 8, 2017

Genealogy Facts of Life According to Nancy

1. You stay up too late at night. You plan how few hours you have to sleep so you can get right back at it again in the morning.

2. You wish you didn't have to stop and eat instead of writing and researching.

3. You wish you didn't have to take a shower and get dressed so you could get busy writing and researching.

4. You buy way too many file folders. Or so you thought.

5. Your spare room is filled with file boxes full of folders - and they are all full of materials and photos.

6. You have to move the file boxes when guests come to stay the night because the bed is covered with them.

7. You start out in the morning looking for a certain fact for a certain person and by night time you end up with a totally different person on a totally different family tree.

8. You buy many, many ink cartridges until your husband says, "You're already out of ink? I just bought you four of them!"

9. You need to buy stock in a pen company.

10. You wonder how many trees were killed making all the paper you use.

11. You're glad there is a post office nearby.

12. You dig and dig and dig trying to find out who the person in that photo is because your ancestor didn't label the photo. (Times 50.)

13. You're considering a different place to live so there will be room for your family history/genealogy files. (Not really, but ... )

14. Every now and then you yell out "AHA!"

15. Your loved ones' eyes glaze over when you start to talk about ... well, anything about your conquest for facts.

16. You finally quit for the day when your eyes cross and blur from looking at the computer screen.

17. You cut your fingernails because you keep pushing the wrong letters and it takes extra time to input data.

18. Your floors need sweeping, the dishes need washing, and there are dust bunnies being ignored.

19. In spite of it all, you feel fulfilled and content after a day of good writing and research.

20. Now and then someone thanks you for the information you found for them because you can't resist helping someone with their puzzled past.

21. You know you will never be "finished" because there is always another branch on the family tree.

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