Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Family Reunion Ever!

As you know, we have had quite a few family reunions over the years. We started out having them at our homes. The numbers grew so we started having them at campgrounds. In the beginning we may not have called them family reunions. When Mom and Dad (Bernita and Ed) lived at the house on Sixth Street in Prosser, we would converge there on States Day (Prosser's Labor Day celebration) to watch the parade and go to the park where the carnival was set up and Bingo was played. Mom loved playing Bingo! We had one at Doug and Patty with a Y's house in Benton City one time. Another time, maybe more than once, at Aunt Donna and Uncle Jack's house in Forest Grove. That's the one when the police officer came because he found Godzilla hitchhiking and vagrant.

So we have evolved, each time we celebrated our large, diverse family, the numbers grew. I predict this Family Reunion will be the BEST one ever and we will have the MOST people ever! I am so happy family members from Missouri and Maryland and perhaps Colorado will be joining us AND I'm extremely happy because all but one of my children will be there!! The most we've ever had in attendance was two of them, I believe.

And with that, I will tell you that we have some fun scheduled - face painting, two or three different crafts for adults and kids, and games for all ages, too.

My daughter-in-law, Jessica Hoefer, Matt's wife, has her first published book coming out in mid-August. She won't be with us at the reunion but Matt plans to bring some of her books to sell if you are interested. Her pen name is Jessica Kapp and the book is Body Parts. If you want a little more info about her book, here is the link to the local newspaper's story: Jessica Kapp - Body Parts. Or you can go to her Facebook page here: Jessica Kapp at Facebook.  We're all so excited to have a published author in the family!! Very happy for Jess and Matt.

Watch this space for the agenda and other important news about the reunion.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time at the hospital so don't expect a post for a few days. But coming soon: the agenda and an updated checklist.

Ta ta for now,


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