Friday, June 30, 2017

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Or so they say! I've been playing detective today. I brought a cache of photos with me from home. Some of them are turn of the century old. Some have noted the person or persons, but some have not. So that has been my quest today, putting a name to the face or faces. I have not been super successful. It is rather slow-going because the Internet is playing tortoise and I am the hare. I cleared my browsing history but that didn't seem to help.

I love this photo-I know who the little girl is, you wouldn't know her, but I do not know who the little boy is. It is a sweet little photo so I thought I would share it with you.

Do you have big plans for the 4th? We are at the beach and our daughter, Audra, and her family are renting a house north of Rockaway over the week of the 4th so we plan to spend it with them. Otherwise, we are just going to watch the fireworks in the evening and I'm hoping for s'mores - we do have the required hot dogs - what is the 4th of July without a hot dog? I am hoping to cook them over an open fire on the beach and get sand in them! I do have good memories of such from my childhood and as a mom with our kids on the beach. Grit, grit. 

We ordered some special glasses with which to watch the eclipse in August. We are looking forward to that! 

Happy 4th of July, God Bless America The Beautiful! Stay sane, safe and sober, please!!

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back at the Beach and the Book

Hurray, we are back at the beach and I'm happy as a clam! I have sorted my book notes, paperwork, etc., and I'm ready to get back to it. I did do a little research while we were home and I sorted through some photographs. I plan to give photos to people at the Family Reunion. I'm taking out what I want for the book and the remainder I will pass on.

A few more people have ordered tee shirts. And ladies, there are ladies tee shirts, too, as well as men's and youth sizes. See previous posts for ordering info, or the Family Reunion Facebook page.
The Burnett Dillon Korpi Family Reunion

I mentioned on Facebook that my heart goes pitter-patter when I see "15th great-grandparent." On the Dillon Family Tree I have as far back at 20th great-grandfather! Sir Thomas Dillon was born in the year 1230 in Ireland.

Here are some interesting notes about ancestors (Before 1850)

  • there were three generations per century
  • the average age for a man to marry was 24, seldom before 20
  • the average age for a woman to marry was 20, seldom before 16
  • first marriages were usually between couples the same age
  • women usually outlived their husbands
  • older widowers frequently married much younger women who had never been married (IMO it was because they needed someone to take care of them in their old age)
  • births usually occurred at two year intervals
  • first child was born about a year after marriage
  • child bearing ended at age 45
  • women rarely traveled along
  • men usually married women from their neighborhood
  • men often went back to a former residence to find a wife
  • parents often "went West" with a son or a daughter
  • Ohio pioneers often moved to the area in states with the same latitude
  • if you find an ancestor with a "virtue" name (Patience, Hope, Charity, Piety) consider a New England heritage
  • children were often named for grandparents
  • frequently a middle name or even a first name was a mother's or grandmother's maiden name especially if repeated through several related families
Info derived from an article published in the magazine "The Family Tree" from Ayars Heirs, Echo Publishing, Summerdale, PA, October/November 1998. 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life is What Happens...

when you've made other plans.

That's for sure! We came home from the beach so I could attend a bridal shower for our future granddaughter, so I could get an ultrasound of my gall bladder, and so Hubby could go to the VA for an appointment with the pharmacist about insulin/diabetes. But, I got sick and was sick for most of the past week. I did go to the bridal shower, which was lovely! And I did have the ultrasound and another test. I will get those results tomorrow. 

We went to Spokane on Sunday to spend Father's Day with our daughter, Melanie, and her S.O., Marcus. We spent time with Melanie, Marcus and his three sons, Colby, Ethan and Logan, and met Marcus's father, Nate. Nate introduced himself as "Pa" so that's what we called him. We had a great meal prepared by Marcus, Pa and Melanie. We told stories and laughed a lot! It was a fun visit.

After that, we went to the Red Lion at the Park in Spokane, Melanie's gift to Hubby for Father's Day. We got "upgraded" and had a suite with almost everything you would want (no coffee or coffee pot in the room, though--you could trek to the Lobby to get some but it was a trek so we just got it later). The room had a view of the Spokane River just below our room and the falls were just below, also. It was a great room! It had a little balcony, too. Melanie got the room for us so we could go the next day to Hubby's brother's property where they will be building a home. Craig and Ellen are clearing the land and getting it ready for retirement. That will be in a couple of years. They live in Pensacola, Florida now.

It was a very nice weekend until we got to Pasco, nearly home, where we gassed up, but the car wouldn't start after that. So we sat in the hot car for two hours or more (we were at a Circle K so we would go in and cool off now and then) until the AAA assigned tow truck fetched us and took us to Prosser. From then our son, Derek, rescued us and took us home. We got home at about 10 p.m., about 4 hours later than we thought we would be there. Such is life. The car is at the local car dealership to get fixed but needs a part from Reno, Nevada. That means late this week or early next week we will get the car back.

We will take the Beastie Mobile to the beach - and I'm anxious to get back to writing my book. 

Hopefully I will get back to more regular blog postings. Thanks to all who have ordered their tee shirts. 13 so far! The blues are ahead!!



Thursday, June 1, 2017

Order T-Shirts

The tee shirts are ready to order. We have blue for Burnett, Green for Dillon and Yellow for Korpi. We have women's, men's and youth's sizes. Click here to order your shirts:
Family Reunion T-Shirts.

This is a woman's shirt. It comes in plus sizes, too.

We have two months to order. That way you can budget the order if need be. 

Keep Calm and Order Your T-Shirts!

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