Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Still Digging

I think I am on the last box of "stuff" to sort and purge. It is proving to be a monumental chore, but what a sense of accomplishment. Too bad there are many more boxes in the storage units! But these that I am focusing on now are filled with photographs and papers regarding genealogy. I have a pile of "to keep" paperwork that still needs to be sorted. Once I clear the table of photographs, I can sort the papers. 

We aren't going back to the beach for awhile. I was told not to travel for seven days after a medical procedure. That would be Thursday or Friday and I want to be home for a Mother's Day gathering of our kids and grands. Also, Hubby got a cold and isn't feeling up to that long drive. And there are other reasons to stay home right now--like finishing my sorting project. 

I've been washing my hands frequently because the boxes and contents are dusty in this desert locale, and I need to do my nails when I'm finished. I thought I'd share some historical info about fingernails and hands.

Fingernails and toenails grow about one inch a year, supposedly. I think they grow more for some folks. I'm pretty sure mine grow more than that. Anyway, fingernails have been painted since 1907 in the US, but ancient Egyptians colored their nails with henna. They were some of the first people to color their nails. The Chinese used vegetable dyes mixed with beeswax in addition to other colored substances on their nails. 

A man in India has the record for the longest fingernail. He grew his thumbnail to 45 inches long! How could he possibly do anything with a nail that long? I once saw a woman whose nails were about 6 or 7 inches long. She was taking tickets at an event. She had painted pictures on each nail. I asked her how in the world did she do dishes and she got all defensive and said she could do the dishes just fine! I think she wanted the attention or she wouldn't have grown them that long (or applied fake nails that long), so why did she get defensive? Who knows. All I know is that they were too long to do much. (Maybe she kept them on with Velcro, then she could take them on and off to do the dishes. Just a thought, haha!)

In some countries, growing one nail long shows that you don't have to do manual labor. In Greece it's the pinky finger and in the Philippines it is the thumbnail. 

I enjoy having lovely nails and am fortunate enough to have strong nails that don't break easily, although over the years I have worn acrylic and/or gel nails. I no longer do, though, because I don't feel well enough to go back to the spa and get them worked on and then they get ratty looking. So now, long or short, I just paint them myself. 

I found some looonnnnggg nails on the web, but they are just too disgusting to put on this blog. They remind me of snakes and I hate snakes.

Ta ta for now,


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