Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reunion Info

Motels near to the Reunion Site (Barview Jetty Tillamook County Park): click this link: post with motels and places to stay.

More info Other info about Barview Jetty Park

Vacations rentals info Vacation rentals

More: Beach Break

PLEASE NOTE: I you are not staying at Barview Jetty Park, you will want to find a place to stay in Rockaway Beach, Twin Rocks, Barview, Garibaldi, Bay City or perhaps Tillamook (last resort) to be close and not have to travel much to get to the park for the reunion festivities. US Highway 101 is VERY BUSY on holiday weekends and throughout the summer. It is a 2-lane highway with lots of curves. You won't get anywhere quickly. ALSO NOTE: Tillamook is the site for reconstruction of Hwy.101 through the city. It is difficult to navigate. If you are coming from the valley, take the WILSON RIVER LOOP to avoid the town of Tillamook. Once on the Loop, the first westerly turn will take you to US 101 intersection with Fred Meyer's, the second westerly turn, after the (tiny) bridge will take you to the US 101 intersection next to the Cheese Factory.

Tillamook Cheese Factory has torn down the Visitor's Center and has temporarily set one up in the red barn on the property. I haven't been there but I can't imagine it will accommodate the crowds that the other one did.

Safeway is in the city center of Tillamook. Traffic... Fred Meyer's is on US Hwy 101 and easily accessible, north of city center.

Remember, there will be a potluck at one point in the festivities. This allows us all to be together and visit while eating. I don't need to remind you: we have a LARGE family so bring plenty of food. Those who are staying at motels or hotels, etc., Safeway and Fred Meyers have delis with chicken, salads, etc. And we can always use beverages, chips, dips, etc. And there are some staying at vacation rental houses so you could ask to use their kitchen if need be. We can do this, people! And I have a kitchen...

I will be posting an agenda for the festivities ahead of time, and will provide printed out copies so you won't miss anything!

Another reminder: the beach weather is unpredictable. Bring clothes for warm weather and for cold weather. And rain. (Please, no rain for our reunion, Mother Nature!)

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