Monday, May 8, 2017

More Photos and Papers for Family History

I needed to get permission from any living children of my Grandma Dillon to replace the headstone with a prettier one with more info and a rosary. Only one child of hers is still living and he said no. So be it. That is all I am going to say about it.

 Since we've been home from the beach I have cleaned out my closet, organized the laundry room cabinets and supplies, straightened up the bookcases and made a box of donations of books I've already read or didn't find helpful anymore, and cleaned out the hall closet. And today we went to the outbuilding behind our house and went through boxes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however I want to look at it, we found several more boxes of photos. I thought that I had all of them and that I'd sorted all I had. Oh, no! Not a day's rest for me! I found my college scrapbook and there are some cute things in it that I will share later. I found a letter from Great-Grandmother Sarah Gwilliam Prince to me dated 1964. What else? There's so much. Oh, and we found three of our high school yearbooks and spent a couple of hours going through them. That was fun! 

I'm still missing some newer scrapbooks and I'm getting a little worried about it. I hope all that hard work and the beautiful Creative Memories scrapbooks haven't totally disappeared. We have an off-site storage unit (well, we actually have two) so I will have to make a trip to those soon, before the weather gets too hot. 

Tomorrow is another day.

Ta ta for now,


This is what I'm hoping for tomorrow. A pile of empties.

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