Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Genealogy Resource

There are many genealogy resources available to researchers from novice to professional. I'm not professional, but I wouldn't consider myself a novice, either. I'm still learning after all these years of interest. I've taken classes from one day to weeks long. I've read many a book. I've bugged my relatives (as you all know!) and I'm still at it. I believe, as I've said before, that I will never be finished and that my research/genealogy/family history quest is definitely "a work in progress." So, I'm always looking at websites for genealogy resources, tips, tricks, etc. And today I found, with the help of an article in/at Family Tree Magazine, WolframAlpha. As stated on the website, it is a "computational knowledge engine." I put in my date of birth, including the year, and the city in which I was born, and found out the temperature for that day, as well as the wind speed, the weather overall, the humidity, and more! It was kind of fun! If you want to see what the weather was like on your birthday, head on over. If you'd like to see the results for my birth date, click here: Nancy's Birthdate. I'm not sure if I'll use the information I gleaned in my book but I may think of something down the road and now I know this resource exists. 

Have a nice Memorial Day and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. 



PS-I wanted to know the mileage from one point to another regarding an ancestor so I went to WolframAlpha and entered the question, "What is mileage between Kiowa, Kansas and Anthony, Kansas." It gave me the answer PDQ! I can see this being a great tool for me. Glad I came across it!!

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