Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Genealogy Resource

There are many genealogy resources available to researchers from novice to professional. I'm not professional, but I wouldn't consider myself a novice, either. I'm still learning after all these years of interest. I've taken classes from one day to weeks long. I've read many a book. I've bugged my relatives (as you all know!) and I'm still at it. I believe, as I've said before, that I will never be finished and that my research/genealogy/family history quest is definitely "a work in progress." So, I'm always looking at websites for genealogy resources, tips, tricks, etc. And today I found, with the help of an article in/at Family Tree Magazine, WolframAlpha. As stated on the website, it is a "computational knowledge engine." I put in my date of birth, including the year, and the city in which I was born, and found out the temperature for that day, as well as the wind speed, the weather overall, the humidity, and more! It was kind of fun! If you want to see what the weather was like on your birthday, head on over. If you'd like to see the results for my birth date, click here: Nancy's Birthdate. I'm not sure if I'll use the information I gleaned in my book but I may think of something down the road and now I know this resource exists. 

Have a nice Memorial Day and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. 



PS-I wanted to know the mileage from one point to another regarding an ancestor so I went to WolframAlpha and entered the question, "What is mileage between Kiowa, Kansas and Anthony, Kansas." It gave me the answer PDQ! I can see this being a great tool for me. Glad I came across it!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reunion Info

Motels near to the Reunion Site (Barview Jetty Tillamook County Park): click this link: post with motels and places to stay.

More info Other info about Barview Jetty Park

Vacations rentals info Vacation rentals

More: Beach Break

PLEASE NOTE: I you are not staying at Barview Jetty Park, you will want to find a place to stay in Rockaway Beach, Twin Rocks, Barview, Garibaldi, Bay City or perhaps Tillamook (last resort) to be close and not have to travel much to get to the park for the reunion festivities. US Highway 101 is VERY BUSY on holiday weekends and throughout the summer. It is a 2-lane highway with lots of curves. You won't get anywhere quickly. ALSO NOTE: Tillamook is the site for reconstruction of Hwy.101 through the city. It is difficult to navigate. If you are coming from the valley, take the WILSON RIVER LOOP to avoid the town of Tillamook. Once on the Loop, the first westerly turn will take you to US 101 intersection with Fred Meyer's, the second westerly turn, after the (tiny) bridge will take you to the US 101 intersection next to the Cheese Factory.

Tillamook Cheese Factory has torn down the Visitor's Center and has temporarily set one up in the red barn on the property. I haven't been there but I can't imagine it will accommodate the crowds that the other one did.

Safeway is in the city center of Tillamook. Traffic... Fred Meyer's is on US Hwy 101 and easily accessible, north of city center.

Remember, there will be a potluck at one point in the festivities. This allows us all to be together and visit while eating. I don't need to remind you: we have a LARGE family so bring plenty of food. Those who are staying at motels or hotels, etc., Safeway and Fred Meyers have delis with chicken, salads, etc. And we can always use beverages, chips, dips, etc. And there are some staying at vacation rental houses so you could ask to use their kitchen if need be. We can do this, people! And I have a kitchen...

I will be posting an agenda for the festivities ahead of time, and will provide printed out copies so you won't miss anything!

Another reminder: the beach weather is unpredictable. Bring clothes for warm weather and for cold weather. And rain. (Please, no rain for our reunion, Mother Nature!)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Women's apparel, make-up, and accessories. So important! Do you use one purse until it wears out or do you change your purse to match your clothing? I don't change my purse frequently but Hubby laughs when I change it to match my wardrobe du jour. In fact, he recently pointed out a lady carrying a purse which did not match her clothing! Made me laugh. I told him it was okay for her to have that purse because she was wearing scrubs and one did not have to have a complementary purse when wearing scrubs. Kind of like wearing blue jeans. Everything goes with blue jeans. (I don't think he believed me.)

There are a multitude of make-up companies available to the American woman these days. I haven't worn make-up for quite some time. The reason: I couldn't see without my glasses - even with a magnifying, lighted mirror. Now that I've had cataract surgery on both eyes I could wear it but I've been without it so long that it feels like plaster when I wear it. So I just don't. Lipstick, yes.
Mouse-fur eyebrows? NO WAY!

Here's a little tidbit I came across before and probably shared in another blog on another day in the past. It still baffles my mind. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, women shaved off their eyebrows and applied mouse-fur eyebrows instead. I think I would choose not to be fashionable in that situation. (Gives me the creeps to even think about it!)

Women started shaving their armpits in the United States in about 1920 when bathing suits showed off their underarms and deodorant began to be marketed.

Women didn't wear underwear until the mid-1800s! They weren't supposed to allow their buttocks to be shown so there was no need for undies. I envision a woman from the 1800s being magically plopped down in the here and now - she would be appalled! Get out the smelling salts!

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Still Digging

I think I am on the last box of "stuff" to sort and purge. It is proving to be a monumental chore, but what a sense of accomplishment. Too bad there are many more boxes in the storage units! But these that I am focusing on now are filled with photographs and papers regarding genealogy. I have a pile of "to keep" paperwork that still needs to be sorted. Once I clear the table of photographs, I can sort the papers. 

We aren't going back to the beach for awhile. I was told not to travel for seven days after a medical procedure. That would be Thursday or Friday and I want to be home for a Mother's Day gathering of our kids and grands. Also, Hubby got a cold and isn't feeling up to that long drive. And there are other reasons to stay home right now--like finishing my sorting project. 

I've been washing my hands frequently because the boxes and contents are dusty in this desert locale, and I need to do my nails when I'm finished. I thought I'd share some historical info about fingernails and hands.

Fingernails and toenails grow about one inch a year, supposedly. I think they grow more for some folks. I'm pretty sure mine grow more than that. Anyway, fingernails have been painted since 1907 in the US, but ancient Egyptians colored their nails with henna. They were some of the first people to color their nails. The Chinese used vegetable dyes mixed with beeswax in addition to other colored substances on their nails. 

A man in India has the record for the longest fingernail. He grew his thumbnail to 45 inches long! How could he possibly do anything with a nail that long? I once saw a woman whose nails were about 6 or 7 inches long. She was taking tickets at an event. She had painted pictures on each nail. I asked her how in the world did she do dishes and she got all defensive and said she could do the dishes just fine! I think she wanted the attention or she wouldn't have grown them that long (or applied fake nails that long), so why did she get defensive? Who knows. All I know is that they were too long to do much. (Maybe she kept them on with Velcro, then she could take them on and off to do the dishes. Just a thought, haha!)

In some countries, growing one nail long shows that you don't have to do manual labor. In Greece it's the pinky finger and in the Philippines it is the thumbnail. 

I enjoy having lovely nails and am fortunate enough to have strong nails that don't break easily, although over the years I have worn acrylic and/or gel nails. I no longer do, though, because I don't feel well enough to go back to the spa and get them worked on and then they get ratty looking. So now, long or short, I just paint them myself. 

I found some looonnnnggg nails on the web, but they are just too disgusting to put on this blog. They remind me of snakes and I hate snakes.

Ta ta for now,


Monday, May 8, 2017

More Photos and Papers for Family History

I needed to get permission from any living children of my Grandma Dillon to replace the headstone with a prettier one with more info and a rosary. Only one child of hers is still living and he said no. So be it. That is all I am going to say about it.

 Since we've been home from the beach I have cleaned out my closet, organized the laundry room cabinets and supplies, straightened up the bookcases and made a box of donations of books I've already read or didn't find helpful anymore, and cleaned out the hall closet. And today we went to the outbuilding behind our house and went through boxes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however I want to look at it, we found several more boxes of photos. I thought that I had all of them and that I'd sorted all I had. Oh, no! Not a day's rest for me! I found my college scrapbook and there are some cute things in it that I will share later. I found a letter from Great-Grandmother Sarah Gwilliam Prince to me dated 1964. What else? There's so much. Oh, and we found three of our high school yearbooks and spent a couple of hours going through them. That was fun! 

I'm still missing some newer scrapbooks and I'm getting a little worried about it. I hope all that hard work and the beautiful Creative Memories scrapbooks haven't totally disappeared. We have an off-site storage unit (well, we actually have two) so I will have to make a trip to those soon, before the weather gets too hot. 

Tomorrow is another day.

Ta ta for now,


This is what I'm hoping for tomorrow. A pile of empties.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random Thoughts and Happenings

I've postponed the foot surgery. Summer is not the time to be hobbling around with a cast and knee scooter. I've got an important wedding to attend - Grandson Elijah Hoefer and fiance' Lauren Simmons! And knee scooters don't work too well when shopping or walking on the beach. We're coming up on the nicest weather of the year! I will reschedule in the fall. There's another health issue I am dealing with and that is in the forefront. It needs to be taken care of before the foot surgery as well. I'm satisfied with my decision to postpone.

Our eldest granddaughter, Gabby (Gabriela), graduated yesterday from Washington State University in Spokane. She is now an RN! We are very proud of her. She set goals in high school and carried them out. She is working at Sacred Heart in Spokane already. I was not able to attend but Hubby went along with her aunties and siblings. Gabby, if you happen to read this, I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments.

The other night we experienced a thunder and lightning storm like no other! It started early evening, then calmed down for awhile, then, at 2 a.m., the thunder woke me up. It was like it was right over our house! And the bedroom was lit up by the lightning! I peeked out the window but it seemed as if it was right there in back of our home and, I don't mind saying, a bit scary! I backed away from the window-it was that close! And, I still can't believe this, Hubby slept right through it!

This photo, from the Web, shows vertical lightning. The lightning the other night was horizontal. And much closer than any photo I found. 

Have a great weekend! Isn't it awesome that spring has finally arrived?

Ta ta for now,