Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Technically it is Wednesday now but I haven't ended my day yet so Tuesday it is. And I was born on a Tuesday. I'm full of grace alright! My name actually means "grace." What a co-in-key-dink!

I feel great about my writing and research right now. When my previous laptop died, I had to load my files from a disk. I had copied the files and it was not an actual back-up so I had lots of garbage that I didn't need on this newer laptop. It has been bugging me that my data was a mess - lots of duplicate files, etc. However, I have been working on said files for two days now and the information is in great shape. I made notes of the incomplete files, stories that need additional information before I can consider them complete, photos all organized and garbage deleted. Spring cleaning!

I am going to figure out how much I have written already, the number of words, photos, etc. It will help me decide if I am using too many photographs, too many chapters, etc. 

I've decided something major. I'm going to talk to the cemetery where Grandma is buried and see how much it would cost to give her a new, prettier headstone. It has been bugging me for well over a year that her headstone is really rather plain. She deserves something nicer. I will either set up a go-fund-me or try to figure out the PayPal "pay me" button because I'm going to ask family to pitch in and help me finance this project. There will be the cost of the headstone but it will probably cost something to set the new one. I plan to go talk to the cemetery about it soon. Well, later. Their website said the headstones start at $579.00. I might even raffle off a quilt or something. 

We are going home for awhile since Hubby and I both have doctor appointments coming up. Two each. Ugh. It's the pits getting old! All my parts are wearing out. I'm having problems with my feet and can see that I will be ending up in a wheelchair sooner than later if I don't do something about it. I'm not getting any younger. I believe its arthritis since I had it in both of my thumb joints. My two big toes are in a bad way. It only hurts when I walk, haha!! Hubby has to go on insulin so two of our appointments are talking to a nutritionist and learning how to give himself injections. I'm supposed to go with him for that. I used to give myself allergy injections so I know what to do but a refresher is good. Plus it may be a little different. I'll find out, won't I?

Here is a photo of Grandma, Henrietta Marie Vanderzanden Dillon's headstone. Don't you agree with me that she deserves a pretty one? 

I'm thinking something with a bible and a rosary. She collected rosaries and was a faithful woman. And some granite or marble, whatever they use. I'll keep you posted. Prayerfully consider helping me with this project, please. And thank you. 

Ta ta for now,

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