Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Of course, I was having second thoughts about having surgery. So I Googled it. I will be having surgery...I found out it could get worse and have more complications which would mean surgery eventually anyway, and it would end up being even more extensive! (And not to mention that I'm not getting any younger!)

Here is what the doctor told us:

The toe is cut open, duh, and the bones on each side of the joint are smoothed off, a rod is put through the two bones and three screws are put into the side of that. Then a metal plate is put on top of the two bones. The bones will fuse together, or at least they are supposed to. However, they won't if you don't do exactly what the doctor says, i.e., stay off the foot the entire time. A knee scooter is going to be prescribed. (I told him I am lousy with crutches.) He said I will be in terrible pain. (One of the reasons I was having second thoughts!) Until it heals, I will be in bad pain.* But, then after it all heals I should have no pain. Well, there are those complications that could arise and he told us about those: death, still have pain after surgery and healing, infection, etc., etc. (The small print, as there is in any type of operation.) It is same day surgery and it will be done in Yakima at the same surgery center where my last thumb surgery was. *I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so maybe it won't be as bad as he thinks???

Here is a description I copied from my Google search:

Arthrodesis (are-throw-dee'-sis)

Fusing the bones together (arthrodesis) is often recommended when the damage to the cartilage is severe. The damaged cartilage is removed and pins, screws, or a plate are used to fix the joint in a permanent position. Gradually, the bones grow together. This type of surgery means that you will not be able to bend the toe at all. However, it is the most reliable way to reduce pain in these severe cases. For the first six weeks after surgery, you will have to wear a cast and then use crutches for about another six weeks. You won't be able to wear high heels, and you may need to wear a shoe with a rocker-type sole.

I am having difficulties with my IBS and doctoring for that right now, too. And, I've taken myself off sugar (again) and milk. Sugar for the diabetes and the headaches and milk for the IBS. Trying to lose weight also. I know its hard on my body to weigh as much as I do, my knees and hips are screaming at me.

I guess you could say I have a lot going on right now and I'm feeling like a mess. I have a migraine today, too. (Calgon, take me away.)

Ta ta for now,


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