Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, Saturday (Think Elton John)

We had a wonderful visit with our son, Zach and his bride, Rebecca. They drove to Tillamook to meet us for brunch. We brunched for two hours, then they had to get back to Beaverton to carry out other plans for the day. By the way, the Denney's in Tillamook is GREAT! I have never had a bad meal, the service is good, the place is CLEAN. And the prices are pretty good, too. We eat there occasionally and continue to go back. (There are Denney'ses (haha) that I won't step foot in. For example, in The Dalles, no way.

While we enjoyed each other's company, it was pouring down rain - raining crabs and clams - but we sat and visited and caught up with each other over breakfast. They let us just sit there after we were finished eating. It's always good to spend time with our loved ones.

Thanks to those who have liked the Grandma Dillon Headstone Project page on Facebook. I am pretty excited about doing this and hope you will help honor Grandma when the time comes for me to start asking for donations.  Here is the link to that page. Grandma Dillon Headstone Project on Facebook.

I mentioned that Grandma collected rosaries. I have maybe a mini-collection of rosaries. I have one in a little metal box that was given to me by a lady who worked for the City of Beaverton Police Department when I graduated from High School; one my mom, Bernita Dillon Burnett, gave me; one that my sweet sister, Edie, gave me, and my most special one, from Myrtle and Roy Prince when they went to Rome. It is made of rose petals and it's in a little round box. It smells so good. I have other rosaries, too, and all of them are so pretty.
(Both photos from the Web, not mine.)

Now, back to the book writing. Hope your weekend is going well.

Ta ta for now,


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