Friday, April 21, 2017

Maybe, Maybe Not

Those second thoughts are still plaguing me. It's almost summer. I won't be able to go out and about cuz I will have to have a scooter to get around - no putting my foot on the ground. No going down on the beach. No lots of things. Fall would be a better time. And how am I going to walk on grass at Elijah and Lauren's wedding? Oy vey, this is a dilemma for me.

So we arrived back at our humble beach abode last night. Today was put-stuff-away and sort-out-my-papers-and-folders day. And work on family-reunion-stuff-day. Not telling you what I worked on. Well, I can say I worked on tee shirts and other stuff. You'll just have to wait and see what Julie and I have in store for you.

I'm feeling pretty good now that we're back breathing that fresh ocean air - lots of sunshine today. Flowers, too. I tried to take a photo of the view this evening before the sun set, it was so beautiful with aqua colored water, a touch of pink in the blue sky and the rocks looked like someone just set them down in the shiny, glassy water. The photo did not do it justice, nor do my words. We drove to the Jetty Fishery on the Nehalem to see how the crabbing is and it looks like Hubby can go crabbing next week. He loves that.

Tomorrow we are meeting Zach and Rebecca for brunch and we are looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!

Ta ta for now,

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