Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I am a bit under the weather today. Flu? Who knows. Probably just my FMS acting up. Hubby got two crabs yesterday when he went crabbing and we planned to have them for dinner tonight but my tummy just can't handle crab today. So he got me some chicken strips; they are pretty bland. (Not really but it sounded good!)

I was able to get some of my researching/recording done before the illness smacked me. I came across a page from a record book from 1743, handwritten, of course. It was headed, "The Names and Qualities of Persons." Here are a few of the entries in that record that I thought were interesting or curious:
  • Robert Leech, aged 73 years, died of old age
  • Thomas Waite, aged 6 mos., died of a fever
  • Daniel Jemmett, aged 32 years, died of a vomitting
  • Sarah Carter, aged 32 years, died in child bed
  • John Gibbes, aged 49 years, died of a general decay
  • Mary Burger, aged 32 days, died with fitts
  • Edmund Gaskins, aged 21 years, died ... small pox
  • Eliza Benmister, aged 57 years, died of a consumption
  • Several died from "a Lun" or "a Lon" - it's hard to read. It could be an abbreviation.
  • consumption - wasting away of the body; formerly applied especially to pulmonary tuberculosis
  • fitts - a sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity
  • child bed fever - an infection after the birth of a baby
  • lung sickness - pneumonia
  • long sickness - tuberculosis
Other "qualities" listed on the page included bans for marriage, births, etc. Names were included in each entry. The mother, father and child's names were listed for births. The bride and groom's names were listed for bans and for weddings. 

On another record I found, a death certificate, the cause of death was "aortitis." I assume that would mean something to do with the heart. 

It was interesting and enlightening to look into the past and the diseases and illnesses they experienced. 

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