Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Can't Stand It!

I have some new photos of Grandaddy, Rufus Lee Burnett. I had to purchase them from the Washington County Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon. Long story short, they didn't charge me. They asked that I give the credit for these photos, so I just did. This was done in January and February. I didn't pop the flash drive in until today. One of the photos I had seen already, on their website, but the other wasn't on their website, and is new to me. I will put it in my book but I just can't wait to let you see it, so here it is! Who looks like him??? Did it strike your fancy immediately as to who looks like him? It did me. But other photos of Grandaddy also look like this person. Tell me on Facebook what you think. There is a reMARKable resemblance!

Rufus "Skipper" Burnett
Photo courtesy of Washington County Museum

I've been busy sorting, filing, writing, corresponding. And then more sorting, filing, writing, corresponding. Will this book ever get done????????

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