Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today I listed all the files I have created, documents only, not photos, with regards to the book. I'm surprised to know that even as I have cut back the number of ancestors I will cover in the book, I still have many, many words. And many pages. And I am not nearly finished. All I can say is, "YIKES!" I wonder if Hubby realizes how much this project is going to cost him! (LOL!)

Words so far: 118.781
Pages so far: 364

Ancestry People:
Burnett Tree 3797
Dillon Tree 2925
Hoefer 377

I have barely touched the Hoefer Tree. I am waiting until after I publish the book I'm working on for my side(s) of the family. But curiosity killed the cat. Glad I"m not a cat.

And regarding my newest project, a new headstone for Grandma Dillon: we are stopping on our way home tomorrow to measure the headstone so I'll know what size the new one has to be. I have some leads on a granite or quartz stone and a sandblaster. (With a little help from my friends...thank you, friends, for your caring and helping!) While we are there at the cemetery, we will try to polish up ther headstone. If it is bronze we may not want to replace it, especially if it shines up nicely. If that happens, we will make it our duty to shine it up every year. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend! Hope you Washingtonians are enjoying your spring break.

Ta ta for now,

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