Friday, March 17, 2017

Almost Spring

What a winter this has been. The weather has certainly been crazy and we've changed plans a number of times due to the snow, ice, bad roads, etc. Since we travel over two mountain passes to get to our beach abode, we always check the road conditions before we leave and make plans or cancel them accordingly.

We are back at the beach but not for too long. Hubby has his annual check-up, blood work, etc., next week.  We traveled from home on Wednesday and pretty much just goofed off yesterday. Today I will be working on my book once again. I've come to the realization that my book will not be finished in time for the Family Reunion. I don't like that, it would be so good to have it done, but, in order to do it properly, I need more time. I don't think it would be done if I worked on it every waking moment, even. *Sigh.*

On Sunday, cousins Julie and Dan will be coming to visit and work on the plans for the Family Reunion. Speaking of that, quite a few of you have made your reservations! Some who haven't been with us at reunions before will be coming! I'm excited, but also feeling a bit of trepidation.  I had better do a good job at planning a memorable time! With Julie's help, I'm sure it will be fun. We might be asking for help in taking the reins for a game, etc.

So many pretty flowers are in bloom here at the beach and the flowering trees are bursting forth with pretty pink blossoms. Yesterday was a beautiful, nearly spring, day. Today is overcast and raining. A good day to sit by a window in front of a computer!

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Like a Lion

March does come marching in like a lion. We still have snow at home in eastern Washington. It's as if it will never melt! At the beach abode, daffodils are just about to burst forth from their wintery grave. Paperwhites and camellias are in bloom and today I spied a pink rhododendron in bloom. It gives me hope for spring!

We were home longer than we expected to be and arrived back at the beach late Monday night. While we were home my little sister, Marcy, passed away. She had been hospitalized with pneumonia on Tuesday, February 14th and just couldn't shake it this time. She left us on February 19, 2017. She was laughing at my brothers Doug and Brian moments before she died. So that picture I will keep in my mind forever. Her wonderful, loving, caregiver, Cindy, Brian's wife, was with her at the time. We were all shell-shocked, basically. She's pulled through so many times before, we expected her to do so this time as well. We all loved her so much and grieve her absence in our lives.

I'm back to working on the book. Just before we left the beach I mailed packets to 35+ family members with their information. I want everyone to look it over and let me know if there are corrections or additions needed. I have more files to print out and send to more family members. If you didn't get yours, you will soon.

Miss Marcy Jean Burnett

Here she is again when she and the brothers were young. I see Patti back there, too.
Reb in blue sweater; Mark in plaid shirt
Joey in red;
Patti on left, Brian on right.

I think I mentioned before that when we are home in Grandview, I usually work on something other than my book and research. I made 2 aprons in December, a doll quilt, two big quilts, 4 aprons and a lap quilt in January and February on the days we were home. I had been working on a lap quilt for Marcy to use when she sat in her wheelchair. I finished it up, took it to her viewing/visitation, and had everyone sign it. It then was placed in her casket. She was wrapped in our love.

I'll be back soon.