Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wicked Winter

My goodness! This winter has been one to remember. We went from the beach home to our Grandview home just in time to miss a huge storm that would have kept us from traveling. That was on Hubby's birthday, Dec. 28. We wanted to be home for our family Christmas gathering on Dec. 31. We were and what a great day it was. We had a few people missing but I believe there were over 30 people there. Our daughter, Katie, and her Hubby, Rick, hosted and such gracious hosts they are. It was an awesome day. We ate yummy food (prime rib), exchanged gifts and played games.

Then the weather got nasty and there is snow everywhere. Many days it snowed and many other days there was freezing rain on top of the snow. We were watching the weather and took the first opportunity to travel when there was no "weather" to hinder us. So now we are back at the beach and we have missed it so! 

I did not work on my research or my book the entire time we were home. Instead, I sewed and sewed and knitted and read books. I made aprons, a quilt and a doll blanket. I knitted slippers and scarves. I read several books. I colored in my new coloring books. And, I was sick off and on. 

I found some "old" research from other times when I was researching the family so I have more information for the book and the family tree. I am going to get right back to my research and my book - with renewed energy and resolve.

Watch for a "Focus on Family" coming up in the next few days. We will learn all about Judi Korpi Webb. 

Ta ta for now,


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