Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Where to Eat In and Near Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

The Beach Bite
176 Hwy 101 S
We've eaten here a lot. Yummy food - excellent burgers and desserts. Friendly staff.
The Beach Bite Restaurant and Lounge

Grumpy's Cafe
202 N. Hwy 101
Homemade desserts, homestyle cooking. Specials all the time. Here's a link to their Facebook page:

Grumpy's Facebook Page
We have eaten here several times. Good food and large portions.

The Cow Belle Cafe
194 Hwy 101 S
We have never eaten here. It's never open when we go out and about.
Facebook page link: Cow Belle Cafe

The Offshore Grill
122 Hwy 101 N
We've never eaten here since it becamse the Offshore Grill.
Link: Offshore Grill Facebook Page


Dairy Queen
312 Garibaldi Ave (US Hwy 101)
Always good, always fast service and friendly people.

Parkside Restaurant and Lounge
231 Garibaldi Avenue (US Hwy 101)
Been there once when it first opened. Need to go back since they've worked the kinks out. Good reviews from others, though.
Link: Parkside Restaurant and Lounge

Pirate's Cove
14170 Hwy 101 N
We went to this restaurant a long time ago. We weren't impressed. The reviews are not good from others, either. It is a little pricey so we won't go back for both reasons.
Facebook Link: Pirate's Cove


Chinese Gardens
1145 Main Avenue N (on Hwy 101)
Don't let the unkempt look keep you away. This is the best Chinese food. They are fast, friendly and they serve huge portions. We always have enough left over for another meal. They have a lounge also.
Facebook Link: Chinese Gardens

Denney's Restaurant
2230 Main Avenue N
(near Burger King)
The service is great, the food is great and important to me, it is clean, unlike some Denney's.
Facebook Link: Denney's in Tillamook, Oregon

Okay, that's about enough. There are many more restaurants in Tillamook. Oh, I forgot to mention. When we were in high school and came to games, we always went to The Fern Cafe afterwards. And when I was a young girl, Grandmother and Grandaddy took me there, too. They were located downtown at that time. They have moved since, into a little shopping strip, and Vic and I thought we'd go "for old time's sake." We ordered our food. It came. Full of grease. Vic says to me, "Why don't you go ahead and order my headstone now." So, basically, unless you want a heart attack on a plate, don't go there.

Here's a link to more beachy stuff - all along the coast - places to eat, etc. Beach Connection

Be advised: Oregon DOT is working on the roads in downtown Tillamook and it is a mess. A controlled mess, but during the summer it is terrible. If you are planning a trip to Rockaway, or Garibaldi, or Barview Jetty, you should take the shortcut unless you need to go to downtown Tillamook for some reason.

Before you get into town, on Hwy. 6, after leaving the trees, there is a weigh station and then beyond that a short distance is the Wilson River Loop. Take that right and follow it past pastures and dairies, then either take the first left or go over the bridge/river and take the second left. The first one will put you at a stoplight across from Fred Meyers and you can proceed straight across the highway to go to Freddie's or you can turn right to head towards Bay City, Garibaldi, etc. If you were to go across the bridge at the second left on the Wilson River Loop, you will come out south of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, right next to it in fact, where you would then turn right to head towards Garibaldi, Barview, etc. It will still be crowded - but you won't have to navigate the road construction area.

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