Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Focus on Family: Judi Webb

Today's Focus on Family features Judi Korpi Webb, my cousin. Judi's parents were Donna (Dillon) and Jack Korpi. She was born on January 31, 1965, meaning she will be 52 in a few days! Happy Birthday, Judi!

If I were asked to describe Judi, I would not have a problem. She is a sweetheart, always smiling, never ages (timeless beauty!), is fun-loving and family oriented. I was 15 when Judi was born so I've known her for awhile. I'll never forget her kindness to my daughters when we would go visit the Korpis. She always found a little something girly to give them and they treasured those items. She could have slammed the door in their faces, but no, she would take them upstairs to her bedroom to look at her bell collection and talk. They admired her! And so do I!

Judi's full name is Judith Marie Webb. The Marie came from our Grandma, Henrietta Marie (Vanderzanden) Dillon. 

Judi attended Harvey Clarke Elementary School and Neil Armstrong Junior High in Forest Grove, Oregon, where she grew up. She was the only girl in the family of six children. Her brothers are: Mike, Dan, Jeff, Jim and Robert. 

Judi graduated from Forest Grove High School in 1983 and Western Oregon State College (now Western Oregon University) in Monmouth, Oregon. She became a sign language interpreter upon leaving Western in 1986. Just recently she earned an Associates Degree from Portland Community College. 

Judi has signed/interpreted for dignitaries and I believe she interpreted for Hilary Clinton in Portland when Bill was running for president (1993?) Judi works at Purple Communications and is a Video Relay Interpreter. She interprets phone calls between deaf and hearing people. She has been there for 12 years. She has also interpreted for Louis CK. She says that was "fun and raunchy!"

(Judi wore her mother's wedding dress!)

Thomas Webb is the gentleman fortunate to be Judi's husband. He is an artist. They were married on September 1, 1990, in Independence, Oregon. Judi considers her greatest accomplishments to be her strong marriage of 26 years and her two sons, Max and Frank. The person she admires the most as an inspiration to her would be her father, Jack Korpi, because "He did it his way."

Judi likes to read and if she won the lottery she would use the money to travel! You can find Judi on Facebook. There you will find that Judi and Tom love to dress up like pirates! And they make darn good-looking ones, too! They do fun things together and with their sons and many friends in Portland, Oregon, where they live.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Judi. Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday on Facebook next Tuesday. 

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