Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Where to Eat In and Near Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

The Beach Bite
176 Hwy 101 S
We've eaten here a lot. Yummy food - excellent burgers and desserts. Friendly staff.
The Beach Bite Restaurant and Lounge

Grumpy's Cafe
202 N. Hwy 101
Homemade desserts, homestyle cooking. Specials all the time. Here's a link to their Facebook page:

Grumpy's Facebook Page
We have eaten here several times. Good food and large portions.

The Cow Belle Cafe
194 Hwy 101 S
We have never eaten here. It's never open when we go out and about.
Facebook page link: Cow Belle Cafe

The Offshore Grill
122 Hwy 101 N
We've never eaten here since it becamse the Offshore Grill.
Link: Offshore Grill Facebook Page


Dairy Queen
312 Garibaldi Ave (US Hwy 101)
Always good, always fast service and friendly people.

Parkside Restaurant and Lounge
231 Garibaldi Avenue (US Hwy 101)
Been there once when it first opened. Need to go back since they've worked the kinks out. Good reviews from others, though.
Link: Parkside Restaurant and Lounge

Pirate's Cove
14170 Hwy 101 N
We went to this restaurant a long time ago. We weren't impressed. The reviews are not good from others, either. It is a little pricey so we won't go back for both reasons.
Facebook Link: Pirate's Cove


Chinese Gardens
1145 Main Avenue N (on Hwy 101)
Don't let the unkempt look keep you away. This is the best Chinese food. They are fast, friendly and they serve huge portions. We always have enough left over for another meal. They have a lounge also.
Facebook Link: Chinese Gardens

Denney's Restaurant
2230 Main Avenue N
(near Burger King)
The service is great, the food is great and important to me, it is clean, unlike some Denney's.
Facebook Link: Denney's in Tillamook, Oregon

Okay, that's about enough. There are many more restaurants in Tillamook. Oh, I forgot to mention. When we were in high school and came to games, we always went to The Fern Cafe afterwards. And when I was a young girl, Grandmother and Grandaddy took me there, too. They were located downtown at that time. They have moved since, into a little shopping strip, and Vic and I thought we'd go "for old time's sake." We ordered our food. It came. Full of grease. Vic says to me, "Why don't you go ahead and order my headstone now." So, basically, unless you want a heart attack on a plate, don't go there.

Here's a link to more beachy stuff - all along the coast - places to eat, etc. Beach Connection

Be advised: Oregon DOT is working on the roads in downtown Tillamook and it is a mess. A controlled mess, but during the summer it is terrible. If you are planning a trip to Rockaway, or Garibaldi, or Barview Jetty, you should take the shortcut unless you need to go to downtown Tillamook for some reason.

Before you get into town, on Hwy. 6, after leaving the trees, there is a weigh station and then beyond that a short distance is the Wilson River Loop. Take that right and follow it past pastures and dairies, then either take the first left or go over the bridge/river and take the second left. The first one will put you at a stoplight across from Fred Meyers and you can proceed straight across the highway to go to Freddie's or you can turn right to head towards Bay City, Garibaldi, etc. If you were to go across the bridge at the second left on the Wilson River Loop, you will come out south of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, right next to it in fact, where you would then turn right to head towards Garibaldi, Barview, etc. It will still be crowded - but you won't have to navigate the road construction area.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Family Reunion Stuff

It is now only 7 months and a few days until our family reunion! If you haven't already made your reservations, please do! I know the campground fills up fast. Don't forget there are quite a few motels, hotels and private beach rentals in the area. Here is a list of some of them:

Rockaway Getaway: privately owned condos rented through onsite managers. We've stayed here quite a few times over the years beginning when I was a little girl with Grandmother (Edith) and Grandaddy (Rufus). It was a motel back then. Now, each condo is decorated to the taste of the owner, has a kitchen, bathroom and one or two bedrooms with a living room and some have an ocean view. Pets are welcome in some of the units. Here is the link: The Rockaway Getaway.

Silver Sands Motel: We have stayed here before. Some of the rooms have kitchenettes. It is an older motel but I understand it has been remodeled. There is an indoor swimming pool. Here is the link: Silver Sands. The ground floor rooms have a west side door for easy beach access. I think pets are welcome here in some of the rooms.

Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce: Here's a link which will get you to more motels and hotels and vacation rentals. Places to Stay in Rockaway.  Rockaway has quite a few motels but I wanted to list those we have actually stayed at. There was another one but I won't list it because I don't remember which one it was!

Garibaldi, Oregon: Barview is between Garibaldi and Rockaway so you might want to check out their offerings. The link: Visit Garibaldi, Oregon.

Oregon Dungeness Crab is some of the best crab in the world, IMO.

There are a few rental homes on the street where we stay but they are HUGE. They would be good for groups of more than one family. If anyone is interested I could take a walk and get contact info.

In another post I will list restaurants, and in another I'll put shops to visit, sightseeing musts, etc.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting the Oregon Coast, all beaches in Oregon belong to the public. There are waysides everywhere with places to park and admire the view or to go down on the beach. The Barview Jetty Park has beach access, too. If you have questions about where to stay, what to bring, etc., etc., just post it on the Facebook group page, click here: Reunion Page on Facebook.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Workin' in the Coal Mine

There is a variety of occupations amongst our ancestors. Most were farmers but there were coal miners as well. Some in the USA, some in England and others in Scotland. Recently as I was reading a book for pleasure, I learned a bit of information about coal mining in Scotland.

A Scotsman worked his way up "from rags to riches," and I can't remember now why or how, but he was able to build a large home with the finest of materials in 1887. The home was in the South in the United States.  Above the entrance was a sign which read, "THIRLED NO MORE." The character in the book, a woman, wondered what this meant so she Googled it, and so did I.

Thirled - a term used to describe men who worked in the coal mines of Scotland. A thirled man was bonded for life to a company and wore a brass collar around his neck with the name of his owner stamped on it. The workers stood deep in the pits and cut coal. Their wives and children then carried the coal to the surface in baskets. They were paid 2 shillings and six pence, 60 cents, for twelve hours of work.  Out of that they paid for their own keep and were not supplied with food, shelter or medical care. Some families worked all day and all night to survive.

Thirled men were serfs. If a man removed his brass collar, ran away and was caught, he would be returned to his owner and punished. The punishment was the lash. By running away he "stole" himself and his services from his master and that was breaking the law. This was the law in Scotland up until about 1799.

I found this information in the book "I Still Dream About You," by Fannie Flagg.

How fortunate are we? When we were growing up, my siblings and I, we didn't have much to speak of and times were lean, but we didn't have to slave away in a coal mine with a metal collar around our neck. I hope our interest (at least mine) blesses our ancestors in some way.

Ta ta for now,

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Focus on Family: Judi Webb

Today's Focus on Family features Judi Korpi Webb, my cousin. Judi's parents were Donna (Dillon) and Jack Korpi. She was born on January 31, 1965, meaning she will be 52 in a few days! Happy Birthday, Judi!

If I were asked to describe Judi, I would not have a problem. She is a sweetheart, always smiling, never ages (timeless beauty!), is fun-loving and family oriented. I was 15 when Judi was born so I've known her for awhile. I'll never forget her kindness to my daughters when we would go visit the Korpis. She always found a little something girly to give them and they treasured those items. She could have slammed the door in their faces, but no, she would take them upstairs to her bedroom to look at her bell collection and talk. They admired her! And so do I!

Judi's full name is Judith Marie Webb. The Marie came from our Grandma, Henrietta Marie (Vanderzanden) Dillon. 

Judi attended Harvey Clarke Elementary School and Neil Armstrong Junior High in Forest Grove, Oregon, where she grew up. She was the only girl in the family of six children. Her brothers are: Mike, Dan, Jeff, Jim and Robert. 

Judi graduated from Forest Grove High School in 1983 and Western Oregon State College (now Western Oregon University) in Monmouth, Oregon. She became a sign language interpreter upon leaving Western in 1986. Just recently she earned an Associates Degree from Portland Community College. 

Judi has signed/interpreted for dignitaries and I believe she interpreted for Hilary Clinton in Portland when Bill was running for president (1993?) Judi works at Purple Communications and is a Video Relay Interpreter. She interprets phone calls between deaf and hearing people. She has been there for 12 years. She has also interpreted for Louis CK. She says that was "fun and raunchy!"

(Judi wore her mother's wedding dress!)

Thomas Webb is the gentleman fortunate to be Judi's husband. He is an artist. They were married on September 1, 1990, in Independence, Oregon. Judi considers her greatest accomplishments to be her strong marriage of 26 years and her two sons, Max and Frank. The person she admires the most as an inspiration to her would be her father, Jack Korpi, because "He did it his way."

Judi likes to read and if she won the lottery she would use the money to travel! You can find Judi on Facebook. There you will find that Judi and Tom love to dress up like pirates! And they make darn good-looking ones, too! They do fun things together and with their sons and many friends in Portland, Oregon, where they live.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Judi. Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday on Facebook next Tuesday. 

Ta ta for now,

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wicked Winter

My goodness! This winter has been one to remember. We went from the beach home to our Grandview home just in time to miss a huge storm that would have kept us from traveling. That was on Hubby's birthday, Dec. 28. We wanted to be home for our family Christmas gathering on Dec. 31. We were and what a great day it was. We had a few people missing but I believe there were over 30 people there. Our daughter, Katie, and her Hubby, Rick, hosted and such gracious hosts they are. It was an awesome day. We ate yummy food (prime rib), exchanged gifts and played games.

Then the weather got nasty and there is snow everywhere. Many days it snowed and many other days there was freezing rain on top of the snow. We were watching the weather and took the first opportunity to travel when there was no "weather" to hinder us. So now we are back at the beach and we have missed it so! 

I did not work on my research or my book the entire time we were home. Instead, I sewed and sewed and knitted and read books. I made aprons, a quilt and a doll blanket. I knitted slippers and scarves. I read several books. I colored in my new coloring books. And, I was sick off and on. 

I found some "old" research from other times when I was researching the family so I have more information for the book and the family tree. I am going to get right back to my research and my book - with renewed energy and resolve.

Watch for a "Focus on Family" coming up in the next few days. We will learn all about Judi Korpi Webb. 

Ta ta for now,


Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 - New and Improved?

So, do you make resolutions? I quit doing that a long time ago because I'd forget or just not follow through. I make goals instead. What are my goals for 2017?

  • send the info sheets to you for review
  • finish my book
  • start another book
  • make at least one quilt
  • continue to knit for charity (and family)
  • go thru the items in my craft room and get rid of some of it. Purge, organize.
  • teach myself to crochet
  • delete sugar from my diet (I'm just finishing day 8-woo hoo!)
I can't think of anything else right now.

There are already big events happening in 2017. Our eldest granddaughter, Gabriela Villarreal, is graduating in May. She will be an RN when she graduates. She is already working in the field, at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. They work around her class schedule and meanwhile she is getting good experience and good money!

The other important event is that our grandson, Elijah Hoefer, is marrying the love of his life, Lauren Simmons, in July. She is a sweetheart and we are so happy for both of them. 

Our daughter, Audra, and her family recently moved to the Tri-Cities from Prosser. All three daughters live withing a mile of each other I think. Pretty close. I still don't have her there in my mind and think I can just run over to her house and drop something off. They were about 12 miles from us in Prosser. Now all three are about 35 miles away. 

We have been home for most of December and so far, all of January. I have an appointment next week so we will wait to go back to the beach until afterwards. And the weather is keeping us here-its pretty bad in the Pacific Northwest right now. We've been experiencing low temperatures and lots of snow. Today there was snow, it actually dumped snow on us, and then there was supposed to be freezing rain after that. We didn't venture out. 

I have been ill quite a bit lately. We have discovered that I feel much, much better at the beach than I do at home. I have been having daily headaches and frequent migraines. We don't know why but wonder if its the humidity there and the dry, dry air here. We are going to purchase a humidifier for our Grandview home. 

After I started feeling better, I started sewing. I made two aprons in December but in the past three days I have made four more aprons. 

I hope you are looking forward to the rest of 2017 and that you have a happy and prosperous new year!

Here are photos of the last four aprons I made:

Ta ta for now,