Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life is What Happens...

when you've made other plans.

That's for sure! We came home from the beach so I could attend a bridal shower for our future granddaughter, so I could get an ultrasound of my gall bladder, and so Hubby could go to the VA for an appointment with the pharmacist about insulin/diabetes. But, I got sick and was sick for most of the past week. I did go to the bridal shower, which was lovely! And I did have the ultrasound and another test. I will get those results tomorrow. 

We went to Spokane on Sunday to spend Father's Day with our daughter, Melanie, and her S.O., Marcus. We spent time with Melanie, Marcus and his three sons, Colby, Ethan and Logan, and met Marcus's father, Nate. Nate introduced himself as "Pa" so that's what we called him. We had a great meal prepared by Marcus, Pa and Melanie. We told stories and laughed a lot! It was a fun visit.

After that, we went to the Red Lion at the Park in Spokane, Melanie's gift to Hubby for Father's Day. We got "upgraded" and had a suite with almost everything you would want (no coffee or coffee pot in the room, though--you could trek to the Lobby to get some but it was a trek so we just got it later). The room had a view of the Spokane River just below our room and the falls were just below, also. It was a great room! It had a little balcony, too. Melanie got the room for us so we could go the next day to Hubby's brother's property where they will be building a home. Craig and Ellen are clearing the land and getting it ready for retirement. That will be in a couple of years. They live in Pensacola, Florida now.

It was a very nice weekend until we got to Pasco, nearly home, where we gassed up, but the car wouldn't start after that. So we sat in the hot car for two hours or more (we were at a Circle K so we would go in and cool off now and then) until the AAA assigned tow truck fetched us and took us to Prosser. From then our son, Derek, rescued us and took us home. We got home at about 10 p.m., about 4 hours later than we thought we would be there. Such is life. The car is at the local car dealership to get fixed but needs a part from Reno, Nevada. That means late this week or early next week we will get the car back.

We will take the Beastie Mobile to the beach - and I'm anxious to get back to writing my book. 

Hopefully I will get back to more regular blog postings. Thanks to all who have ordered their tee shirts. 13 so far! The blues are ahead!!



Thursday, June 1, 2017

Order T-Shirts

The tee shirts are ready to order. We have blue for Burnett, Green for Dillon and Yellow for Korpi. We have women's, men's and youth's sizes. Click here to order your shirts:
Family Reunion T-Shirts.

This is a woman's shirt. It comes in plus sizes, too.

We have two months to order. That way you can budget the order if need be. 

Keep Calm and Order Your T-Shirts!

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Genealogy Resource

There are many genealogy resources available to researchers from novice to professional. I'm not professional, but I wouldn't consider myself a novice, either. I'm still learning after all these years of interest. I've taken classes from one day to weeks long. I've read many a book. I've bugged my relatives (as you all know!) and I'm still at it. I believe, as I've said before, that I will never be finished and that my research/genealogy/family history quest is definitely "a work in progress." So, I'm always looking at websites for genealogy resources, tips, tricks, etc. And today I found, with the help of an article in/at Family Tree Magazine, WolframAlpha. As stated on the website, it is a "computational knowledge engine." I put in my date of birth, including the year, and the city in which I was born, and found out the temperature for that day, as well as the wind speed, the weather overall, the humidity, and more! It was kind of fun! If you want to see what the weather was like on your birthday, head on over. If you'd like to see the results for my birth date, click here: Nancy's Birthdate. I'm not sure if I'll use the information I gleaned in my book but I may think of something down the road and now I know this resource exists. 

Have a nice Memorial Day and remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. 



PS-I wanted to know the mileage from one point to another regarding an ancestor so I went to WolframAlpha and entered the question, "What is mileage between Kiowa, Kansas and Anthony, Kansas." It gave me the answer PDQ! I can see this being a great tool for me. Glad I came across it!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reunion Info

Motels near to the Reunion Site (Barview Jetty Tillamook County Park): click this link: post with motels and places to stay.

More info Other info about Barview Jetty Park

Vacations rentals info Vacation rentals

More: Beach Break

PLEASE NOTE: I you are not staying at Barview Jetty Park, you will want to find a place to stay in Rockaway Beach, Twin Rocks, Barview, Garibaldi, Bay City or perhaps Tillamook (last resort) to be close and not have to travel much to get to the park for the reunion festivities. US Highway 101 is VERY BUSY on holiday weekends and throughout the summer. It is a 2-lane highway with lots of curves. You won't get anywhere quickly. ALSO NOTE: Tillamook is the site for reconstruction of Hwy.101 through the city. It is difficult to navigate. If you are coming from the valley, take the WILSON RIVER LOOP to avoid the town of Tillamook. Once on the Loop, the first westerly turn will take you to US 101 intersection with Fred Meyer's, the second westerly turn, after the (tiny) bridge will take you to the US 101 intersection next to the Cheese Factory.

Tillamook Cheese Factory has torn down the Visitor's Center and has temporarily set one up in the red barn on the property. I haven't been there but I can't imagine it will accommodate the crowds that the other one did.

Safeway is in the city center of Tillamook. Traffic... Fred Meyer's is on US Hwy 101 and easily accessible, north of city center.

Remember, there will be a potluck at one point in the festivities. This allows us all to be together and visit while eating. I don't need to remind you: we have a LARGE family so bring plenty of food. Those who are staying at motels or hotels, etc., Safeway and Fred Meyers have delis with chicken, salads, etc. And we can always use beverages, chips, dips, etc. And there are some staying at vacation rental houses so you could ask to use their kitchen if need be. We can do this, people! And I have a kitchen...

I will be posting an agenda for the festivities ahead of time, and will provide printed out copies so you won't miss anything!

Another reminder: the beach weather is unpredictable. Bring clothes for warm weather and for cold weather. And rain. (Please, no rain for our reunion, Mother Nature!)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Women's apparel, make-up, and accessories. So important! Do you use one purse until it wears out or do you change your purse to match your clothing? I don't change my purse frequently but Hubby laughs when I change it to match my wardrobe du jour. In fact, he recently pointed out a lady carrying a purse which did not match her clothing! Made me laugh. I told him it was okay for her to have that purse because she was wearing scrubs and one did not have to have a complementary purse when wearing scrubs. Kind of like wearing blue jeans. Everything goes with blue jeans. (I don't think he believed me.)

There are a multitude of make-up companies available to the American woman these days. I haven't worn make-up for quite some time. The reason: I couldn't see without my glasses - even with a magnifying, lighted mirror. Now that I've had cataract surgery on both eyes I could wear it but I've been without it so long that it feels like plaster when I wear it. So I just don't. Lipstick, yes.
Mouse-fur eyebrows? NO WAY!

Here's a little tidbit I came across before and probably shared in another blog on another day in the past. It still baffles my mind. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, women shaved off their eyebrows and applied mouse-fur eyebrows instead. I think I would choose not to be fashionable in that situation. (Gives me the creeps to even think about it!)

Women started shaving their armpits in the United States in about 1920 when bathing suits showed off their underarms and deodorant began to be marketed.

Women didn't wear underwear until the mid-1800s! They weren't supposed to allow their buttocks to be shown so there was no need for undies. I envision a woman from the 1800s being magically plopped down in the here and now - she would be appalled! Get out the smelling salts!

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Still Digging

I think I am on the last box of "stuff" to sort and purge. It is proving to be a monumental chore, but what a sense of accomplishment. Too bad there are many more boxes in the storage units! But these that I am focusing on now are filled with photographs and papers regarding genealogy. I have a pile of "to keep" paperwork that still needs to be sorted. Once I clear the table of photographs, I can sort the papers. 

We aren't going back to the beach for awhile. I was told not to travel for seven days after a medical procedure. That would be Thursday or Friday and I want to be home for a Mother's Day gathering of our kids and grands. Also, Hubby got a cold and isn't feeling up to that long drive. And there are other reasons to stay home right now--like finishing my sorting project. 

I've been washing my hands frequently because the boxes and contents are dusty in this desert locale, and I need to do my nails when I'm finished. I thought I'd share some historical info about fingernails and hands.

Fingernails and toenails grow about one inch a year, supposedly. I think they grow more for some folks. I'm pretty sure mine grow more than that. Anyway, fingernails have been painted since 1907 in the US, but ancient Egyptians colored their nails with henna. They were some of the first people to color their nails. The Chinese used vegetable dyes mixed with beeswax in addition to other colored substances on their nails. 

A man in India has the record for the longest fingernail. He grew his thumbnail to 45 inches long! How could he possibly do anything with a nail that long? I once saw a woman whose nails were about 6 or 7 inches long. She was taking tickets at an event. She had painted pictures on each nail. I asked her how in the world did she do dishes and she got all defensive and said she could do the dishes just fine! I think she wanted the attention or she wouldn't have grown them that long (or applied fake nails that long), so why did she get defensive? Who knows. All I know is that they were too long to do much. (Maybe she kept them on with Velcro, then she could take them on and off to do the dishes. Just a thought, haha!)

In some countries, growing one nail long shows that you don't have to do manual labor. In Greece it's the pinky finger and in the Philippines it is the thumbnail. 

I enjoy having lovely nails and am fortunate enough to have strong nails that don't break easily, although over the years I have worn acrylic and/or gel nails. I no longer do, though, because I don't feel well enough to go back to the spa and get them worked on and then they get ratty looking. So now, long or short, I just paint them myself. 

I found some looonnnnggg nails on the web, but they are just too disgusting to put on this blog. They remind me of snakes and I hate snakes.

Ta ta for now,


Monday, May 8, 2017

More Photos and Papers for Family History

I needed to get permission from any living children of my Grandma Dillon to replace the headstone with a prettier one with more info and a rosary. Only one child of hers is still living and he said no. So be it. That is all I am going to say about it.

 Since we've been home from the beach I have cleaned out my closet, organized the laundry room cabinets and supplies, straightened up the bookcases and made a box of donations of books I've already read or didn't find helpful anymore, and cleaned out the hall closet. And today we went to the outbuilding behind our house and went through boxes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however I want to look at it, we found several more boxes of photos. I thought that I had all of them and that I'd sorted all I had. Oh, no! Not a day's rest for me! I found my college scrapbook and there are some cute things in it that I will share later. I found a letter from Great-Grandmother Sarah Gwilliam Prince to me dated 1964. What else? There's so much. Oh, and we found three of our high school yearbooks and spent a couple of hours going through them. That was fun! 

I'm still missing some newer scrapbooks and I'm getting a little worried about it. I hope all that hard work and the beautiful Creative Memories scrapbooks haven't totally disappeared. We have an off-site storage unit (well, we actually have two) so I will have to make a trip to those soon, before the weather gets too hot. 

Tomorrow is another day.

Ta ta for now,


This is what I'm hoping for tomorrow. A pile of empties.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Random Thoughts and Happenings

I've postponed the foot surgery. Summer is not the time to be hobbling around with a cast and knee scooter. I've got an important wedding to attend - Grandson Elijah Hoefer and fiance' Lauren Simmons! And knee scooters don't work too well when shopping or walking on the beach. We're coming up on the nicest weather of the year! I will reschedule in the fall. There's another health issue I am dealing with and that is in the forefront. It needs to be taken care of before the foot surgery as well. I'm satisfied with my decision to postpone.

Our eldest granddaughter, Gabby (Gabriela), graduated yesterday from Washington State University in Spokane. She is now an RN! We are very proud of her. She set goals in high school and carried them out. She is working at Sacred Heart in Spokane already. I was not able to attend but Hubby went along with her aunties and siblings. Gabby, if you happen to read this, I am so very proud of you and your accomplishments.

The other night we experienced a thunder and lightning storm like no other! It started early evening, then calmed down for awhile, then, at 2 a.m., the thunder woke me up. It was like it was right over our house! And the bedroom was lit up by the lightning! I peeked out the window but it seemed as if it was right there in back of our home and, I don't mind saying, a bit scary! I backed away from the window-it was that close! And, I still can't believe this, Hubby slept right through it!

This photo, from the Web, shows vertical lightning. The lightning the other night was horizontal. And much closer than any photo I found. 

Have a great weekend! Isn't it awesome that spring has finally arrived?

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, April 27, 2017


I took part of the day off and went thriftin' with Hubby. I'm glad he likes to do that - he likes it most of the time. I'm trying something new while we are shopping anywhere, not just thrift store shopping. I'm just going to look at whatever I want, for as long as I want and not let him rush me. He stands nearby and practically breathes down my neck sometimes! I'm going to try real hard not to let that bother me. I tried it today in one of the shops. We'd been to one and I felt him getting antsy so we went and had lunch, bet you can't guess where, and then went to a much larger shop. I took my time! And when he asked if I was ready to check out, I said no! So he just followed me around but not anxiously. So my little experiment worked! See, you can too teach an old dog new tricks. (Meaning myself as the old dog.)

What did we get? The cutest whale you ever did see to hang on the wall at the beach abode. I'll take a photo of it when we get it hung. We got it at The Little Crow, one of my favorite shops in Rockaway. They always have cute stuff. I also bought three doilies. I've hung vintage doilies and potholders as a valance and down the sides of the kitchen window. There are blinds to close at night but the doilies and potholders don't block the view at all. 

I got a few books to have around when I feel the need to read. And let's see, hmm, a couple of tops for summer for me. A pair of earrings. Oh, and we got a Coleman lantern for those times when the electricity goes out here at the beach. It was $6.99 minus 25%, then we got a 10% senior discount. I like the thrift shops here better than those at home-home. The prices are better and they have specials. 

That's all for tonight. I'm done working now. Tomorrow I have to sweep, mop, vacuum, etc. Cleaning day. Hope I'm feeling good so I can do those chores.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I am a bit under the weather today. Flu? Who knows. Probably just my FMS acting up. Hubby got two crabs yesterday when he went crabbing and we planned to have them for dinner tonight but my tummy just can't handle crab today. So he got me some chicken strips; they are pretty bland. (Not really but it sounded good!)

I was able to get some of my researching/recording done before the illness smacked me. I came across a page from a record book from 1743, handwritten, of course. It was headed, "The Names and Qualities of Persons." Here are a few of the entries in that record that I thought were interesting or curious:
  • Robert Leech, aged 73 years, died of old age
  • Thomas Waite, aged 6 mos., died of a fever
  • Daniel Jemmett, aged 32 years, died of a vomitting
  • Sarah Carter, aged 32 years, died in child bed
  • John Gibbes, aged 49 years, died of a general decay
  • Mary Burger, aged 32 days, died with fitts
  • Edmund Gaskins, aged 21 years, died ... small pox
  • Eliza Benmister, aged 57 years, died of a consumption
  • Several died from "a Lun" or "a Lon" - it's hard to read. It could be an abbreviation.
  • consumption - wasting away of the body; formerly applied especially to pulmonary tuberculosis
  • fitts - a sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity
  • child bed fever - an infection after the birth of a baby
  • lung sickness - pneumonia
  • long sickness - tuberculosis
Other "qualities" listed on the page included bans for marriage, births, etc. Names were included in each entry. The mother, father and child's names were listed for births. The bride and groom's names were listed for bans and for weddings. 

On another record I found, a death certificate, the cause of death was "aortitis." I assume that would mean something to do with the heart. 

It was interesting and enlightening to look into the past and the diseases and illnesses they experienced. 

Ta ta for now,


Monday, April 24, 2017

A New Look

I've changed the look of the blog. What do you think? Did you know you can make comments on this blog? At the bottom of every post there is a place to leave comments. You can sign in with your Google name or you can leave an anonymous comment. All comments are moderated, that is, before they are published I will look at them. Just in case someone decides to leave an impolite one.

I've moved the "pages" to the column on the right. Be sure to check them out. Lots of information and lots of photos. I'll be adding to them soon.

You can search this blog, too. If there was something you read that you would like to read again, use the search function, or go to the bottom of the right hand column and look at archived posts.

Hope you will mark this blog as a favorite and come back often.

Ta ta for now,


Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Can't Stand It!

I have some new photos of Grandaddy, Rufus Lee Burnett. I had to purchase them from the Washington County Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon. Long story short, they didn't charge me. They asked that I give the credit for these photos, so I just did. This was done in January and February. I didn't pop the flash drive in until today. One of the photos I had seen already, on their website, but the other wasn't on their website, and is new to me. I will put it in my book but I just can't wait to let you see it, so here it is! Who looks like him??? Did it strike your fancy immediately as to who looks like him? It did me. But other photos of Grandaddy also look like this person. Tell me on Facebook what you think. There is a reMARKable resemblance!

Rufus "Skipper" Burnett
Photo courtesy of Washington County Museum

I've been busy sorting, filing, writing, corresponding. And then more sorting, filing, writing, corresponding. Will this book ever get done????????

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, Saturday (Think Elton John)

We had a wonderful visit with our son, Zach and his bride, Rebecca. They drove to Tillamook to meet us for brunch. We brunched for two hours, then they had to get back to Beaverton to carry out other plans for the day. By the way, the Denney's in Tillamook is GREAT! I have never had a bad meal, the service is good, the place is CLEAN. And the prices are pretty good, too. We eat there occasionally and continue to go back. (There are Denney'ses (haha) that I won't step foot in. For example, in The Dalles, no way.

While we enjoyed each other's company, it was pouring down rain - raining crabs and clams - but we sat and visited and caught up with each other over breakfast. They let us just sit there after we were finished eating. It's always good to spend time with our loved ones.

Thanks to those who have liked the Grandma Dillon Headstone Project page on Facebook. I am pretty excited about doing this and hope you will help honor Grandma when the time comes for me to start asking for donations.  Here is the link to that page. Grandma Dillon Headstone Project on Facebook.

I mentioned that Grandma collected rosaries. I have maybe a mini-collection of rosaries. I have one in a little metal box that was given to me by a lady who worked for the City of Beaverton Police Department when I graduated from High School; one my mom, Bernita Dillon Burnett, gave me; one that my sweet sister, Edie, gave me, and my most special one, from Myrtle and Roy Prince when they went to Rome. It is made of rose petals and it's in a little round box. It smells so good. I have other rosaries, too, and all of them are so pretty.
(Both photos from the Web, not mine.)

Now, back to the book writing. Hope your weekend is going well.

Ta ta for now,


Friday, April 21, 2017

Maybe, Maybe Not

Those second thoughts are still plaguing me. It's almost summer. I won't be able to go out and about cuz I will have to have a scooter to get around - no putting my foot on the ground. No going down on the beach. No lots of things. Fall would be a better time. And how am I going to walk on grass at Elijah and Lauren's wedding? Oy vey, this is a dilemma for me.

So we arrived back at our humble beach abode last night. Today was put-stuff-away and sort-out-my-papers-and-folders day. And work on family-reunion-stuff-day. Not telling you what I worked on. Well, I can say I worked on tee shirts and other stuff. You'll just have to wait and see what Julie and I have in store for you.

I'm feeling pretty good now that we're back breathing that fresh ocean air - lots of sunshine today. Flowers, too. I tried to take a photo of the view this evening before the sun set, it was so beautiful with aqua colored water, a touch of pink in the blue sky and the rocks looked like someone just set them down in the shiny, glassy water. The photo did not do it justice, nor do my words. We drove to the Jetty Fishery on the Nehalem to see how the crabbing is and it looks like Hubby can go crabbing next week. He loves that.

Tomorrow we are meeting Zach and Rebecca for brunch and we are looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!

Ta ta for now,

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Of course, I was having second thoughts about having surgery. So I Googled it. I will be having surgery...I found out it could get worse and have more complications which would mean surgery eventually anyway, and it would end up being even more extensive! (And not to mention that I'm not getting any younger!)

Here is what the doctor told us:

The toe is cut open, duh, and the bones on each side of the joint are smoothed off, a rod is put through the two bones and three screws are put into the side of that. Then a metal plate is put on top of the two bones. The bones will fuse together, or at least they are supposed to. However, they won't if you don't do exactly what the doctor says, i.e., stay off the foot the entire time. A knee scooter is going to be prescribed. (I told him I am lousy with crutches.) He said I will be in terrible pain. (One of the reasons I was having second thoughts!) Until it heals, I will be in bad pain.* But, then after it all heals I should have no pain. Well, there are those complications that could arise and he told us about those: death, still have pain after surgery and healing, infection, etc., etc. (The small print, as there is in any type of operation.) It is same day surgery and it will be done in Yakima at the same surgery center where my last thumb surgery was. *I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so maybe it won't be as bad as he thinks???

Here is a description I copied from my Google search:

Arthrodesis (are-throw-dee'-sis)

Fusing the bones together (arthrodesis) is often recommended when the damage to the cartilage is severe. The damaged cartilage is removed and pins, screws, or a plate are used to fix the joint in a permanent position. Gradually, the bones grow together. This type of surgery means that you will not be able to bend the toe at all. However, it is the most reliable way to reduce pain in these severe cases. For the first six weeks after surgery, you will have to wear a cast and then use crutches for about another six weeks. You won't be able to wear high heels, and you may need to wear a shoe with a rocker-type sole.

I am having difficulties with my IBS and doctoring for that right now, too. And, I've taken myself off sugar (again) and milk. Sugar for the diabetes and the headaches and milk for the IBS. Trying to lose weight also. I know its hard on my body to weigh as much as I do, my knees and hips are screaming at me.

I guess you could say I have a lot going on right now and I'm feeling like a mess. I have a migraine today, too. (Calgon, take me away.)

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Couple of Rants

The news is just too terrible these days. Terrible for young and old. Terrible that when a person goes out in public they have to worry about a truck running into the crowd, or a gunman choosing to pick off whomever gets in his way. Babies being bombed with chemicals is almost too atrocious to believe but it happened. I quit reading the newspaper a long time ago and am getting to where maybe I don't want to watch the news on TV either. I'll maybe stick my head in the sand and ignore the world. Right. Unfortunately, I can't. We need to be aware of what is happening but whether or not we can do something about "it" is a different story. We went to the local casino tonight for dinner (thinking it was Senior Day and we would get our buffet meals half off-more about that after this rant) and I actually worried and wondered if a gunman would come in and shoot us. It could happen. After we went to the doctor's office today we went to Goodwill and another thrift shop. (I was looking for fabric.) Goodwill had a bin full of knives under lock and key. Kitchen knives. 

Ok, about the casino. They just opened their 90 million dollar hotel and expanded the casino. It is not finished yet but will be soon. The hotel is finished, just the gaming areas are being worked on. So we go up to the desk and ask for a senior book, as we've done many times in the past on Tuesdays, and were told that Senior Day is now on Wednesdays and you have to earn points before you can get the book which includes coupons for gaming and the one we used to use frequently, the 50% off buffet dinner. So now they make you play before you can get the book. Apparently they want to make sure they can make the payments on their fancy new hotel. Meow. I wonder if they are going to have the business they expect to have. I am not a fan of this casino, never have been, but now I'm really not a fan. I haven't been there in quite some time, now that we spend most of our time at the coast. Hubby does go there to play in the KENO tournaments, however. So we didn't eat in the buffet, the menu didn't seem all that pleasing for the price. We did eat in the deli, and it was okay. But, it will be a long time before I visit there again. Let me say this about that: they are not friendly, the place used to be dirty, (parts of it still are) it smells, the food is ho-hum, etc., etc. Perhaps there will be changes for the better...?

We are on an extended visit home as I mentioned in a previous post. I saw the podiatrist today to review the x-rays of my feet. Both big toes have damage from arthritis and the left foot, the one that hurts the most, is bone on bone. Severe damage, apparently. Sooo. Surgery will be June 7th (after the peony harvest).  I'll be laid up for quite awhile and not able to put any weight on that foot for about 6-8 weeks. Can you say "knee scooter?" Again...went through this last year, but last year I broke my ankle on that foot because of the big toe locking up and causing pain, hence the fall down the stairs. It is difficult for me to walk - or do stairs - because of the pain. Dr. Jeff told me it is going to hurt like heck before it heals up...that I'm not looking forward to, but I do want to be able to walk and I was fast approaching a wheelchair. Just to get around in a grocery store is difficult now. I will have the month of May to get all my ducks in a row before surgery. Maybe in another post I'll describe the procedure. It's rather extensive, much more so than the surgeries I had on my two thumbs. I thought it would be about the same procedure. Nope, not even close. (The right foot has arthritis, too, but is not as bad as the left foot.) Oh, and sorry, kids. Arthritis is hereditary. But you probably already knew that. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today I listed all the files I have created, documents only, not photos, with regards to the book. I'm surprised to know that even as I have cut back the number of ancestors I will cover in the book, I still have many, many words. And many pages. And I am not nearly finished. All I can say is, "YIKES!" I wonder if Hubby realizes how much this project is going to cost him! (LOL!)

Words so far: 118.781
Pages so far: 364

Ancestry People:
Burnett Tree 3797
Dillon Tree 2925
Hoefer 377

I have barely touched the Hoefer Tree. I am waiting until after I publish the book I'm working on for my side(s) of the family. But curiosity killed the cat. Glad I"m not a cat.

And regarding my newest project, a new headstone for Grandma Dillon: we are stopping on our way home tomorrow to measure the headstone so I'll know what size the new one has to be. I have some leads on a granite or quartz stone and a sandblaster. (With a little help from my friends...thank you, friends, for your caring and helping!) While we are there at the cemetery, we will try to polish up ther headstone. If it is bronze we may not want to replace it, especially if it shines up nicely. If that happens, we will make it our duty to shine it up every year. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend! Hope you Washingtonians are enjoying your spring break.

Ta ta for now,

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Technically it is Wednesday now but I haven't ended my day yet so Tuesday it is. And I was born on a Tuesday. I'm full of grace alright! My name actually means "grace." What a co-in-key-dink!

I feel great about my writing and research right now. When my previous laptop died, I had to load my files from a disk. I had copied the files and it was not an actual back-up so I had lots of garbage that I didn't need on this newer laptop. It has been bugging me that my data was a mess - lots of duplicate files, etc. However, I have been working on said files for two days now and the information is in great shape. I made notes of the incomplete files, stories that need additional information before I can consider them complete, photos all organized and garbage deleted. Spring cleaning!

I am going to figure out how much I have written already, the number of words, photos, etc. It will help me decide if I am using too many photographs, too many chapters, etc. 

I've decided something major. I'm going to talk to the cemetery where Grandma is buried and see how much it would cost to give her a new, prettier headstone. It has been bugging me for well over a year that her headstone is really rather plain. She deserves something nicer. I will either set up a go-fund-me or try to figure out the PayPal "pay me" button because I'm going to ask family to pitch in and help me finance this project. There will be the cost of the headstone but it will probably cost something to set the new one. I plan to go talk to the cemetery about it soon. Well, later. Their website said the headstones start at $579.00. I might even raffle off a quilt or something. 

We are going home for awhile since Hubby and I both have doctor appointments coming up. Two each. Ugh. It's the pits getting old! All my parts are wearing out. I'm having problems with my feet and can see that I will be ending up in a wheelchair sooner than later if I don't do something about it. I'm not getting any younger. I believe its arthritis since I had it in both of my thumb joints. My two big toes are in a bad way. It only hurts when I walk, haha!! Hubby has to go on insulin so two of our appointments are talking to a nutritionist and learning how to give himself injections. I'm supposed to go with him for that. I used to give myself allergy injections so I know what to do but a refresher is good. Plus it may be a little different. I'll find out, won't I?

Here is a photo of Grandma, Henrietta Marie Vanderzanden Dillon's headstone. Don't you agree with me that she deserves a pretty one? 

I'm thinking something with a bible and a rosary. She collected rosaries and was a faithful woman. And some granite or marble, whatever they use. I'll keep you posted. Prayerfully consider helping me with this project, please. And thank you. 

Ta ta for now,

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Back In The Saddle Again

We arrived at the beach on Thursday evening. I've been working nonstop on my writing. Well, no, that's not true. I stopped and made dinner tonight. Hubby was engrossed in the March Madness games so I decided to cook since I felt halfway decent. (But I didn't afterwards!)

This is the weekend Washington spring break starts and Oregon's ends. There have been more people on the beach. Its supposed to be nice for the next few days.

I'm working on the chapter about my father. I have been working on it for over a week. (When we were here last and now again.) I just want to make sure I don't leave anything out. And I research in between so I can add this or that to the story.

I'm having some health issues so I've changed my diet to see if it helps. So far, so good. I was heaving many headaches but cutting out sugar has helped. Or its a coincidence. I eat a wee bit but nothing like before. I have a dry mouth due to Sjogren's so I need to suck on hard candy now and then. I'm also cutting out milk and ice cream. That is hard! I have a peach cobbler in the oven right now because my sweet tooth is nagging me today. I used Splenda for the sugar. We'll see how that works. I haven't had good luck using Splenda in baking. It's supposed to be equal to sugar, i.e., 1 cup Splenda equals 1 cup of sugar. But the texture is different and it doesn't always turn out so good.

Hope you all have a nice spring break and a Happy Easter. It will be here soon!

Ta ta for now,

Friday, March 17, 2017

Almost Spring

What a winter this has been. The weather has certainly been crazy and we've changed plans a number of times due to the snow, ice, bad roads, etc. Since we travel over two mountain passes to get to our beach abode, we always check the road conditions before we leave and make plans or cancel them accordingly.

We are back at the beach but not for too long. Hubby has his annual check-up, blood work, etc., next week.  We traveled from home on Wednesday and pretty much just goofed off yesterday. Today I will be working on my book once again. I've come to the realization that my book will not be finished in time for the Family Reunion. I don't like that, it would be so good to have it done, but, in order to do it properly, I need more time. I don't think it would be done if I worked on it every waking moment, even. *Sigh.*

On Sunday, cousins Julie and Dan will be coming to visit and work on the plans for the Family Reunion. Speaking of that, quite a few of you have made your reservations! Some who haven't been with us at reunions before will be coming! I'm excited, but also feeling a bit of trepidation.  I had better do a good job at planning a memorable time! With Julie's help, I'm sure it will be fun. We might be asking for help in taking the reins for a game, etc.

So many pretty flowers are in bloom here at the beach and the flowering trees are bursting forth with pretty pink blossoms. Yesterday was a beautiful, nearly spring, day. Today is overcast and raining. A good day to sit by a window in front of a computer!

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Like a Lion

March does come marching in like a lion. We still have snow at home in eastern Washington. It's as if it will never melt! At the beach abode, daffodils are just about to burst forth from their wintery grave. Paperwhites and camellias are in bloom and today I spied a pink rhododendron in bloom. It gives me hope for spring!

We were home longer than we expected to be and arrived back at the beach late Monday night. While we were home my little sister, Marcy, passed away. She had been hospitalized with pneumonia on Tuesday, February 14th and just couldn't shake it this time. She left us on February 19, 2017. She was laughing at my brothers Doug and Brian moments before she died. So that picture I will keep in my mind forever. Her wonderful, loving, caregiver, Cindy, Brian's wife, was with her at the time. We were all shell-shocked, basically. She's pulled through so many times before, we expected her to do so this time as well. We all loved her so much and grieve her absence in our lives.

I'm back to working on the book. Just before we left the beach I mailed packets to 35+ family members with their information. I want everyone to look it over and let me know if there are corrections or additions needed. I have more files to print out and send to more family members. If you didn't get yours, you will soon.

Miss Marcy Jean Burnett

Here she is again when she and the brothers were young. I see Patti back there, too.
Reb in blue sweater; Mark in plaid shirt
Joey in red;
Patti on left, Brian on right.

I think I mentioned before that when we are home in Grandview, I usually work on something other than my book and research. I made 2 aprons in December, a doll quilt, two big quilts, 4 aprons and a lap quilt in January and February on the days we were home. I had been working on a lap quilt for Marcy to use when she sat in her wheelchair. I finished it up, took it to her viewing/visitation, and had everyone sign it. It then was placed in her casket. She was wrapped in our love.

I'll be back soon.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Print-Outs Coming Your Way

I am printing out the information that you have given me regarding your family. I want you to look it over and if there are any mistakes, corrections or additions that need to be made, let me know. Don't send me your papers, just let me know via Personal Message on Facebook, or text me on my telephone. The print-outs are for you to keep.

I have not mailed the entire family tree for Burnetts, Korpis or Dillons.  That will be part of the book I am writing which will be available for purchase sometime in the future. Hopefully by the Family Reunion so you can get them there. We shall see how that all works out! I'm praying about it!

Please look over the print-outs soon and get back to me. If I don't hear from you, I will assume that everything is fine and I will use that material "as is."

I am going to be printing out my stories, the family trees, etc., SOON, so that I can see just how many pages I have, what else I need to do, etc. I am going to set a deadline for you to get back to me. Here it is: MARCH 19, 2017.

I'll be mailing things out to you soon if you haven't already received your packet.

Thank you for being "on the ball" and getting your info back to me SOON.

(I'm excited.)

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wills - Way Back Then

Years ago, before typewriters, word processors and such, Wills, aka Last Will and Testaments, were written out by hand. It's interesting to me that the heirs, executors, executrices, and officials of the deceased had to list everything the deceased owned. That was called an inventory, just as we would say today.

The writing on these old documents is sometimes difficult to decipher but I love reading the items in the inventory. Here are a few from one written in 1737.

Let me get my magnifying glass...

  • Item: One small copper vissica containing ab. 12 gal. with worm and grubb (What?)
  • Item: One grinding stone. 
  • Item: Four brass pans one small brass bottle.
  • Item: Two bedstock and beddings
  • Item: One arm chair and six other black walnut chairs
  • Item: One long table with seven chairs
  • ______ wearing apparel with horse saddle & bridle (odd that these were listed together)
  • Item: One meal chess, dow (bread dough?) trough, salt box with old chest
  • Item: One bedstock with bedding with one warming pan
  • Item: One hatchel one pair of tow combs
  • Item: Five milk cows with five young calves
  • Item: To (two?) Sunday books, Three Welsh Bibles and two English Bibles, one Welsh concordance
  • Item: One looking glass and one prospective glass with two candlesticks
That's enough--my eyes can't handle it! There were quite a few items listed; this isn't nearly half of it. Here's a section of it. You can see that it is hard to read. This was the inventory of our Dillon ancestor, Morgan James, circa 1737.

He left his beloved wife with one milk cow of her choice! Seems to me she should have been given all of the milk cows! 

Here's a transcription of another ancestor's Will:

Will of Samuel Underwood

In the name of God Amen.

     I, Samuel Underwood, of the County of Orange in the Providence of North Carolina, being weak in body but of sound memory,  blessed be God, do this first day of the third month, commonly called March, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Three, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testiment in manner following:  First, I allow my funeral charges and just debts to first be paid out of my Estate. I do give and bequeath unto my Beloved Wife, Anna Underwood, the third of my Estate and a horse called Pompy and her side saddle and a pot & kittle and two cows. I give to my son, Henry Underwood, five shillings Prov. I give to my son, Alex, five shillings. I give to my eldest daughter, Mary Cloud, five shillings. I give to my son, Samuel, twenty shillings. I give to my son, Benjamin, twenty shillings, I give to my son, James, five shillings. I give to my daughter, Anne, five shillings. I give to my daughter, Jane, a cow that I called hirs. I give to my daughter, Ruth, a mare colt. I order all the remainder part of my goods & chattels to be equally divided amongst my four youngest daughters: Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth & Ruth. I do constitute and appoint my Beloved Wife and my son, Alexander, my sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament in trust for the intent to and purposes in this my Will contained in witness whereof I, the said Samuel Underwood have to this my Last Will and Testament, Set my hand & Seal the Day and year above written--

Signed Sealed & Delivered by the Said Samuel Underwood as and for his Last Will and Testament. 

Have fun watching the Super Bowl tomorrow. I'll be watching the half-time show but plan to keep on keeping on with my research and writing.

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Where to Eat In and Near Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach

The Beach Bite
176 Hwy 101 S
We've eaten here a lot. Yummy food - excellent burgers and desserts. Friendly staff.
The Beach Bite Restaurant and Lounge

Grumpy's Cafe
202 N. Hwy 101
Homemade desserts, homestyle cooking. Specials all the time. Here's a link to their Facebook page:

Grumpy's Facebook Page
We have eaten here several times. Good food and large portions.

The Cow Belle Cafe
194 Hwy 101 S
We have never eaten here. It's never open when we go out and about.
Facebook page link: Cow Belle Cafe

The Offshore Grill
122 Hwy 101 N
We've never eaten here since it becamse the Offshore Grill.
Link: Offshore Grill Facebook Page


Dairy Queen
312 Garibaldi Ave (US Hwy 101)
Always good, always fast service and friendly people.

Parkside Restaurant and Lounge
231 Garibaldi Avenue (US Hwy 101)
Been there once when it first opened. Need to go back since they've worked the kinks out. Good reviews from others, though.
Link: Parkside Restaurant and Lounge

Pirate's Cove
14170 Hwy 101 N
We went to this restaurant a long time ago. We weren't impressed. The reviews are not good from others, either. It is a little pricey so we won't go back for both reasons.
Facebook Link: Pirate's Cove


Chinese Gardens
1145 Main Avenue N (on Hwy 101)
Don't let the unkempt look keep you away. This is the best Chinese food. They are fast, friendly and they serve huge portions. We always have enough left over for another meal. They have a lounge also.
Facebook Link: Chinese Gardens

Denney's Restaurant
2230 Main Avenue N
(near Burger King)
The service is great, the food is great and important to me, it is clean, unlike some Denney's.
Facebook Link: Denney's in Tillamook, Oregon

Okay, that's about enough. There are many more restaurants in Tillamook. Oh, I forgot to mention. When we were in high school and came to games, we always went to The Fern Cafe afterwards. And when I was a young girl, Grandmother and Grandaddy took me there, too. They were located downtown at that time. They have moved since, into a little shopping strip, and Vic and I thought we'd go "for old time's sake." We ordered our food. It came. Full of grease. Vic says to me, "Why don't you go ahead and order my headstone now." So, basically, unless you want a heart attack on a plate, don't go there.

Here's a link to more beachy stuff - all along the coast - places to eat, etc. Beach Connection

Be advised: Oregon DOT is working on the roads in downtown Tillamook and it is a mess. A controlled mess, but during the summer it is terrible. If you are planning a trip to Rockaway, or Garibaldi, or Barview Jetty, you should take the shortcut unless you need to go to downtown Tillamook for some reason.

Before you get into town, on Hwy. 6, after leaving the trees, there is a weigh station and then beyond that a short distance is the Wilson River Loop. Take that right and follow it past pastures and dairies, then either take the first left or go over the bridge/river and take the second left. The first one will put you at a stoplight across from Fred Meyers and you can proceed straight across the highway to go to Freddie's or you can turn right to head towards Bay City, Garibaldi, etc. If you were to go across the bridge at the second left on the Wilson River Loop, you will come out south of the Tillamook Cheese Factory, right next to it in fact, where you would then turn right to head towards Garibaldi, Barview, etc. It will still be crowded - but you won't have to navigate the road construction area.

Ta ta for now,