Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nearly New

We have snow on the ground.

It's time for another new year to begin. Do you have goals or resolutions for the new year? I have chosen my word for the new year - WONDER. I wasn't thinking of the new movie or the book the movie was based on. Instead, my word relates to "never lose your sense of wonder." That comes from a song, but I choose to think of all the definitions of the word. If I wonder "why" - I will find out why. If I want to stop on the way to somewhere to see a sight I wonder about, which we pass-by frequently, we will stop and explore. That has to do with always being in a hurry and not stopping to "smell the roses."

We are house/dog/fish sitting for the week. So far the dogs are smarter than we are. They can freely roam a portion of the house when we block one area with a gate. So far, they have managed to push or pull the gate aside when we aren't looking. They ate Hubby's emergency stash of peanut M and M's. (He has them in case of a sugar low-diabetes.) They seem to be fine, though. We were worried! Since there are children in this household I think they may have had sweets before.

I woke up with a cold yesterday and was pretty miserable most of the day. I still have it, but feeling much better than yesterday.

Sitting on the end table in the family room I found the book, "Wonder." So I am reading it. 

The Facebook group I'm involved with is going to start a reading list on the 1st. We will read and discuss. Our first book is "1984" by George Orwell. I have never read it. If you are interested in belonging to our Facebook group, just let me know and I will add you. 

I hope and pray you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and that your New Year is blessed with family and friends.

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii Territory (as it was at the time), was bombed by the Japanese Navy Air Service on December 7, 1941. It was a surprise attack and the catalyst for the United States' entry into World War II.

More than 2,000 Americans were killed in the attack. Two waves of aircraft including fighters, level, dive and torpedo bombers were launched from six aircraft carriers, a total of 353 aircraft in all. Four U.S. Navy battleships were sunk and another four damaged in the attack.

In addition to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred at 7:48 a.m. (Hawaiian time), there were Japanese attacks on the U. S. held Phillippines, Guam and Wake Island, and on the British Empire in Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore over the next seven hours.

Although Japanese losses were light, 2,403 Americans were killed, 1,178 Americans were wounded and 183 U. S. aircraft were destroyed.

The surprise attack happened without a declaration of war and without warning. Because of this, the attack on Pearl Harbor was later judged to be a war crime.

An important day in history, The Battle of Pearl Harbor was certainly "A date which will live in infamy, " as stated by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs declaration of
war against Imperial Japan on December 8, 1941.

For an in-depth discussion on the Pearl Harbor attack, click this link: Wikipedia Attack on Pearl Harbor.

I'll always remember this date. December 7, 1968, was to be Hubby's and my wedding date but we became "un-engaged" for several months. We later became "re-engaged" and then married on February 17, 1969. (The day has a double meaning for me.)

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

An Update on the Book

This is the pile of papers that constitute my book--so far. Now, I will say that there are a few blank pages because I've laid out the book as if it were going to be printed right now. For example, the first page when you open a book is usually blank. Then there is the half-title page, etc. There is a page for the table of contents but it can't be completed until the book is complete so I'll know what the chapters are, and so on. Nonetheless, that is a huge pile, isn't it?

I listed each page, each person and each chapter. On the list I indicated the word count for each and every article, etc. I came up with 104,371 words. A typical non-fiction book usually has about 75,000 words. And I am not nearly finished.

What are my options? I'm either going to have a really large book, or there will be two books instead of one for the first book. I had already decided to cut off the first book and planned to have a second book, so that means there will be three books.

Regardless, I have to finish writing it before I can really know what road to take. I'll just keep on keeping on. I have been at this since late February or early March of 2016. How much longer until I finish the first book is anybody's guess. I wish I could work on it more often than I can. Because of the massive number of files, photos and documents, the "workings" stay at the beach abode, which means I don't write on it when I am at home in Washington. I'm going to change that now.

Since I have a list of all the articles and people I am covering in the book, and what is finished and what is not finished, I can take one person's files home with me to work on there. That should give me more hours to work on it, possibly allowing me to finish the book sooner.

And because I have a handful of health issues, I'm sometimes not able to do much of anything. That is really frustrating but I try not to dwell on it. I know that I just have to go to bed and that tomorrow is another day and I'll get over it.

We will be heading home soon to celebrate the holidays with our family. We are looking forward to that! I hope your preparations for the holidays are coming along fine and that you are not too stressed out. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Ta ta for now!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Beach Pickles

I shared this on Facebook, too. I got it from the Tillamook Pioneer Facebook page, who copied it from the Seaside Aquarium Facebook page, I guess.  We found it quite interesting because Hubby saw them on the beach when he went for a walk. 

Yesterday and today the high tides are extra high and the ocean is putting on quite a show for us. We especially love seeing the waves hit the Twin Rocks near the top of the southern one. 

"Pyrosome atlanticum, a pelagic colonial tunicate, usually found in temperate waters, have been washing ashore on Oregon's beaches. This colony of animals is comprised of thousands of individual zooids and moves through the water column by the means of cilia. They filter plankton out of the water for food and are known for bight displays of bioluminescence. In fact, their scientific name is derived from the Greek words pyro meaning 'fire' and soma meaning 'body. It's one of the few pyrosomes that make it to the west coast of the U.S., much less Oregon's waters. The ones that have been washing up on the Oregon coast seem to be a little longer than the average hand, but this species of pyrosome can be as long as 24 inches. Largely colorless once stranded on shore, they can show up as pink, grayish or purple-green."

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas? Already?

This year has passed by in warp speed! It seems I just blink and another month has gone by. It's time to start thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year. Or not! I really, really want to publish my book next year. I had initially reset my goal for the end of June. I'm dubious, though; there's so much left to do.

And while I am talking about the book, I might just mention that if I have sent you paperwork and asked questions of you, I really need that information. I do not want to leave anyone out of the book. Your name will still be there but the information part will be empty. Just try to remember that this book is going to be around for our descendants: for our kids and grandkids and their grandkids, too. It is being written for all of us! Your name will be written in a book! Believe me, when you are old and grey, this will matter to you, and it will matter to those in the generations to come.

So hop to it! Get that info sent back to me. Or, if you haven't received anything from me (doubtful!), send me an e-mail or a text and ask if I need anything from you, or just say hi and wish me luck and time. Time seems to be short when it comes to working on my book. Back and forth to the doctors, back and forth to the beach and home. I do most of my writing at the beach. I have numerous file boxes of folders for information for each of you and our ancestors, but I can't take those back and forth, there are too many of them!!

So, this is short because I want to get back to the business of research and writing. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday busy-ness. Just remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Catching Up

We've been home for a week or so. Hubby went off on a trip with our eldest son. I stayed home and moped. Well, only for a couple of days. I guess I was decompressing. Or something. Anyway, I got on my computer to look up a couple of things and ended up working on my research. I should always do that when I'm feeling out of sorts because shortly I am all into the research and feeling my oats again!

Today we are going to Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton so Hubby can play in a KENO tournament. I'm meeting my Sister Dear, Patti, for dinner and to give her her birthday gifts. Her birthday is the 21st, same day as our grandson, Kooper. I have a special surprise for her! I'll tell you about it "later." (It's a secret for now.) She lives in eastern Oregon and this is a good meeting place for us.

Winter is here, methinks. It's cold outside! And yesterday the wind blew. No sign of that 4-letter-word starting with an "S" yet. (Thank goodness.) We have had "that" on Thanksgiving before but hopefully not again this year. 

I've been online shopping while Hubby was away, tee hee! I love getting the packages in the mail, it's kind of like Christmas that way. Yesterday I received a restaurant creamer to add to my collection. I had an Etsy gift certificate from Zach and Rebecca for my birthday. I ordered an awesome necklace, some ribbons for my crafting and the creamer. Thanks, Zach and Rebecca. I love my goodies. It was really sweet of you! I did order some other things online. Its that time of the year, isn't it? 

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with our children and grandchildren. We always have a lot of fun when we get together. We are blessed with a large family! 27 grands (including fiances, significant others and spouses) and six children with six spouses. Including us, that equates to 41 of us. Not everyone is always there, but still a large crowd, wouldn't you say?

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Visitors at the Beach

Photo from September of 2016. 
On Tuesday, my dear friend, Teri, and I met at LaTeaDa in Tillamook to experience "high tea." We had not seen each other in months so we had a gabbing-good-time! Then she came to spend the night before heading off to spend time with her granddaughter in Lincoln City. We stayed up late doing some more gabbing and catching up with each other. We write to each other and before I took myself off of Facebook we kept in touch that way, also, but there's nothing that can compare to good old fashioned visiting! Hubby kept us fed whilst we talked and talked. 

Teri left Wednesday midday, then we got a call in the afternoon that Hubby's cousin, Greg, and his Mom, Carolyn, were in town and would like to take us out to dinner. So we went to The Beach Bite here in Rockaway Beach. It was a great visit with them! The rain was ferocious, as was the ocean yesterday! Greg and Carolyn had a room with a view so they got to watch the stormy sea. They recommend the motel where they are staying: The Rockaway Beach Resort on North Sixth Street.

Thanksgiving will be here in just two weeks! Our family has been making plans for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It seems this year has gone by so quickly. Is it a sign of old age? And am I old? I remember an advertisement on TV from years ago which had this saying, "You're as young as ya feel, honey." So, some days I am old and some days I am not!! 

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Working on my book research, I came across a bit of a puzzle. A collateral line, i.e., one that is not directly related to me, offered up a Mrs. Annie Orme, maiden name Annie Laurie Bennett. She was the daughter of one of our relative's second wives, and not blood related. Charlotte Burnett Thrasher's book told me that Annie Orme burned to death. Of course, that peaked my interest and I had to find out the circumstances surrounding that information. So I searched The Macon Telegraph newspaper beginning the date that other Ancestry members used as her death date. 

The searches did not come up with but one article which said she was burned, but not that she had died. I decided to scan the newspapers from May 15, 1898, the day after she was burned and the date that several Ancestry family trees used as her death date. Since she did not die that day, I wanted to find the correct date of her death for my records. That was a job. Most of the daily newspapers were 8 pages long with Sunday's at 16 pages. But I was like a dog with a bone and would not quit! I like my information to be correct so I carried on, going to bed last night when my eyes wouldn't stay open even with toothpicks! 

Here is the story: Annie Laurie Bennett Orme, age 69, was living at Mrs. Lawrence's boarding house when the stove she had just lighted exploded. She turned away from the stove which then caught her clothing on fire. Mr. Lawrence heard her cries and rushed to wrap a rug around her to quell the flames, however, her moving about caused the rug to fall away. Mr. Lawrence then rushed her to a bathtub to douse the flames with water. Doctors were called to the house. She was severely burned but expected to recover from the burns. That was Saturday, May 14, 1898, and it was reported in the newspaper on May 15, 1898. 

On May 17, 1898, The Macon Telegraph reported that Mrs. Orme was rapidly recovering from the burns she received on Saturday and that she was out of danger.

On May 19, 1898, The Macon Telegraph reported that Mrs. Orme was resting quietly, but her sufferings were almost unbearable, the doctors were at her side constantly, and that if the doctors were able to keep her fever down, she should recover.

As the days went by, the reports became a bit more negative than first reported, i.e., that she should recover. 

Then on June 17, 1898, The Macon Telegraph ran a "local item" once again reporting that Mrs. Orme had been badly burned but that she was beyond any hope of recovery; her death was expected at any time. "She has lingered in great torture for about two weeks."

And finally, Saturday morning, June 18, 1898, "MRS. ORME DEAD." She died the evening before, at 6:15 p.m., at her home on First Street (the boarding house); the funeral was to take place at her home, and subsequent interment would be at Riverside Cemetery.

Annie Laurie Bennett was the widow of Major Richard Orme and mother of Lucy, Frank and Richard P. Orme. Her mother was Ellen Dewitt Burnett Bennett, the second wife of J. C. C. Burnett, my great-great grandfather. 

I am now able to record the correct date of her death, and I know the story around her "burning to death." 

On that sad note, I will say ta ta for now,


Monday, November 6, 2017

Social Media Blitz

I've taken myself off of Facebook for the time being. I'd like to concentrate more on my research and writing. I've left open the option to reactivate my account when I have more time.

Please feel free to communicate with me via this blog, or my e-mail address. Or text. Or telephone, you know, that old fashioned way of communicating? Ha ha.

No blog post today. I'll be busy for a few days but will make a post after that.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Raining Alligators!

This was in a newspaper in the year 1843!

I wanted some flannel pajamas. Yes, I wear granny jammies. I like to keep warm! Didn't know they would be so difficult to find. Knit, fleece, satin, yes. Flannel, not so much. Finally found some at Freddies but not on the racks with the others, over by the socks-folded up and stacked. And, since when did socks get so danged expensive? I need some because mine are all starting to fall apart. Thought about knitting some and about one second later nixed that idea! I heard the S word in reference to this weekend where our other home is. Yes. The S word. SNOW. No! It's too early for snow, in my humble opinion. I hate winter.

Ta ta for now,

Nancy, a fair-weather friend

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Burnett Story but No Connection

I'm not sure where I came across this story but to date I have found no connection to our Burnett ancestry. I thought you might enjoy it, as I did. It was typewritten and I have transcribed it here as he wrote it. See notes after story.


73 years ago my name was recorded, William T. Burnett, in my fathers family Bible, by my father, Richard Burnett. All so my 3 brothers and 2 sisters were recorded therein.

I well remember my father and both of my grand fathers. They all came from Spartenburg, South Carolina, to DeKalb County, Georgia, where I first saw the light. They then moved to Cobb County, Georgia, there my father, Richard Burnett was killed by Crenshaw and his son.

My grand father Robt. McDowell was in the war under Geo. Washington, and died in Cobb Co. on his own land, between 85 and 100 years old.

My grand father, Luke Burnett, with a lot of his sons and daughters went to Arkansaw soon after my father was killed. My great grand father, I never saw my old uncle told me his name was Joseph Burnett, said he came from Scotland to Virginia, when George Washinton's name stood high on the record of fame, and he said "All the Burnetts originated from Scotch family. The McDowells are all Irish and all Mc's are Irish and all Burnetts are Scotch. Irish and their names can be found recorded in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia and Arkansas."

When my father was killed he owned land in Cobb County all along the railroad from the Chattahoochee River to Marietta, and he owned 80 acres thats now in the very heart of Atlanta. My mothers best friend, as she thought began looking after the deeds and all papers of interest. In a few more years our relatives and froends (sic) were with the deeds were all gone. Then one Thomas Hooper took hold of my mothers 160 acres, her father had left her and finely she was turned out with her 6 orphans to face a cold world and good Samaritans have been scarce.

I did some research and found William T. Burnett in Rome, Georgia, born 1838. He would have written this story in 1911. The 1870 US Federal Census lists him as a painter, born in Georgia, married to June with children: Jabez, Alla and Minnie. I spent too much time researching but found no other records for him. I could quite possibly find more, but I can't justify it when he is of no apparent relation to us. I was also curious about "Crenshaw and son." Still am!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Another Story from The Macon Telegraph (SENSITIVE MATERIAL)


This is another article from The Macon Telegraph, March 9, 1890. It's sad. And, as with yesterday's stories, I'm amazed at what they could print in those days. We'd certainly not allow such personal information to be printed nowadays. Or if someone did, they'd get sued big time.

GAIL MONTAGUE SUICIDES IN AN AUGUSTA MAISON DE VOIE (I'm thinking this means a type of boarding house.)

Disgusted With Life She had Attempted Suicide Before --Tried to Reform but Drifted Back to Sin -- Her Wrecked Life's Story.

Augusta, Ga., March 8. -- SPECIAL -- Readers of the TELEGRAPH remember the sensational attempt of a young woman to commit suicide by taking morphine on the train between Macon and Atlanta a few months ago, the success of her effort being thwarted by the presence of a physician among the passengers, who rendered timely aid. Her name was Gail Montague and she was a member of the Augusta demimonde. (A group of people considered to be on the fringes of respectable society.) She was found dead in her bed at the establishment of Madame Blanche Lee, 1239 Jones street to-day.

Last night on leaving a neighboring establishment, where she formerly boarded, she told the women there that they would never see her alive again. They chaffed her about her low spirits and laughed at her melancholy, but did not succeed in cheering her spirits. They had no idea, however, that she would carry out her threats, and when the story of her suicide became known this morning it caused a profound sensation among the demimonde.

She was a very handsome young woman and Montague is her own maiden name. She was married at a small town in New York state and deserted a husband and an infant boy and girl when she entered upon a life of shame. She has at times been quite unhappy and penitent, and has been in the Refuge once or twice in an effort at reformation but returned after awhile to her sinful life.

She was infatuated with a young fellow here and it was during quarrels and separations between them that she has made the different attempts on her life. They have again been at "outs" recently and it is said that jealousy and despondency, caused by his neglect, impelled her to take her life. 

The coroner's inquest this evening declared that death resulted from poisoning by an overdose of morphine.

The Macon Telegraph

When I was in Georgia during one of my trips, I copied some newspaper pages to peruse later. I am posting just a few of the stories from Sunday morning, March 9, 1890, the day my paternal grandfather was born. His name was Rufus Lee Burnett, and that is where my middle name came from. You will read about him in my book, but I won't include these newspaper bits in the book. Enjoy! I sure did!

A Deranged Attorney General

SENECA, Mich. March 8 - It is announced here with a positiveness that makes it almost indisputable, that Attorney-General Trowbridge will be compelled to resign his office. His mind seems to have partially failed and his condition grows worse.


And Barber Canfield of Shellman Will Suicide
SHELLMAN March 8 - Special
A negro barber, William Canfield, who hails from Columbus, is here and says he is tired of life, and wishes to commit suicide. He told some of his best negro friends that he was only waiting to get a good chance and then he would kill himself.


The demand for fertilizer seems to be larger than ever before , as Shellman has already received about 2,000 tons, at least 300 tons more than was ever brought to this place before.

Destruction Complete

Bainbridge, March 8 - Special
The destruction by the recent cold to vegetables and flower gardens has been complete. All corn will have to be planted again.


A Novel Find in a River of Tennessee.
Sparta, Tenn., March 8 -- The mail carrier between Smithville and Sparta reports that a barrel was found floating down Caney Fork river and caught at the mouth of Indian creek, containing a live baby about a week old. It had floated about twenty miles. (How did they know? Did the baby tell them?)

His Clothes Convicted Him

David Erwin, a Virginian of about 30 years of age, appeared before the recorder yesterday morning on the charge of vagrancy. He had been in the city only one hour when collared by the police, but his clothes had the characteristic gloss and color peculiar to the chronic tramp and he was fined $10 or ten days on the gang. (Uh oh. Wonder what color that is. I might be a chronic tramp!)

Happy Birthday to my brother, Rusty! He is 61 today. And congratulations to my grandson, Autry Dillon Hoefer on a winning season in football. I hear he made 12 touchdowns this season. Woot! The team, Mustangs E team, swept up the season 7-0! Congratulations also to his coach, our son, Matt Hoefer. Good job, guys! Happy for you. 

And with that, I bid you adieu. Tune in next time for a longer story from the same newspaper. 


Saturday, October 28, 2017

No Rocks

It's Saturday at the beach. It's foggy out there in the ocean and the rocks are not visible! The view is always changing and always good. Luckily my brain isn't foggy. I've been working on the book. My eyes got bleary last night but today I'm back at it again; researching a puzzle, again. There seems to be a puzzle fairly frequently. It makes me wish there was someone to ask about the anomalies I come across. But there isn't - not on the Burnett side anyway. Uncle Stan is still with us on the Dillon side. Otherwise, I'm it. The eldest Burnett and the (2nd) eldest Dillon member living.
Not today.

So the puzzle I'm working on has taken me quite some time and I still haven't resolved it. I find it interesting and challenging but sometimes I wish the solution would come sooner!

Autry Hoefer, son of Matt and Jessica, just finished the football season with his winning team; all wins - no losses! Congratulations, Autry and Coach Matt! Great job.
Autry Dillon Hoefer
October 28, 2017

So, cup of coffee in hand, (Oso Negro from Canada, given to me by my daughter, Katie, for my birthday), I will carry on.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic

As I am writing my book, I do a lot of research which entails quite a bit of reading. And when I come across housing prices, rental costs or wages, I like to compare those to what that would be equal to today. I just type "inflation calculator" in my my search engine's search bar and several options pop up. I find it interesting and quite possibly the readers of my book will also find it interesting. (One can always hope!)

After using the calculator several times yesterday, I found it interesting that the amounts were much lower than I figured they would be. For example, a home my Grandfather owned in 1930 cost $4,500, which equates to $65,335 in September of 2017. That seemed low to me, no matter where the home was located, however, I was able to find that same home, albeit much older now, valued at $30,000 today. I believe it must be in a very depressed section of the town. It is not near me.

And the wages! Earning $75 per month in about 1935 equates to $1,361.00 in September of 2017, and $16,332 annually. The monthly poverty income in 2017, in the U.S., for a family of five, is $28,780. Therefore, in 1935, a family of five earning $75 per month would be living in poverty in today's world. 

I learned that during the Depression, the CCC/WPA workers were paid 50 cents per hour. That would be $1,040 annually! Today, $18,874.39, well under the poverty income. 

So what can we learn from these figures? Are people really living in poverty today with an annual income of $28,780? Or were people in the 1930s really living in poverty and did not realize it? It's all relative, I guess. One would have to compare the cost of the groceries, automobiles, etc., etc. I will have to say at this point, using an overused phrase, it's apples and oranges, Nancy. What say you?

Ta ta for now,
 PS - I hope this makes sense to you!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

We are at the beach and it is beautiful here. We have Deb and Farrell here with us and are enjoying our visit so much! Deb cooked homemade chicken noodle soup - don't think of Campbell's - it is sooo much better. All creamy and noodley and decadent! With homemade bread! 

Yesterday we attended the Celebration of Life for Hubby's Aunt Germaine. She passed away on September 20, 2017 at the age of 90. We loved her so! It was bittersweet - seeing all the cousins and other aunties was great, but sad that we will never see Germaine again on this earth. There were lots of photographs of her and the family; lots of food; lots of hugs. As I said, bittersweet. 

I'll check in again soon.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017 - Wednesday

The furnace is working! We only paid for "diagnostics" because it worked when the tech checked it out. Duh. He showed Hubby how to reset it when it doesn't kick on.

We did our errands yesterday and, at my request, we went to the nearby casino. I won $80! I was tickled and now I have a new 'favorite' machine. I usually spend only $20 when I go to the casino because I normally don't win and I'm too cheap to spend more. I always think of the yarn I could buy or the crafting supplies - or books, or...well,  you get the drift. I think I owe it to my brother, David. He loves the Wizard of Oz so I played that machine -- and it is now my favorite! Thanks, David!

I'm still working in my craft room - trying to get it back into some semblance of order. I tend to put things there that are in a "holding" pattern. So it is a mess. I'm making headway, though. I organized my yarn stash and now I'm working on a pile of papers, stickers, etc., that I had taken to the family reunion for crafting. When I saw the photos of my cousin, Thomas Webb's studio I was chagrined. My craft room looks more like a storage room than a cool studio! Maybe that's because he is a REAL artist and I'm not, really.

Okay, time to eat lunch then get back to working on the craft room/storage area/dump.

Ta ta for now,


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Furnace Problems and More

We just had new brakes, etc., put on the car, all the way around. And now the furnace needs repair! Things happen all at the same time, don't they? We have a "fake" fireplace so we are not freezing. We made the call yesterday and tomorrow is the appointment to get the furnace fixed. Good thing we aren't in the below freezing temps yet.

It's time to renew my driver's license. Please, God, let my photo be decent this time around. Why is it that I've never had a good driver's license photo? I'm not very photogenic, I know, but those photos are beyond the pale.

Today is a day to run errands. To the thrift shop to drop stuff off, to the licensing department, to the craft store, to the bank, etc., etc.

Hubby has been doing well after his heart repair. Before we left the beach abode he even walked on the beach. He hadn't done that in awhile. He has an appointment with his cardiologist Thursday and I'm sure they will have good things to talk about it!

Then Friday we leave for Forest Grove where a favorite aunt's (but they all were/are, really!) celebration of life. After that we will just head to Rockaway Beach for about a week. It seems we aren't there so much this month or last. Too much other stuff going on.

Hope you are enjoying the change of seasons.

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, October 7, 2017


I must admit that one of the reasons I hadn't posted to this blog recently is because I have been "down in the dumps" or, as my late Grandmother used to say, "I've been a little blue lately." I think I'm pulling out of it now.

We were at the beach but we came back home today. We were only there a couple of days this time but we will be going back late next week. 

I read "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen today. It was really good; so interesting to learn all about circuses. I saw the movie a long time ago but had forgotten whether I liked it or not. I'll probably try to see it again now that I've read the book.

Driving along the Gorge it was awful to see how much had burned, and so close to the road. Understandable now why they had to close the highway for so long. A very sad situation--a young man started it with fireworks. Stupidity, clearly. The fire is actually still burning! It has burned over 48,000 acres and is 47% contained. If you would like to read more about the fire, click this link: Eagle Creek Fire

That's all for tonight. Until tomorrow,


Thursday, October 5, 2017


It has been over a month since my last post. Well, one day past. Anyway, a lot has happened in that month. 

The reunion was an awesome success! I enjoyed every moment of it. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in awhile and it was great to meet some cousins I'd never met before! Thank you all for coming and participating in the activities. And though I enjoyed it and all of you, I hereby hand the wand for future reunions to anyone else. I will attend but I won't organize another - because this lady's health isn't the best.

We left the beach right after the reunion, on Tuesday, September 5 and drove home to Grandview, Washington. We had to take an alternate route due to the fire in the Columbia River Gorge. On the 7th, we drove to Spokane for a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal pizza dinner. Our daughter, Melanie, married Marcus Hair on September 8th in a private outdoor ceremony near Spokane Falls. After the wedding we had lunch with Melanie, Marcus and their six sons, as well as his father and mother at Anthony's. Afterwards we left Spokane and drove to Benton City, where our daughter-in-law, Jessica Hoefer (Jessica Kapp) had a book signing party at Chandler Reach Winery. Her first published book, Body Parts, came out on August 15th.
L-R: Koen, Kooper, Ajay, Melanie, Marcus, Colby, Ethan and Logan.
Jessica Kapp (pen name) at her book signing.

The rest of the month was spent going to doctor appointments for both Hubby and me. He ended up having two angiograms and during the second one, he got two stents, for a total of eight now. 

On September 30th, we co-hosted a celebration for Melanie and Marcus with our daughter, Katie, and husband Rick. That was a lot of fun! Welcome to the family, Marcus.
Melanie and Marcus opening gifts at their party.

Katie, Macie and Rick.
Macie went to homecoming the evening of the party.

Melanie and Ajay. He went to homecoming that evening, too. 

Now we are finally back at our humble beach abode and I can work on my book once again. I've sorted and filed and now I'm ready to take notes about what is left for me to do to get this book in print. Stay tuned!

Happy Fall, Y'all. I'm tickled with the season's change and the crisp, cooler air, with no smoke from the multitude of fires in the Pacific Northwest. 

Ta ta for now,


Monday, September 4, 2017

Attendees at the Reunion

Please check to be sure I didn't miss someone in your party. I counted 96.

Burnett Siblings & Kin
Total: 20

Total: 2

Lily W
Total: 18
Total: 6


Total: 5

Total: 9

Total: 4

Total: 2

Total: 1


Total: 2

Tom D
Total: 10

Dan K
Dan F
Total: 17


Thursday, August 31, 2017

And we're off and running!

The agenda booklets are printed and we picked them up from the printer today. The cover turned out extra nice! It was copied from a coloring page I colored. It turned out way better than a copy on my printer would have. 

We picked up 160 bottles of water for Sunday! We must remember to recycle these bottles because in Oregon you pay a 10 cent per bottle deposit! So we will have a place to put the empties. (You Washington and other folks need to remember that when you buy beverages in Oregon.) (It's great for the environment. I wish Washington would do it.)

And the best part of today? I got to visit with my brother, Jerry, Anne, Ann and Jim! It was great. And tomorrow brings more family! 

Ta ta for now,


Monday, August 28, 2017

Update On The Condition My Condition Is In

I have mostly recovered from my severe reactions to the 15 medications I was taking last week. I ended up in the Emergency Room on Wednesday evening and was told to discontinue those medications, which I was more than happy to do. I got an injection for the excruciating headache I had not been able to alleviate (with pain pills and migraine medication) and some medicine for the nausea and stomach pains. I did not get relief until about Friday afternoon. Then I felt like I had had a near death experience and came back from it! I was exuberant to feel halfway decent again!! I felt even better on Saturday and Sunday, and went to dinner at someone's house on Saturday night and another's on Sunday night!

Then today I got to ride in a wheelchair. I had an appointment with the doctor who prescribed all those pills to tell him I wasn't taking them, blah, blah, blah. Got out of the car and promptly fell when I tried to navigate a curb which was a little higher than normal. I banged up and bloodied my knee pretty good. Two nurses came running out to help me up and guided me into the office. They put me in a room right away, blah, blah, blah. Then after the doctor saw me he said to head to the ER at the hospital across the street for x-rays of my knee. Good news: it is not broken. Got a tetanus shot for the injury and was sent on my way. 

I WILL NOT MISS THE REUNION! (Dammit.) (I am hoping this isn't one of those "things come in threes, you know!)

Ta ta for now,

Check, Check and Double-Check!

·      Here we go - a checklist for the Family Reunion:

  • Quarters for the showers at Barview Jetty Park
  • Sunscreen
  • Food for the potluck, which will be on Sunday. (Please note: we ran out of food before everyone ate last time. Vic and I have ordered 100 pcs. of chicken, half-baked and half-fried. (I know some of you will be half-baked, too.) (I can't help myself. I'm a Burnett.)
  • Wood for campfires. It is available all up and down US Hwy. 101 for $5 a stack. Higher in the stores.
  • Warm clothes and clothes for warm days. It's Oregon.
  • Camera
  • Lawn Chairs - you will need them in your campsite but those who aren't staying at the campground will need them, too, to sit around the camps and visit, on the beach, etc. We will NOT need them at the Community Hall on Sunday.
  •  If you have extra lawn chairs and have room, could you throw in a chair or two for our travelers who will be flying in? Thanks!
  • Toys for the dogs and kiddos.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Board Games
  • Ingredients for S'mores for your party (Dutch treat on the S'mores in other words.) Marshmallow roasting sticks or rods.
  • WHITE ELEPHANTS-please wrap them and note on the outside of the package if it is for a man, woman, boy, girl and also put age appropriateness for the children's packages
I really feel like I am forgetting something. I hope it's not too important!

Ta ta for now,


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Attention Family Reunion Attendees

In the campground you can have extra picnic tables delivered to your site for $8 each. You just tell them when you check-in that you want another and pay, then they deliver to your site. We are having two extras at Audra's site (S-11) for the crafting. Does anyone else want to have an extra table for a "Play Station" for the kids? I would put bubbles, chalk, coloring books, crayons, etc., there. Let me know, please, if you are willing to do this.

Also, all of us need to be aware of the campfire regulations. The county had been closed to campfires with a burn ban but I believe it has been lifted and campfires are okay right now. I will monitor that. It will affect our Campfire Sing-alongs and S'mores making activities. Sunday we have the hall so we could have a Sing-along there if there is a ban. We'll play that by ear. We can only have the hall from 9 a.m. til 9 p.m. so it has to be emptied out and cleaned by 9 p.m.

That's it for now. Please tell your fellow campers.

Ta ta for now,


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Just Checking In

If you are looking for info about the Family Reunion, please go to the column on the right and look under archives. (I think you can do a search, too.) Also, there is more info on the Reunion on Facebook at the Burnett-Dillon-Korpi Family Reunion page - click here: Family Reunion Page.

Briefly, it is Sept. 1-2-3-4 at Barview Jetty Park, between Garibaldi, Oregon and Rockaway Beach, Oregon. It is a Tillamook County Park.

If you need more info, please call me or text me. Or Dan and Julie Korpi.

Ta ta for now,

Monday, August 21, 2017

Out of the Office

I'm in combat: fighting the effects of the 15 pills a day I'm taking in an effort to get ... better? So, sleeping a lot, having a lot of headaches, tummy aches, body aches. I'm sure I'll be fine soon but meanwhile, I'm "out of the office."

Ta ta for now,


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Preliminary Agenda

This is the preliminary agenda. I will be giving you a printed paper copy at the reunion.

ü  Set-up camp; settle in
ü  Nancy will be at Barview Jetty Park at the playground at 7:00 pm to hand out agendas and t-shirts to those who are present

 10:30   Nancy will distribute agendas and t-shirts at playground at Barview Jetty Park.
  We will collect your white elephants/prizes.
  Julie will distribute name tags and a fun break-the-ice game.
  If you arrive later, just find Julie or Nancy for your name tags, t-shirts, etc.

11:00-12:00 Craft project with Nancy at Space S-11, Audra (Audi) Hoefer Distifeno’s space, for the kids.
12:00   Free time for meals, visiting, etc.
1:00-2:00 Face Painting for the kids by Audi at Space S-11
2:00 Craft time with Sophie and Lily Distifeno at Space S-11 We will be making duct/duck tape bags, etc.
3:00-4:00 Face Painting for the kids by Audi at Space S-11
4:00-5:00 Game with Patti for everyone. Meet at the playground.
5:00-7:00 Free time for meals, visiting
7:00 Sing-along with the musicians around the campfire and do S’mores. Bring your own ingredients, please. And don’t forget skewers or branches to roast the marshmallows. Location to be determined.
All of Sunday’s activities are going to be held at the Garibaldi Community Hall on 6th Street. It is in the same building as the Fire Department, Library and City Hall at the east end of the building. Park behind the structure in a gravel parking lot. Two entrances: one on east side and one on north side of building. The entrance on the north side is an ADA accessible ramp. Use either entrance.
ü  9:00 a.m. Garibaldi Community Hall opens and will be open until we are finished for the day. Feel free to pop in and out all day. I’ll put the coffee on!
ü  Throughout the day there will be card and board games available to play. Visit with other family members, etc.
ü  10:30 Family heirloom sharing. Swap photos, sign the guest book. Bring scrapbooks and family photo albums to share.
ü  12:00 – 1:00 Free time for lunch.
ü  1:15 Game for the adults only. Kids can watch, however.
ü  3:00   Set up for the potluck dinner.
ü  4:00 - Potluck. We will furnish tablecloths, forks, knives, spoons, plates, napkins, cups. Water, lemonade and coffee will be available.
ü  6:00 or so -  Awards Ceremony – for everyone.
ü   After Awards Ceremony clean up the hall, empty garbage, etc.
ü  7:00 – Campfire sing-a-long. More S’Mores. Place to be determined.
 (Sorry this is messed up. I copied and pasted and just can't get it right. The printed copy will be better!)

Don’t forget to take photos throughout the Family Reunion to share on Facebook for those who were not able to attend.

Monday - no planned activities. Everyone will probably be getting packed up and ready to leave. However, we'll play it by ear and if people want to get together we can do so.