Friday, November 11, 2016


My laptop bit the dust so I've had to do some scrambling but I'm back in business. I turned it off on Saturday night and on Sunday morning it turned on but had a little circle of dots going round and round and round and never booted up. I took the battery out, pressed control-alt-delete, escape and turned it off and on, all day long. It never did come on. So I thought, oh well, it will work in the morning. So Monday morning I turned it on and nope, it wasn't working. Sigh. I had backed up the info except for the two days before it quit so I thought I'd be okay. Hubby was gone for a few days so when he got back we went shopping and I got another laptop. My back-ups worked just fine. Phew! I was worried they wouldn't so I had a few stressful days there!

I had some time to think about the way I was doing things. It's easy to go off in another direction when you are researching family history. Very easy, I must say. So I'd be doing this person and end up going elsewhere, many times. Making me not finish any one family before getting involved in a different one. So my new strategy: work on one person until it is done. Do the research, go through all the papers and info I have, enter it and then write that person's story. File. Go on to another person. Wow. I've been stuck on the same person the entire week. There's always a puzzle - and I'm working on one now. But I'm feeling very good about the method I'm using now.

I'm still wishing that our ancestors didn't use the same names over and over and over! It's so hard to figure out who belongs to who sometimes. Oh, well. I enjoy being a detective.

Sorry for being gone for awhile. My computer woes are the very reason I won't go "paperless" with our monthly bills. What if your computer goes haywire and you don't have a car to go buy a new one?

I'll be back with some more interesting facts soon!

Ta ta for now,

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