Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flights of Angels

I've been reading epitaphs again. I had to stop, though, I was starting to tear up and I don't even know the people. I read funny ones first; some can't be repeated here!

An epitaph is a funeral oration, or a short text honoring a deceased person. It comes from the Greek word, "epitaphios."

Some of the funnier ones:

On Rodney Dangerfield's headstone: There goes the neighborhood.

Apparently this isn't a real headstone, rather, it is at Disneyland!

Andrew J. Olszak, 1895-1979: Abandoned in old age by wife and children. May God be more understanding.

Robert Clay Allison, an Old West gunslinger: He never killed a man that did not need killing.


Some of the nicer epitaphs: 

And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

Dance then, wherever you may be. Sydney Carter from Lord of the Dance 

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
The song is ended but the melody lingers on. Irving Berlin

Today she dances with angels.

Be sure wherever I may roam, my heart is with your heart at home.

And a sad one: 
My goodness. Poor Herman.

I hope you had a beautiful day of thanks with friends and family. Ours was wonderful!

And now, the season of Advent. Remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Ta ta for now,

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Food for Thought Regarding The Civil War

In 1861, Americans went to war over abolitionism. In January of 1861, seven (southern) states declared secession from the United States of America. These states combined to become the Confederate States of America. In April of 1861, the Confederacy grew to eleven states. The remaining states were known as the Union. The Union attacked Fort Sumter near Charleston, South Carolina, that April, and the war began. The Civil War, or War Between the States as it is called in the south, was the bloodiest war in U. S. History. The war ended in the spring of 1865 with the surrender of the Confederate armies and the collapse of the Confederate government and slavery was abolished.

Many of our ancestors fought in the Civil War; most of them were from the south and fought for the Confederate states. I have found only a few that fought for the Union. I've always wondered this: if I had been born and raised in the south in the 1800s or before, would I have favored slavery or not? If I were raised to believe in slavery, and lived my life with slaves, would I have been in favor of secession? Its hard to say -- I would like to think that my opinion would have been the same as it is now, that all men are created equal. Or that if I did live in the south and my family had slaves, I would be the one secretly teaching the slaves to read and write. 

Regardless of my opinion now, I have always had a fascination with the Civil War and the South. Unfortunately, I remember all too well that my paternal grandfather, who was born in Macon, Georgia, was biased. When he was alive and we heard him call names, we "tsk tsk'd" him, so quite possibly I would have been a Union sympathizer living in the south and keeping my mouth shut-or not!

Something that bothers me is that boys fought this war, as did old men. For example, here is a photo of a young man who fought for the Confederacy. He looks to be about 12 years old! 

He was a Union soldier.

Private James W. McCulloch of Co. E 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment

What a lovely keepsake this is. I can't read the newspaper clippings.

Both of these photos were on the Facebook page, Old Photo Archive. They 
found them in the files of the Library of Congress. If you would like to see more
photos from the Civil War, click this link:  Old Photo Archive - Civil War Photos

Ta ta for now, 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Apologies

There's nothing worse than going to a blog and finding that the author hasn't posted recently. I must apologize for being such an author. I am going to try to do better. My intention when I started this blog was to offer tidbits about the research and writing I am doing concerning our family history. I would offer stories and information that wouldn't go into my book due to lack of room, etc. So I will try to be better about that.

In my defense, we have had a lot of company here at the beach, and we've enjoyed all the visitors, believe me. We also went home for about ten days last time. We will be doing that again over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I love my research and my writing - that is, I love doing it and it is kind of an obsession still, after all these months, but I have to balance my love of the past with making memories in the present. I think I am being successful in that endeavor.

The weather here at the beach has turned. Grey days and downpours. But, we still love it! The sea is majestic! The waves are huge and every day brings another beautiful painting that God has blessed us with.

Today we are meeting up with our friends in the valley, Ronnie and Pam. Ronnie is Hubby's best friend! Since sixth grade! We have been truly blessed by their friendship and cherish the time we spend with them.

So, ta ta for now and keep coming back to see what fun bits of information that I have come across to share with you!

Here are a few "unusual" given names: Plenty, Experience, Comfort, and Champion. Oh, my.


Friday, November 11, 2016


My laptop bit the dust so I've had to do some scrambling but I'm back in business. I turned it off on Saturday night and on Sunday morning it turned on but had a little circle of dots going round and round and round and never booted up. I took the battery out, pressed control-alt-delete, escape and turned it off and on, all day long. It never did come on. So I thought, oh well, it will work in the morning. So Monday morning I turned it on and nope, it wasn't working. Sigh. I had backed up the info except for the two days before it quit so I thought I'd be okay. Hubby was gone for a few days so when he got back we went shopping and I got another laptop. My back-ups worked just fine. Phew! I was worried they wouldn't so I had a few stressful days there!

I had some time to think about the way I was doing things. It's easy to go off in another direction when you are researching family history. Very easy, I must say. So I'd be doing this person and end up going elsewhere, many times. Making me not finish any one family before getting involved in a different one. So my new strategy: work on one person until it is done. Do the research, go through all the papers and info I have, enter it and then write that person's story. File. Go on to another person. Wow. I've been stuck on the same person the entire week. There's always a puzzle - and I'm working on one now. But I'm feeling very good about the method I'm using now.

I'm still wishing that our ancestors didn't use the same names over and over and over! It's so hard to figure out who belongs to who sometimes. Oh, well. I enjoy being a detective.

Sorry for being gone for awhile. My computer woes are the very reason I won't go "paperless" with our monthly bills. What if your computer goes haywire and you don't have a car to go buy a new one?

I'll be back with some more interesting facts soon!

Ta ta for now,