Thursday, October 6, 2016

Consider this...

I was making note of an unusual name and followed it's path to a sad story. A man named "Consider Wilder," not of our ancestry that I know of, was about 28 years old when he and several friends decided to try out a skiff one of the friends had made in July of 1817. The man, a Mr. Fields, wanted to find a shortcut to his business which was across the Deerfield River in Franklin County, Massachusetts. His business was in Shelburne, across the river. So Consider, a friend named Increase (I kid you not), Fields and two other men took the boat into the river. They struck a rock in the river and were trying to get the boat free by rocking it back and forth. Water came onto the boat and continued coming in with every move they made. Increase could not swim and panicked, grabbing onto Mr. Fields. Consider had swum to the shore but jumped back in when he saw the troubles the others were having. He was able to loosen Increase's hold on Mr. Fields, but he and Consider both drowned. Their bodies were recovered within an hour. They were both buried together. His parents were Samuel and Rebecca (Nims) Wilder and Consider had five siblings.

How sad. Out for some fun and tragedy strikes. The funeral card told of the unfortunate accident and cautioned people to beware, using this Bible verse:

Boast not thyself of tomorrow...Solomon. Watch, for ye know not when the time is; therefore, be ye also ready...Christ. 

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And on that sad note, I bid you adieu.


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