Monday, September 5, 2016

Words and More Ancestors

For the third day in a row, I was researching this one branch of the family. The one I told you about last post. The one with the aha! moment. I've run into a snag on that family. Such as a son born to a man (boy!) who was 8 yrs. old. And another one born to same at 12 years old. I searched and searched and couldn't find a single record of the man (boy!) being born at an earlier date. So, since I had been working at it for the three days, I set it aside and started on another "puzzle."

This one was a woman of the same last name as those others, but I had found a birth certificate of a baby that died at a little over a year old that belonged to her. The mother's family was presumably white. The baby was listed on the death certificate as "mulatto." So I figured the father had to be black. Or in those days they were referred to as "colored." Her name was Mary - a difficult first name and a common surname so I decided to research the father's name. I hit pay dirt right away, and he was colored. I found a number of children born to them, but on one particular day the baby, named Myrtle, was entered in the birth list I found twice. Two consecutive entries. One was with Mary and Joseph (really, that was his name) and the other entry right above it was Jimmie and Cora. Hmm. I thought maybe Jimmie and Cora adopted her or Mary and Joseph adopted her. She was listed with the same surname as Jimmie. But that didn't tell me anything, really. She still could have been adopted by either set of parents.

I did a search on Myrtle. I found her death certificate. She was a daughter of Jimmie and Cora. She lived her life as single, her occupation was a beautician. She was "white," and so were Jimmie and Cora. I was unable to fit Mary into the family surname and this little detour really wasn't necessary but - I was curious. I derived a sense of satisfaction from finding out about Myrtle's parentage.

Today I started on another branch of the family and found ancestors back to the 1100s! I had previously found them back to the 1400s. This particular branch has Earls and Sirs and Knights and such. I found an interesting book online and am on page 50 of a preface right now - a preface! Sheesh. And during my reading today I've written down some words I need to look up in the dictionary. I'll list them here and maybe, if I remember, I'll post the definitions next time.

  • opprobrium
  • rapine
  • fomented
  • seneschal
  • eyre
  • envenomed
  • debonne grace
  • expatiating
  • suzerainty
  • obsequies
  • multifarious
  • seisn
  • demesne
  • cantreds
  • purprestures
  • palfry
  • goshawk
Hope you had a great weekend!

Ta ta for now!

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