Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Words and Annie Oakley

The other day I posted three words I had come across in my research that were "new to me." I didn't give definitions at the time. I was unable to come up with a definition for "trussyncofres," though I searched the Web. Taken in context I determined it is a container of some sort which held jewels, silver and gold.

The next word was "socage." Defined: it was a tenure of land held by a tenant. The tenant was to perform specified services or pay rent and the transaction was not requiring military service. Origin: Middle English (sokage) and Anglo-French.

Fealty: A fidelity to a lord, the obligation or the engagement to be faithful to a lord, usually sworn by a vassal. Origin: Old French, Middle English, Latin

Vassal: a noun. In the feudal system, a person who was granted the use of land in return for rendering homage, fealty and usually military service or its equivalent to a lord or other superior. Feudal tenant. Origin: Middle French, Medieval Latin, Middle English.

All word definitions from Dictionary.com.

I "like" a page on Facebook which posts old time photos. I read and viewed their post about Annie Oakley and it was very interesting. Here is a photo of her and I noticed she had pierced ears. I found that to be surprising. I guess I never really thought about when the practice of piercing ears began. Annie Oakley's father died when she was just six years old. Her family was left in poverty so she began to hunt game animals so that her family could eat. The story reminds me of the current book series, "The Hunger Games."

Annie Oakley was born in 1860. 
This photo was taken in 1889 prior to the Paris Expo. 
It is a publicity photo since she was to perform at the Expo.
Click on the photo to enlarge it for more detail.

Annie performed until after she was 60 years old.
Here she is at age 62.

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