Thursday, September 22, 2016


Today started out with me filling out pedigree charts by hand to complete and send out to people, eventually. There are so many "lines" or "branches" in our family tree that this is not going to be done right away. But, I had my special pen, was starting to write...and found something that did not make sense. So, I had to stop and do some more research. I told you I like being a detective, but I did not expect this little foray to take me where it did. I am beside myself with what I uncovered today. 

The Dillon Family Tree is what I was so engrossed with today. I have now completed another family line back to the 1200s and it has led me to KING HENRY III!! Of England! I'm still entering information and I can see that Henry is there waiting for me to connect but it all takes time! (Hours and hours.)

King Henry III of England was crowned in 1216, when he was nine years old! Of course he was too young to govern but he had two regents to help him, Hubert de Burgh and William the Marshall. Henry took control of the government in 1227 but continued to be advised by de Burgh. In 1232, he dismissed de Burgh.

Henry married Eleanor of Provence in 1236 an they had six sons and three daughters. Edward was Henry's successor to the throne when Henry died in 1272 after reigning for 56 years and 29 days. Edward actually governed prior to his father's death. Henry was captured in the Baron's War and imprisoned. When he was released, he was weak and senile so Edward took over the government.

I suppose if I were to read up on the (medieval) Kings of England I would find out that most of their reigns were controversial and fraught with wars, such as Henry's reign. I will learn more about this familial ancestor as I finally connect him to our Dillon Family Tree. Maybe you will, too!

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