Saturday, September 24, 2016


I'm still researching in the area of our ancestry with kings, queens, duchesses, dukes, lords and earls. Interesting? Yes. Time consuming? Yes. Am I tired? Yes. A little downhearted, too. Hubby's Aunt Dorothy passed away today so I've been thinking about her and her family all day. I know she's okay but having been there before, I empathize with her children and her hubby. She was a sweet person, always smiling! Of course, I love all of the aunties and I just know that when they arrive at the pearly gates the angels are singing and rejoicing!

Another downer is that these ancestors of ours, I've gone back to the year 0958 now, were brutal. They were having children with persons other than their spouse, beheading one another, a King starved two people to death, a man found his wife in chambers with another man and that man was hung, and on and on. That's not even counting the wars they had. (And we think our world is going to hell in a handbasket.)

Another frustration is that genealogists don't always pay attention. For example. One of our ancestors, a woman, was married at 17. She died at 40. A certain genealogy program/source online cites her as having 28 children. Some with her lover, some with her first husband and some with a subsequent husband. Right. And the first child she had, according to "them" was born the same year she was. And the next was born when she was one year old, etc., etc. Clearly this is not possible, but why couldn't, and didn't, someone catch that? Ridiculous. They even gave the names of the children and their birth years and death years. They probably just copied it from somewhere else and didn't bother to "think" about it. So now I wonder if they have screwed up the records of any other of my ancestors. (I don't even want to consider their info anymore.)

With that I will bid you adieu and goodnight. Hope you are having a good weekend. (I think I need to go to bed. I couldn't even think of how to spell frustration! It finally came to me!)

Ta ta for now,

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