Monday, August 8, 2016


I'm learning old words. Not new words. Old words! All these records I'm searching are ancient. Well, not quite ancient, but I'm coming across words I've never heard before.

Assizes. In England, prior to 1972, the courts were called Assizes. After the Courts Act of 1971, the quarter sessions were abolished and replaced by the Crown Court.

Fish Monger. A person or a store who sold fish for food.

Utter/uttering. To put into circulation, such as counterfeit coin, forged bank notes, etc.

Magneto. I wish I would have written down the context of this word when I read it because this definition doesn't seem to fit with what I have been doing. Magneto. 1882-was short for magneto-electric machine.

Fishwife. I used this in yesterday's post. It is a woman who is loud and brash, basically. Designates "second class citizen." (Judgemental.)

Costermonger. Also used frequently in a blogpost. A person who sells vegetables and fruit. For example, out of a wagon.

Hawker. A person who sells or gives out handbills or posters on the street.

Affictitious. Counterfeit, feigned, fake.

Bumposopher. One who is learned in phrenology, the study of bumps on the head.

Molrowing. Caterwauling; cavorting with prostitutes.

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