Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Obituary Prose

This is not one of our relatives. I share it here because it is beautifully written. 
Departed this life, on Saturday the 25th of October last, at Macon, Ga.,
JERUSHA C. WAKEMAN, in the 73d year of her age.
            It is not the object of the writer to eulogize the dead, but to present for the satisfaction of living friends here and elsewhere, impressions of the real character of the deceased, produced by a long life of unobtrusive piety and usefulness.
            Mrs. Wakeman was by profession an instructress of youth, and continued in this useful employment until the infirmities of age demanded repose.  In the discharge of her duties as a teacher she was faithful and conscientious and her faculty for teaching was a peculiar gift, consequently she was eminently successful and the amount of good conferred on Society by her self denying labors, cannot be computed.  But the feature which imparted the purest lustre to the character of the deceased, was her humble, unobtrusive, but devoted piety.  She had for a long series of years been a member of the Episcopal Church, and truly did she illustrate in her daily walk and conversation the beautiful and evangelical spirit of that Church.  She was faithful in the discharge of all her obligations, but especially so in the duties she owed to the Church as one of its professing members.  Her attendance on the public and private observances of the House of God was most punctual and uniform, and her charity was conferred in a manner so delicate as to induce the recipient to believe that it was a favor confered [sic] on herself.
            She has doubtless gone to her reward and her works do follow her.

A FRIEND.  Macon, Nov. 7th, 1862.  [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) – 8 November 1862, pg. 2]

Wouldn't it be nice if we wrote such thoughtful obituaries to remember our faithfully departed?

Ta ta for now,

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