Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Rocks Today

Yesterday, that is Friday, it was 96 degrees here on the patio at Rockaway Beach! Highly unusual! Today it was 30 degrees cooler. Isn't that weird? It has been hot in the valley so lots of people have come to the beach. The traffic was atrocious yesterday when we went to the Post Office. Worsened by an accident right downtown.

I've really been slacking this week. I haven't worked a whole lot on my book. With my eye surgery and the trip into and out of Portland, it took a toll on me and I spent Wednesday in bed, and a bit of Thursday as well.

Tonight Hubby and I took a watercolor painting class. I was excited to go - but, I learned something: I do not like watercolor painting. The act of it, anyway. I like looking at what others have painted but I do not have a knack for it. When I took the other painting class (acrylics) with our daughters, I loved it! I went home and painted another picture soon after that class. Hubby said he learned some techniques and will use them at home. His paintings from tonight are good. I only brought one home; the other one is in the garbage can at the Art Center! (I've always wanted to try it and I did.) (And who knows, I might try it again at home with a picture I like better than one we painted.) (I can't let it defeat me. Now it has become a challenge.)

Today it was foggy and misty all day. No rocks! Some days they fade in and out, but not today.

Twin Disappearing Rocks.

I am still getting some knitting done.
Making scarves for children in the Appalachians. 

Three finished scarves. I'll add these to the box I have at home and
send them off soon. I knit when I watch TV. Normally, since I began writing my book,
I don't watch TV but sometimes I just need to vedge. 

Ta ta for now,

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