Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Head is Spinning

But no need of an exorcist! I just need to figure out all these Thomases I am finding on one branch of the Family Tree. Thomases and Johns. Too many of them. It is so hard to figure out sometimes. Not only do the parents name their children after themselves, sometimes the brothers will name their kids after their brothers and then you have a conundrum. I have several, in fact. Oy vey! I think that means I need to switch gears and go to another branch and work on it for awhile! Or watch TV!

I've been transcribing letters from my Grandmother's cousins in England to her, and to me. That is what got me started on the conundrum today. The cousins would refer to someone in their letter so I had to go find that person and see who he belonged to. And then they would use nicknames to make matters even more confusing.

Tomorrow is another day! I'll keep searching until I get it all sorted out, never fear! It kind of reminds me of my first few jobs. This is way back when it was allowed - it was called skip tracing. I worked for finance companies and if someone didn't pay their bill, you had to find them. You could call up someone and say you were a friend of so and so in high school and trying to find him or her. In other words, we lied. I was assigned to lie. I actually enjoyed the process, it was much like what I am doing today. Trying to find people. Being a detective. Oh, and police detectives do lie, too, It's their job. Just like it was mine...a long time ago.

We have several hummingbirds that visit and partake of our flower nectar. They are fun to watch but they are so fast I can't get a photo of them. We bought a new feeder so we'll put that up soon; the first one we bought was incomplete. Maybe I'll be able to get some photos when they are at the feeder.

Hope you're having a good week.

Ta ta for now.

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