Friday, August 12, 2016

Migraine Day

I've been working on those skeletons in the closet!

I had a bad night - migraine - then woke up with it. I finally got rid of it about 2 o'clock. (I didn't have my migraine medicine here and I'm not sure why--pain meds didn't work.)

Since then I've been working on the book. Writing. And going through my note books. Note notebooks. I have one, or more, for each branch of the family and I'm culling and keeping. I'm really glad its time to buy school supplies - we just bought about ten spiral notebooks for me - 19 cents each! Can't beat that! And, I'm pleased to say, Hubby bought me a printer for the beach abode! We bought it yesterday and I got it all hooked up and it worked right off! So those of you who have returned your information sheets will be getting print-outs to look over and keep in the near future. I want to make sure its all correct.

Because I have guests coming, this is a short blog post tonight. Have a great weekend!

Ta ta for now,

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