Sunday, August 28, 2016

Few Days Off

I'm sorry I haven't been posting. We left the beach and traveled home on Thursday. We come home now and then to catch up on the mail and laundry. And this trip we had a special event to attend. Hubby's sister, Deb, and her husband, Farrell, are celebrating their 40th anniversary this next week so there was a party for them at their daughter's home yesterday. Bree and JP hosted a lovely party for them in their (huge) back yard. It was very nice and quite a few people came to help celebrate. Deb's twin, Craig, and his wife, Ellen, surprised them and came all the way from Florida to help celebrate! Everyone was surprised - Bree kept the secret tho she admitted it was hard!

I haven't been working on my research or the book this trip. There are other things that need doing while we are here at home. I'll get back to it soon and make some regular posts. Meanwhile, here are some photos from yesterday's party.

Farrell and Deb, the honorees. 

Vic, Diana, Deb and Craig. Siblings. 
Deb and Craig are twins.


Carol, Deb, Farrell, Craig.
Carol is Farrell's mother.

Vic, Deb, Me (Nancy)

Have a great week!
Ta ta for now,

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