Monday, August 22, 2016

Dancing a Jig (in my mind at least!)

Today I have been working on our Dillon ancestry. I now have a printer so I don't have to copy everything by hand which allows me to actually accomplish a lot more. And I really did a lot today. We did run to the post office and to the library in Tillamook to get a library card. I had a note from our landlady saying that we are renting from her and living here, which is what they told me I needed last time I asked. Well, nope, today they wouldn't give me a card even with the written notice signed by our landlady. I've decided not to attempt it again. Twice is enough. It was frustrating, though. I'd like to be able to borrow books from other libraries that have to do with our family history. Local books from say, Indiana, Kansas, etc., that the Tillamook Library would not have.  (Oh, well. I could "buy" a card for $50.00 but I won't. I'm not happy with them for one thing and for another, I'd rather spend $50 differently.)

But today I found more Dillon ancestry, in Ireland, and the earliest I have found of any of our family lines: the year 1400! It's so amazing! And they were Earls and Sirs and Lords and such!! Way back...some not-too-wonderful ancestors are scattered here and there, and some not so far back dot our genealogy, too. (Keeps it interesting, right?)

I had a nice surprise: a high school friend contacted me via Facebook!! So good to reconnect! Unfortunately, we may not ever actually see one another again - she lives in Minnesota. *Sigh.* Oh, the good old days!

Speaking of the good old days and high school: we can't be in Gaston this coming weekend for the reunion - Hubby's sister and her Hubby are celebrating their 40th Anniversary and the children are giving them a party in eastern WA. So hello to all you Gaston people - have a great time!

Ta ta for now,

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