Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rethinking My Goals and Plan

A few days ago I posted my statistics, i.e., the number of pages completed and the numbers of people I've accumulated in my family tree research. I don't know if you noticed or not, but so far I have 236 pages. Full sized, 8-1/2 x 11  pages. Not all of it is written narrative. I have charts and maps and I haven't begun to decide which photos to add and those to leave out. With those numbers I estimated the number of pages I might end up with and plugged that into a couple of the publishing websites I reviewed awhile back. I was surprised, no, I was shocked at the cost if I end up with 400 black and white pages and 25 color pages. Without adding anything extra in the publishing department, with a perfect binding (not hardcover), the quote (bare bones) was almost $2,800.00 for 100 books. Clearly, I will do more research on publishers.

And, I will have to decide how involved I want this book to be. What should I include? What should I omit? My original goal was/is to publish a comprehensive book and I do not want to make a profit. That is not why I am writing this book. I am writing it because I believe each family should have a copy of it and pass it down to their children, their children's children, etc. Therefore, I planned to set the price to cover my expenses in getting it published.

So that is what is on my mind today. Meanwhile, I'll keep on writing! And I hope you will return your completed info sheets ASAP.

Have a great weekend.

Ta ta for now,

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