Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Friend, Sharon

 My beautiful friend, Sharon, passed away recently. It was a shock to me, although I know it shouldn’t have been. She told me many times that she didn’t know why or how she had lived so long. It’s true, she had many health issues, diabetes type 1 was the main problem. Sharon and I met when our two children dated in high school. Their relationship didn’t last but ours did!
     We were almost inseparable for awhile, then life took us in different directions only to be reunited once again when we moved in next door to her in the 55 and older trailer park. I’m supposed to say 55 and older manufactured home park but really, it’s just a trailer park!
     We did so many things together. We shopped, we went to movies, we scrapbooked, rubber stamped, drank tea, laughed and then laughed some more. Sometimes we cried together, too. True friends do that. 
     Sharon’s eyes were bad. She continued to drive long after she shouldn’t. She was okay with me driving when we ventured out. It didn’t offend her. I had to help her walk in the theater because she couldn’t see in the dark. I was just glad she could see the screen!
     Her blood sugar got wacky now and then and the first time I rescued her I was worried I would have to crawl into her house through the doggie door! Afterwards we chuckled about that. There were two more times I rescued her. I know it was her time to go but part of me wishes I would have been there to rescue her the 4th time.
     I hear a song on the radio and it reminds me of her. I see a picture of an iris and think of her. She loved irises. At night when the house is quiet and there’s nothing to distract me, I think of her and I wish I would have gone to visit her instead of just sending letters and talking on the phone. I know she was lonely. I know her independence was all but gone. That bothered her. Hubby and I had once thought about having her live with us but realized that it wouldn’t work. I have health issues of my own and I need to be taken care of at times. It wouldn’t have been a good idea.

     I’ll go say goodbye to Sharon at the end of the month when her family lays her to rest in the family plot north of Wenatchee. I’m pretty sure I’ll shed more tears between now and then, and surely more on that day. Somehow, I hope she knows I love her and that I miss her. 

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