Thursday, July 28, 2016

More and More

I am obsessed with this book and family history research! I admit it. It is so interesting, very rewarding, and I'm keeping my brain cells working. I seem to be working on it even when I'm not working on it. Today I looked at one of the groups I joined on Facebook for Randolph County, Indiana. I was thinking I should maybe un-join since I have enough to read as it is. Good thing I didn't -- there on the 2nd post was a photo of one of our ancestors and below that a group photo of the same family members! I recognized the name, or so I thought, so I ran to the computer (OK, so I just walked fast) to see if my memory served. YES! Another aha, this is great, I'm excited moment. And earlier today while attempting to put stuff away in my craft room (goal #2 from Tuesday still not done) I spied a group of 3-ring binders. Hmm, I thought, what's in those notebooks? So I looked at them one by one and some were empty, some not. And one of them was an entire 3-ring binder full of one whole family history that I prepared about 15 years ago or so. Same family as the photos I saw on FB! Serendipity, that's what it is. Divine intervention. Answers to prayer. Whatever it is or was, it will be helpful!

As I said before and I will probably say again, the more I write/research, the more I need to write/research.

With that said, I will now go to bed as I've had about all the excitement I can stand for one day!

Ta ta for now,


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