Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Military, Pensions, etc.

I've been keeping a running list of those of our ancestors, and those of our generation, too, who served in the military. Some of you were sent a questionnaire about your military service. This is going to be covered in my book. It is an important faction of our lives -- the military is, and has been, very important throughout history. I won't go into a lot of detail here, but thought I would share a little info I happened across as I was researching pensions. I have a few different resources for military service and the pensions and land lotteries Congress enacted for our veterans in the early days of our country. 

I found it interesting that during the Indian wars, some served as Indian Scouts and had Indian names. I'm not certain these men were our Burnetts but one man, named Ernest, was As-kid-e-sa alias A-zis-za-ha. He served from 1884 to 1886. Horace Burnett was Es-kay-ka-ha or Shay-ka. He served from 1884 to 1186 also. Both men were killed during the Indian wars. 

And this little excerpt I ran across is puzzling to me. (The years are the early 1800s,) This man was not a Burnett, I just saw his record as I was scrolling by the records looking for our Burnetts. The records were labeled as such, "Records of Men Enlisted in the U.S. Army Prior to the Peace Establishment May 17, 1815." 

"Tried by Court Martial at New Orleans, April 24/05 for desertion-to receive 50 lashes. Tried again April 28/06 for stealing a $10 bill-50 lashes^pardoned-tried again at Columbian Springs, Nov 28/08, for desertion, Aug 9/08-to receive 50 lashes (illegible) lashes remitted."

I did not know that this type of punishment was used in the military; that is why it is puzzling to me. It bothers my sensibilities. Why not throw him in the hoosegow? Community service? (Don't mind me.)

Another interesting note: a lot of the men had "aliases." I wonder why? Were they spies? I'm talking about the 1800s. Oftentimes the alias used the same first name but changed the surname. 

As usual, I jotted down unique names today, as I do every day. It's fascinating to me. How did they come up with some of these? So here are today's unusual names: (M=Male; F=Female)
  • Suter - M
  • Eliphaz - M
  • Sherebiah - M
  • Electa - F
  • Servington - M
  • Nahum - M
  • Pinkard - M
  • Ernen - M
  • Cleanthus - M
  • Amasa - M
  • Abijah - M
  • Ake - M
  • Blue - M
  • Dicey - F
  • Undine - F
  • Fincelius - M
  • Tryphena - F
  • Cardine - F
  • Liberty - M
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Ta ta for now,


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