Thursday, July 28, 2016

Making Memories

Tonight I had dinner with my three beautiful daughters, Audra, Katie and Melanie, at 3-Eyed Fish in the Tri-Cities. Great food and great service, I might add. It's a wine bar but they have a good variety on their menu. That was the prelude to the main activity which was a painting class at a winery tasting room. The class was by Rachel of Bottles and Brushes, I think that's what it was called. I had been wanting to do this for awhile. Melanie had done it twice before so she arranged this for us to do for Audra's birthday. (It was in June.) It was amazing that we all painted the same picture but each one turned out differently. It was pretty relaxing, a bit stressful now and then when we had to add a big item to the canvas, but we managed. I screamed once - Katie knocked over her paint water and spilled it on the both of us, then of course we all laughed! Unfortunately Katie was wearing white. Silly girl!

I have painted before - tons of tole painting and earlier in life, oil painting. We used acrylics tonight, which allowed us to keep painting and take it home with us as it dries quickly. I have a renewed interest in painting again. After my book is finished, of course. And here I thought I was downsizing my craft supplies and now I'll have to add to them again! Oh, well - you only live once, right? I did actually give away some crafty things today! I  have much more to dispose of, however.

So here is a photo of the picture I painted and a photo of the girls and me with our masterpieces!

Mine. I'm not too proud of that palm tree.

L to R: Audra, Katie, Me and Melanie is in the front. 

I'll get back to my research and writing in a few days and have some regular posts once again and not just space fillers. We have some busy days ahead before I can get back to my project.

Ta ta for now,

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