Monday, July 11, 2016

Back To The Past!

Aren't these cool? I love them. Wish I knew how to crochet!

After a fun-filled weekend, we are back at the beach and I will resume my research and writing tomorrow.

Friday we visited three aunts, one uncle and seven cousins! Woot! All Hubby's side of family-people we haven't seen for awhile and we had a lovely visit with all. We got home (Grandview) around midnight Friday night.

Saturday we arrived at the designated meeting place to converge on our eldest granddaughter, Gabby, and her beau, Harley -- he was proposing and it was a surprise to her, thus a lot of us came walking up in the Gazebo Park at Grandview. Then that night, because it was her 21st birthday, some of us went to Bern's in Prosser to have a drink with her. (Mine was ginger ale!)

Then on Sunday, we took the newly betrothed/birthday girl and fiance to dinner with their moms.

I spoke to my friend's son and we will be able to go to the (funeral) service for her up north (in Washington) on July 30th to pay our respects. That comforted me.

Today, back on the road and we actually got to the beach in the daylight! So I'll be back to regular posts tomorrow hopefully!

Ta ta for now,

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